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Unit: MGT101 – Fundamentals of Management Submission Date: 1 st June 2018 before 5pm Weighting: This assignment will make up 25% of the total marks for this unit Instructions: 1. Students are required...

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Unit: MGT101 – Fundamentals of Management Submission Date: 1 st June 2018 before 5pm Weighting: This assignment will make up 25% of the total marks for this unit Instructions: 1. Students are required to cover all stated requirements 2. Answers must be typewritten in legible fonts and uploaded to Moodle in a single word file. A printed copy must be handed in during class on the 1st June XXXXXXXXXXAll references made must be properly cited according to the APA style. 4. Include a title/cover page containing the subject, your name and student ID and the Word Count for your assignment 5. Your file should be saved as MGT101_Your name_Student ID Eg. MGT101_John Doe_ XXXXXXXXXXTopic: Contemporary Organisational Structure/Designs and Effectiveness The table below shows a list of 4 contemporary organisational designs that are being used by various global organisation to compete in a fast-pace changing digital economy. Your task is to choose one of the structure above and refer it to a well-known MNC (preferably an Australian one) that is using the said structure in their organisation. Provide an organisational chart of the company you have chosen detailing where the above design is used within the organization. You must provide an analysis into why this particular structure is important to the company growth, how effective and which parts of the organisation is the company utilising this structure to compete in the global environment. In your analysis you should also provide insight into any disadvantages that the structure might cause to the company’s ability to compete in their particular industry/business. Provide suggestions on changes that might be implemented to overcome such disadvantages. In your discussion, you need to ensure that: a) Use specific and real-life examples related to the company you are analysing b) Make at least 5 literature reference related to the company you have chosen c) Your essay should be 2000 words +/- 5% Note that your assignment will be submitted through Turnitin for plagiarism check
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Contemporary Organisational Structure/Designs and Effectiveness
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Table of Contents
Company Background------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3
Matrix Organisational Structure----------------------------------------------------------- 5
Woolworth’s Organisational Structure--------------------------------------------------- 6
Business and the relation to Matrix Organisational Structure----------------------- 7
Disadvantages of the Matrix Structure of the organisation--------------------------- 11
Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13
Overview of the Organisation
is An Australian Organisation which specialises in grocery, Woolworths supermarket targets the supermarket section. One of the leading Australian firms that’s the Woolworth’s group is the parent organisation. One of the main criteria’s to determine the leadership is the revenue and the revenue model, according to which Woolworth’s is the second largest organisation in Australia. Westfarmers is a Perth based organisation which is a leader in this sector (Berning, A. (2014)) Liquor is one of the most important commodity in Australia thus many companies are trying to make it into a
and rather than a commodity. Woolworths is the largest takeaway owner of the liquor market in Australia. The retailer business is the way of handling the business in this sector. Woolworths is the largest owner of the poker machines in the continent.
Main Business: Liquor retailing, Supermarket stores, Pubs and Discount department stores, Hotels, are the major business of the Woolworths organisation.
Woolworths – In Australia, Countdown – in New Zealand are the name handles that the organisation has in the countries of Australia and New Zealand. BWS and Dan Murphy’s is the liquor retailing business which is ca
ied out in the Australian market. The Big-W is the name of the discount chain that is being run
$1.235 Billion losses in the financial year of 2016 was occu
ed by the company, a loss of $1.235 Billion in the financial year of 2016 and it is one of the biggest losses in the history of the company since its inception.
Danks Ltd was purchased in the previous 10 years, 2009 by Woolworths Ltd. And Lowes together. Home Timber and Hardware Brand were the names owned by The Danks. The Woolworths organisation entered into a joint venture with the Lowes which were one of North America’s largest home improvement chains and they together launched Masters Home Improvement, a new hardware
and. , the business lost $227.4 Million AUD and went into losses in the year 2015. The business of the Masters hardware & Home timber and hardware was decided to be wrapped up on January 18th(Berning, A. (2014)) Losses and more time to profit were 2 of the major reasons for the decision. On 24th August 2016, it was decided that all the stores would be shut down by the year end of 2016 & Metcash was supposed to purchase the Timber and Hardware Brand.
An organisation which overlooked the process “Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group” was 75% retained by Woolworths and more than 12600 poker machines were operated by it in the continent of Australia. These number of poker machines were the highest ever in Australia. $1.2 Billion each year revenue was expected to be bought by the poker machines
“Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group “ has a separate entity of 70 shopping centres and was placed by Woolworths organisation
in the year 2012
Matrix Organisational Structure
Matrix organisational structure is a structure where the people with skills that are similar are pooled together for the project work and the assignments. In the matrix organisational structure, there are more than 1 managers in the team which is refe
ed to as the solid line and the dotted line in the reports which refer to the traditional business organization(Ashkenas, R., Ulrich, D., Jick, T., & Ke
, S. (2015). )
One example of this is that the all the engineers are in one single team in...

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