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Task 2 Consumer Insight Report (40%) Task Overview and Instructions Purpose: The purpose of this consumer insight report is to apply consumer behaviour theories, concepts and frameworks to a current...

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Task 2 Consumer Insight Report (40%)
Task Overview and Instructions
The purpose of this consumer insight report is to apply consumer behaviour theories, concepts and frameworks to a cu
ent marketing problem/opportunity. Using scholarly and reputable sources, you will provide an in-depth report which proposes three theoretically supported marketing strategies. Scholarly and reputable sources include double-blind peer reviewed journal articles, industry reports, textbooks, and pieces from ‘the conversation’. Sources such as Wikipedia should not be cited in this report.
Topics for Consumer Insight Report:
For the purposes of this assessment you can choose one of the following two topics:
1. ‘Game of Clones’-The Dark Side of Consumer Behaviour
2. Home is where the smart is…Encouraging Smart Home Technology Adoption.
Recommended Structure for Report:
For the report, you must follow the detailed structure provided. You should use these headings as a basis for your report, and ensure that it does not exceed the 1,750-word limit.
1. Introduction (Estimated 150 words)
a. Overview of Topic
-Explain why your topic is interesting and why it needs to be investigated.
. Target Market
-Explain and justify what target market you are selecting and why you are selecting that particular market segment for this report.
c. Problem/Opportunity Statement
-Provide a statement which summarises the problem/opportunity which is the focus of this report.
2. Literature Review & Framework (Estimated 750 words)
a. Overview of literature on topic
-Provide an overview as to what previous research and literature has investigated on your topic
-You may use to wish tables here to summarise common points across different sources
. Theory/framework/Concept
-State what theory/theories you will use to investigate your problem/opportunity (a maximum of two theories should be used however, one is sufficient)
-Provide an overview of the theory and justification for your selection
- Link this theory/framework/concept back to your topic
3. Marketing Strategies (Estimated 750 words)
a. Marketing Strategy 1
. Marketing Strategy 2
c. Marketing Strategy 3
*Ensure you explain how each of your strategies relates to your chosen theory
*Also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your strategy
4. Recommendation & Conclusion (Estimated 100 words)
a. Recommended marketing strategy (Pick one of your three suggested and provide justification)
5. References
6. Appendix (only if required)
· Ensure a title page with your name and student number is included
· Report should include table of contents with each section listed and relevant page numbe
· References should used APA or Harvard style consistently throughout
· 1.5 line spacing must be used
· Tables and figures must be numbered and labelled
· Include a detailed reference list at the end of the report
· Tables are not included in the word limit (Note: placing paragraphs into a table will be penalised, ensure dot points are used and are short and succinct)
· Appendices are not included in the word count
· Reports will be accepted which are 10% (175 words over or under the limit).
· Ensure you upload your assignment through SafeAssign on or before the due date/time
· It is recommended that you save back up electronic copies
Topic 1: ‘Game of Clones’-The Dark Side of Consumer Behaviour
Where do consumers draw the line? And when is it acceptable/unacceptable to illegally download or pirate a movie or TV series? This is an interesting question and one that is becoming increasingly important to entertainment organisations. This is due to increasing pirating of digital entertainment content such as Dallas Buyers Club and Game of Thrones. What is difficult for entertainment organisations to understand is why consumers continue to choose to partake in this behaviour, even though they are aware of its illegality.
It appears the threats of penalties such as jail time and fines are not discouraging consumers from pirating entertainment. Therefore, online entertainment service providers are looking to you as a consumer behaviour specialist to understand how they can take a new approach to discouraging pirating behaviour and encourage the legal consumption of their products and services.
Readings to Assist:
1. Dootson, Paula, Johnston, Kim A., Beatson, Amanda T., & Lings, Ian XXXXXXXXXXWhere do consumers draw the line? Factors informing perceptions and justifications of deviant consumer behaviour. Journal of Marketing Management, 32(7-8), pp XXXXXXXXXX.
2. Reynolds, K. L., & Ha
is, L. C XXXXXXXXXXDeviant customer behavior: An exploration of frontline employee tactics. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 14(2), 95-111.
3. Dootson, Paula XXXXXXXXXXFrom fare evasion to illegal downloads : the cost of defiance. The Conversation, June(18).
Topic 2: Home is where the smart is…Encouraging Smart Home Technology Adoption.
Recent forecasts suggest the market size for smart homes, modern homes, which have appliances or electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by the owner, will grow to an estimated $40.9 billion by 2020 with a household penetration of 19.5% by 2022. The projected opportunities but also problems smart homes offer households has been a popular discussion point. For example, research suggests smart home technologies will assist households in controlling their demand and use of energy, which benefits household financial well-being and subsequently the environment from reduced energy production pressures. However, there is also discussions of the potential for smart home technologies to
ing about ‘dark side’ issues such as technology-facilitated abuse and privacy and information misuse. The projected opportunities but also problems smart homes offer households has been a popular discussion point. It is important to understand household’s readiness and willingness to engage with smart home technologies so that marketers can encourage greater levels of adoption.
Readings to Assist:
Hubert, M., Blut, M., Brock, C., Zhang, R. W., Koch, V., & Riedl, R XXXXXXXXXXThe influence of acceptance and adoption drivers on smart home usage. European Journal of Marketing.
Rauschnabel, P. A., He, J., & Ro, Y. K XXXXXXXXXXAntecedents to the adoption of augmented reality smart glasses: A closer look at privacy risks. Journal of Business Research, 92, XXXXXXXXXX.
Yang, H., Lee, H., & Zo, H XXXXXXXXXXUser acceptance of smart home services: An extension of the theory of planned behavior. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 117(1), 68-89.
Suggested theories/concepts/frameworks
Here are lists of theories/concepts/frameworks you can use. This list is only a guide and as such, you may look to others for your report. If you do find another theory/concept/framework you should discuss this with your tutor.
· Attitudinal Theories (Theory of Reasoned Action/Theory of Planned Behaviou
Model of Goal Directed Behaviour)
· Motivational Theories (Self-Determination Theory)
· Learning Theories (Classical Conditioning/Operant Conditioning/Hierarchy of Needs)
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Running Head: ‘Game of Clones’- The Dark Side of Consumer Behaviour     1
‘Game of Clones’- The Dark Side of Consumer Behaviour     
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Literature Review and Framework    3
Overview of Literature on the Topic    3
Factors Leading to Darker Consumer Behaviour    3
Theories Related to Darker Consumer Behaviour    4
Theory of Reasoned Action    4
Theory of Planned Behaviour    5
Marketing Strategies    5
Pricing Strategies    5
Quality of Content    6
Awareness Programs    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
    Investigating consumer behaviour is important for marketing strategies formulated and adopted by business organisations. In most of the cases, investigation into the behaviour of the consumers is meant for examining the choices and preferences of the consumers. This helps to enhance consumer utility. However, there is a darker side of consumer behaviour, which deals with compulsive and impulsive behaviours, influencing the purchase and consumption of products. This report will focus on the illegal downloading or pirating of movies and TV series in the entertainment industry. This particular market segment has been selected to study the darker side of consumer behaviour. The issue is to understand this particular behaviour of the consumers despite of their awareness regarding the consequences of such behaviour. The opportunity lies in encouraging legal consumption of products and services.
Literature Review and Framework
Overview of Literature on the Topic
Illegal downloading or piracy of movies or TV serials has taken major proportion of the internet piracy. This has lead to conflicts between social groups who have been pirating or illegally downloading the content and the respective industries. As noted by Mamali (2019), researchers have come up with an opinion that this problem persists and is increasing exponentially as there is a huge gap between the perception of the digital consumers and the entertainment industry. The difference lies in the perception of the commercial value of digital content considering different aspects.
Factors Leading to Darker Consumer Behaviou
There are two major reasons that have been contributing to this darker side of the consumers. The first driving factor is the temptation to steel and the second one id rationalization of stealing. Considering the temptation to steel, several product factors have been contributing to this compulsive consumption, which makes the urge of using the content, the products and services i
esistible for the users. One of such product factors is desire to view the content, which may be emba
assing. The viewers may not like to view such content with the society or within their family environment and therefore they tend to download such content illegally.
    Entertainment content published or
oadcasted in certain area of the world may not be freely available in other parts of the world and therefore, in order to access such contraband entertainment content, the entertainment lovers may look out for options like pirated copies or illegal downloading. Furthermore, the limited security that entertainment companies impose on their content makes it easy for the consumers to access it illegally, rather than spending money to go to the cinema halls and watch films (Petrescu & Gironda, 2017). Some of the consumers indulge in such activities despite of knowing the consequences, as they like to experience thrill and feel satisfied by entertaining themselves free or by paying half the amount.
    Apart from temptation of stealing, another important factor that adds to such consumer behaviour is rationalization of stealing, illegally downloading or pirating the entertainment content, which is digitally available. Most of the researchers have concluded that consumers like to access the content illegally because the content is...

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