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This subject is business research subject . This assignment should be about research and also need to connectt about my first assessment which I attached one . This assessment should write more wide...

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This subject is business research subject . This assignment should be about research and also need to connectt about my first assessment which I attached one . This assessment should write more wide .Task Description

Assessment task 3 requires the preparation of a full project proposal that should contain the following components:

  • A detail statement of the problemthat you would like to investigate.
  • Research aim, objectives and research questions: What are the potential research objectives and questions that can address the problem?
  • Justification and potential output of the research project: Why is your chosen project important both theoretically and practically? What are the potential outputs and outcomes of your research?
  • Conceptual framework: An analysis of the literature relevant to the research topic that will give you the conceptual basis for conducting this research.
  • Methodology and presenting secondary data: Based on the conceptual framework, research aim(s) and objectives, you need to provide a detail description of the data collection methods and tools, data sources and the methods/tools that you will use to analyse the data.
  • Organisation of the study, project budget and schedule: Write the names of the chapters/sections of your research report, and briefly discuss what you will write in those chapters/sections followed by a brief description of budget for conducting this study and project schedule i.e., Gantt Chart.

This is an individual research task. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of the relevant body of works to a real-life business research. We expect you to read and reflect on at least twenty recent refereed journal articles on your topic supported by any other evidence or information that can help refine the problem of your research, formulate conceptual framework and the methods of data collection and analysis. Please see detailed guidelines about specific research requirements on the unit Moodle site. You can write3000 words maximumfor this assignment. The cover page and the list of references are not counted in the word limit.

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Sundeep answered on May 23 2020
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Impact of Social Media on Student’s Academic Performance
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Course ID:
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Submission Date:
Table of contents
Research Aim, Objectives ----------------------------------------------------------------4
Literature Review---------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Conceptual Framework--------------------------------------------------------------------9
Research Design and Methodology------------------------------------------------------10
What is social media? The web based services that gives the public of the country, the students, the youth, the boys and the girls an opportunity to represent themselves in front of the world by creating a public or a semi public profile within a certain domain. The social media platform also allows to add other people as connections and continue to have conversation with the connections and build a network. (Sobaih, A.E.E., Moustafa, M.A., Ghandforoush, P. and Khan, M., 2016)
This report is based on the study which is ca
ied out for the purpose of research on the topic of effect of social media on the students of Central Queensland University students’ academic performance. The study mainly focusses on the negative effects of the social media. The research is conducted by analysing the large number of students and their activities and also designing questionnaires. The variables which are independent of other variables are the time variables such as, time duration, nature of addiction, health effects, security and privacy issues etc. The research paper has adopted explanatory and descriptive search design.
The usage of social media has increased in cu
ent times and this usage has affected the study pattern of the students to a very high level. A few of the mistakes which are performed at regular intervals is the grammatical e
ors, poor mistakes, spelling mistakes as well as mind diversion during the studies. The final grade point average which is the count about the studies and the examinations is hit due to the addictive use of social media.
Research Aim, Objectives
Research Aim: The main aim of the research undertaken is to understand the negative effects of social media on the students and their academic performances.
To measure the impact of social media, a questionnaire was designed based on the previous literatures and previous studies. The use of cross sectional survey was done and the survey questionnaire was designed with a likert scale [5 – Agree, 1- Disagree]. (Sobaih, A.E.E., Moustafa, M.A., Ghandforoush, P. and Khan, M., 2016)Using appropriate sampling method, approximately 102 students were selected as sample from the college and the data collected from them was analysed and insights were gathered.
The key terms used are: Academic performance, Social media, time duration, time appropriateness, nature of usage, health addiction and the security and the privacy connection
Research Objective: The overall objective for which the research was undertaken is to understand the negative impact of the social media on academic performance. The study feels it necessary to identify:
· The impact of the time appropriateness on the academic performance of the student on the use of social media
· To examine and understand the impact of the use of social media and its nature on the academic performance
· To understand the health impacts and its academic relation
· Understanding the time duration for the social media connect and its relation to the academic performance
· To examine the security issues and the issues related to data privacy on the academic calendar performance
Literature Review:
Facebook which has touched more than 1 billion customers, has its use increased by the number of students and this has impacted the performance of the students. The use of social media platforms has increased in the past few years. (Sobaih, A.E.E., Moustafa, M.A., Ghandforoush, P. and Khan, M., 2016)The initial days were considered as the ho
y but in today’s world it is a social norm to be connected on the social media and a style of existence for the users. The teenagers and the youngsters have specially recognised this as platforms where they could connect to their friends and peers, involve information sharing, create new identities and persona’s and also showcase their personal lives.
It is a fact that extreme Facebook users show a lack of interest in the academic literature and hence their performance drops. The advantages of the social media platforms are far lesser than the disadvantages that are
ought along with them. Since the advent of the social media platforms, the usage of internet and connect series has increased. It has been found out that...

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