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Tourism Planning Environments (MKT01760) Assessment 2 – Questions & Answers This selection of questions and answers was compiled to assist you in your assignment preparation. Q: Do we need references...

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Tourism Planning Environments
Assessment 2 – Questions & Answers

This selection of questions and answers was compiled to assist you in your
assignment preparation.

Q: Do we need references for assessment 2?
A: You need to put in a full reference for each of the two papers that you are
critiquing. Also, if you are refe
ing to any other sources or using them for your
argument (e.g. to highlight an inaccuracy) you should reference those sources.

Q: My chosen discussion papers really have only highlighted the first parts of
the Policy Cycle, namely 1) The identification of the issue; 2) Analysis of the
issue; and 3) A small reference to Policy solutions and instruments through
Advocacy and Government action.
So from this it is my interpretation of the policy cycle that a discussion paper will mostly
1. Identify an issue
2. Analyse it
3. Identify possible Policy Instruments
The Discussion paper is then put out for consultation within the state, to interest groups,
government, associations etc, where they will write submissions back on methods of
management or recommendations of dealing with the issue, the relevant body will then
analyse these and select prefe
ed methods of issue management, they will then
implement an appropriate policy and evaluate the solutions?
A: I could not say it better myself. The only thing I would add or emphasise is that for
the purposes of Assessment 3 and as evident in the proposed structure, you will
e required to comment on/address/outline the process for selecting prefe
methods of issue management, implementation of an appropriate policy and
evaluation of the solutions. Obviously the detail of some of this will be determined
after the consultation process and thus in Assessment 3 will be your suggested
path rather than the final way it will be done.

Q: The Assessment 2 looks very complicated.
A: Assessment 2 is not complicated. It is designed to familiarise yourself with the
structure and content of Discussion Papers – a tool used in the planning process.
The attached Task & Marking Ru
ic guide you through the task and highlight the
five key criteria you need to address.

Q: Do I need to include the assignment cover sheet or not?
A: No. No assignment cover sheets are required for electronically submitted
assessments in our school (unless specifically advised otherwise). Please include
your student ID in the header or footer of your piece to help identify it just in case
it needs to be printed for some reason.

Happy writing!
Answered Same Day Aug 06, 2020 MKT01760 Southern Cross University


Akansha answered on Aug 07 2020
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Tourism Planning        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Key Issues Discussed in the papers    3
Solutions to Key Issues    4
Policy Planning Cycle    4
Information sufficient/lacking for stakeholders    6
Paper’s Effectiveness in communicating with the target audience    7
Reflection    8
Conclusion    8
References    9
As an Independent Tourism Planning Expert, I have chosen academic papers to conduct the comparison-
Paper-1: The Importance of Tourism to a Destination’s Economy
Paper-2: The Economic Importance of Tourism in Developing Countries
Paper-1 by Bunghez (2016) describes that tourism industry should be considered as a separate
anch of the economy it is because since 1600's tourists are liking the way they are interacting with other people and spending a good time of their holidays on the desired destination. There has been a lot of socio-economic transformations has also taken place within these years till 2018. The paper elaborates by describing that tourism is playing its major role in increasing the economy of the world and also modernization can be observed in the 21st century. On the other hand, paper-2 by Eruotor (2014) describes the tourism industry has had importance at a global level. It says that the tourism industry is developing rapidly than any other industry and also it is spreading peace and reducing poverty from the different parts of the world.
Key Issues Discussed in the papers
The issues are recorded considering the tourist's facilities available all over the world.
1. Insecurity of tourist: it has been analyzed from these papers that tourists are not safe from te
orist attacks and other mishappenings. Other factors include environmental hazards
2. Political instability- Government rules and policies are different in every country of the world. This affects the tourism procedures for the tourists.
3. Economic crises- there are fewer resources available for the tourists in some of the countries of the world. The devalue of cu
ency has affected the profits earned by the tourism industry annually.
Solutions to Key Issues
For the developing countries Government authorities, private organizations and non-profit organizations are contributing to resolving the economic crises by collecting funds from different countries of the world. These funds will help to enhance the tourist development procedures and to ensure the tourists that they are safe from any external harm. Social-economic and political factors that affect tourism will be managed by the local authorities of the different countries to enhance the GDP and to have sustainable growth of the tourism industry.
Policy Planning Cycle
Policy planning cycle will help the countries to resolve the political issues to enhance the productivity of the tourism industry. This tool is easy and cost effective to use and is convenient for the small budgets projects.
Figure 1: Stages of Policy planning cycle
Source: (Mind Tools, 2018).
Stage-1 Analysis of Opportunities
For this, I will be using SWOT Analysis method
    The contribution of Government authorities, private organizations and non-profit organizations to resolve issues
    Funds that are received from other countries
    Developing countries have a lack of infrastructure
    Security of tourists is the threat for the tourism industry
Step-2: Identifying...

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