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PROJECT MANAGEMENT Part One 1. Project Name / Team: (Team) Team Name: Team Name (A name that would be professional and appropriate) S. No Team Member Contact Number Email Role 1 Zohaib Shafique...

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Part One
1. Project Name / Team: (Team)
Team Name: Team Name (A name that would be professional and appropriate)
    S. No
    Team Membe
    Contact Numbe
    Zohaib Shafique
    Project Manage
    Sufyan Shakil
    Stud manage
    Khalid Yasi
    System Administrator
2. PROJECT OVERVIEW – (Individual Work)
The Online Stud Farm Management System is a project that will help improve on the manual activities within the Stud Farm in rural communities of New South Wales. The project involves Globex which is a client of the Virtucon who will be the project manager for this particular project. This project will be online and will be developed by Globex in house which will then deliver the solution on time. It will implement an online booking system which will replace the cu
ent manual system where
eeders book services by making a call or rather emailing the stud manager. The manager then records the bookings in a spread sheet and do cheques or credit card payments
Discuss the functionalities of the system and the benefits the system is set out to achieve as bullet points.
The Online stud Farm management system will replace the manual system of the cu
ent stud farm within the rural communities of the New South Wales. The system will implement a booking system which will be online.
The following will be the benefits of the system to the users.
· Introduction of an online booking system which will replace a manual booking system for services.
· It will enable
eeders to make payments from any online platform and mobile devices.
· The system will help reduce the amount of time needed to request and get the services by the
· The system will be able to generate information like
eeder's details, stud details and payment made.
· Very readable range of reports will be generated containing very important details.
· This ability to book for services online will help minimize e
ors and administration and also the involvement of the manager.
3. TEAM CHARTER – Team Work
    Team Members

    Skills and Knowledge Inventory
    I. Understanding the tenacity and aims of the project.
II. Ensure the right steadiness between the main project and non-project
    The following skills and knowledge will be provided by the team member:
· Project evaluation
· Technical report preparation
· Project deliverables preparation(Ha
ison et. al., 2013)
    I. Working on timescales
II. Checking on the cost constraints within the project.
· Budget preparation and finance
· Timetable preparation
    I. Identification of issues in the project
II. Contribute towards inspiring the whole team
III. Report the team’s progress against plan
    · Problem identification
· Motivational skills
· Report generation skills
Roles and responsibilities
    Roles and Responsibilities
    Understanding the tenacity and aims of the project
    Knowing what is required in the project is very important since this will enable the team members to always work according to what is needed.
    Identify the risks within the project
    Identification of risks within the project is very important since it will enable the team member to be aware of such risks and to form various counter to such risks (Ha
ison et. al., 2013).
    Report the team’s progress against plan
    Reporting is one of the essential aspects in project management. This role will ensure good tracking of the activities that the team members get involved in.
on timescales
This role will enable the team not to lag behind during their activities and to work according to time. A proper and well organized time schedule will help them manage their time effectively (Ha
ison et. al., 2013).
5.Team Communications : Team Work
    Communication Type
    Frequency / Time
    emails and Document Storage location
    Face to Face 1st
    7th April 2018
In Afternoon Seldom after classes FOR 2 HOURS./(02pm to 4 pm)
    In University CSU
    Face to face 2nd
    16th April 2018
For 3 hours
2:00pm to 5:00pm
    CSU li
    We got into discussion and came up with new deliverables for the project, reports were made.
    Face to face 3rd
    25th April 2018
3 Hrs
2:00pm to 5:00 pm
    Video conference was initiated and we saw what each team member was involved in.
4. Team Rules & Expectations 
Individual Work
My Experience with this team was good because I met with the persons who have some knowledge about the project and they have some experience in working in industry as well. Eventually, they do not have experience working on project site. Our Goal was to complete the assignment with perfection and guide our members about the assignment with the keen interest. – Individual Work experience;. Working with the collaboration with the group members was really a good time because when people share their experiences and implement on our project so that was really helpful for me . Working has a team has made me gain experience in coordinating a group of people and also to manage them during conflict resolutions. This will enable me to start up my own company band to manage the staffs without any problem.
Team Work
The value of team work plays an important role in every project. The value will help the group to complete the task in given time frame. These values include; Passion, Excellence, teamwork and integrity with great leadership and Good communication skills
XXXXXXXXXXComing together is beginning..
XXXXXXXXXXKeeping together is progress
Working together is success.
Integrity comes in the good code of ethics such as truthfulness and sincerity, loyalty to one another and trust, helping others lies in kindness and caring among members responsibility and self-discipline can also be included as the code of ethics in a team work.
For the complete and Quality work certain things are required such as;
•    Leader of a team is must
•    Team have specific measurable goals that team can allocate roles to the membe
•    Within the team good communication skills are very necessary in order to complete the task XXXXXXXXXXbecause in team work all the members must have to understand each other.
•    No selfishness should be shown in teamwork.
•    The team members must be willing to get co
ected (Young, 2006).
· Signatures – Insert the electronic signature of all the team members here. This will indicate an understanding and agreement to the rules and expectations as specified in the points above.
 ______________________                            ________________
 ______________________                            ________________
 ______________________                            ________________    Signature                                    Date
Part Two:

    Date/Time& Attendees
( Sufyan Shakil, Stud Manager )
    Start planning phase and overall picture about our project and select dates and other requirmnets.
    7 April 2018
(Zohaib Shafique)
    · Requirements
· Planning
· Execution of plans on project
    Outcome of the meeting:
Due to our planning we were able to see the clear picture of our project and it’s become easy to assign the tasks.
Meeting 2(Team)
    Date/Time& Attendees
(Zohaib Shafique, Project Manager )
    Looking at the resources allocation of time and task
    16 April 2018
(Khalid Yasir)
    Necessary ideas and plans are divided and implemented. What we have purchased and the time allocation is done here.
    Outcome of the meeting: Satisfactory as work in process.
Meeting 3(Team)
    Date/Time& Attendees
( Khalid Yasir , System Administrator)
     Look on the upcoming Risks that were identified.
Roles of each team members were reassigned to different group members
    26 April 2018
4 April 2018
8:00 pm
(Sufyan Shakil)
    Documents the ideas and action points going forward
    Outcome of the meeting:
1) New skills come up with new ideas in team.
2) Reports were made.
 2. Team Learning Record (Individual)
    What we know
    What we think we know
    What we don’t know
(Questions to be Answered)
    Planning would be a easy phase
    Will Planning is easy then other tasks?
    The Objectives will match our criteria
    What we have to do in our tasks?
    Risk factor is always high during project
    What risk we can solve without delay the project?
Communication & understanding
    Understand and communication is very easy during project’s bottle neck.
    How we can make better understanding during tough time of project??
(Each cycle provides the opportunity to challenge framing assumptions, create new understanding & find radical solutions)
Learning Cycle (Individual)
Learning Cycle1
Unknown risk associated with the project
Efficient planning could reduce the loss and negative risk
Execution of planning with the allocated resources.
Either positive or negative
Part Three:
Communication Plan – Team Work
As a team,
ainstorm and identify all stakeholders to the project. Then individually, develop an appropriate communication plan. You can add in more columns based on the discussions during the lecture on stakeholder management and communication plan.
    Stakeholder name
    Information to be shared
    Frequency of information exchange
    Location of information exchange
    Purpose of communication
    Mechanism for communication
Hardcopy, pdf
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Part One    2
MOV - Measurable Organisational Value    2
Project Value    3
Stakeholder expectations and target metrics:    3
MOV Timeframe    4
MOV Summary    5
Part Two:    5
Project Scope Definition:    5
Key Functionalities:    5
Key Deliverables for the project    6
Acceptance criteria:    6
Resource List for the project    6
People    6
Resource Sheet:    8
Technology    8
Facilities    8
Scope Management Plan    8
Part Three:    9
Project schedule    9
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)    9
Gantt chart:    11
Part Four:    12
Key Assumptions for this project    12
Risk Assessment and Mitigation (Identification, analysis and mitigation practices)    12
Part Five:    14
Key Verification Activities    14
Key Validation Activities    15
Part Six:    15
Closure Checklist    15
Project Evaluation    16
Annotated Bibliography    16
References    18
Part One
MOV - Measurable Organisational Value
The key aim behind the development of the OSFMS or the Online Stud Farm Management System project is to replace the manual process handling and management activities in the stud farm with automated and efficient digital solution. The OSFMS is a web-based application that intends to perform all the basic activities involved in the business process of Stud Farms like Collecting user orders, supporting financial transactions, maintaining stud farm data records, inventory control and management and user data management etc. (Faisal, 2013)
The given table illustrates the key prioritized impact areas for the OSFMS project undertaken by Virtucon.
    Area of Impact
    The system intends to handle all the basic business activities like Collecting user orders, supporting financial transactions, maintaining stud farm data records, inventory control and management and user data management etc. with an aim to enhance the productivity of the operational domain of the business.
    The OSFMS system will allow the Globex organization to reduce their financial spending on hiring multiple human resources for manual processing. Additionally, higher returns can be guaranteed by increasing the number of orders that can effectively process within a specific period of time.
    The system has the capability to address all the strategic activities and preferences of the organization in an effective and streamlined manner.
    The OSFMS is a digital solution allowing the customers to involve in the business activity using any internet-based device. They can make purchases from the comfort of their home, hence the system enhances the ease of use level for the customer domain, which will indirectly help the organization to gain more customers.
    The enhanced ease of use and increased productivity will add worth the social image of the organization, hence attracting business for them.
Project Value
The key reason behind undertaking a project is to add worth or value to the business perspective of the target organization. With OSFMS, the Globex organization intends to create a FASTER system that can address their core business activities in an effective and streamlined manner. I.e. streamlining the purchasing and Management process in order to increase the operational speed and efficiency of the business practices of the organization. (Faisal, 2013)
Stakeholder expectations and target metrics:
    Target Expectations
    The possibility of achieving the target.
    Stud Farm Management
    Faster Business processing
The OSFMS system will allow the organization to streamline the business activities and hence increasing the pace of activities and operations.
    Stud Farm management
    Increased customer base
Following the increased customer satisfaction levels and increased ease of use, the product can surely help the organization to enhance their customer base.
    Sponsors and the Project Investors
    An increment of 10-15% in the ROI or returns on investment following the implementation of the project.
Such a target can surely be achieved following the enhancement in the business process this system will
ing but the stakeholders will have to give considerable time to the project to showcase its effect. Estimated time 12 months after implementation.
    Project Team, Sponsors, and Management
    Meeting the Budget and Time constraints associated with the project.
    Budget allocated for this project:
$ 70, 000 for the development and installation.
$ 10, 000 for the hardware resources.
Assigned Timeline: 90 days
MOV Timeframe
Project Oriented:
    Targeted milestone
    Time period
    Development of the Project:
· Requirement analysis
· Development
· Deployment
    82 days
    3 days
    Training Delivery
    5 days
    Targeted Milestone
    Time period
    Increase customer segment
    6 months
    Increased financial returns or the ROI
    12 months
MOV Summary
    Impact Area
    Project Value
1. Operational
2. Financial
3. Custome
4. Social
5. Strategic
FASTER, streamlining the purchasing and Management process in order to increase the operational speed and efficiency of the business practices of the organization.
    10-15% increase in ROI
    ROI increment in 12 months after installation
    Customer Base increment
    Expected 6 months for customer base increment
    Project Completion in given timeline and budget.
Part Two:
Project Scope Definition:
As defined previously the key reason behind the development of the OSFMS is to
ing automation and efficiency in the business management practices as well as the key operational activities performed in the Stud Farms. The scope of the project defines the key set of functionalities it will offer or the key areas that the project will address. The key functionalities of this project are listed below. (Mir & Pinnington, 2014)
Key Functionalities:
· The developed system should address all the basic operational activities conducted by the business.
· User data management
· Order bookings, purchases, transactions and management.
· Account management
· Inventory management
· Service and Support
· The developed system should have an interactive an easy to use GUI.
· The system should be robust.
Key Deliverables for the project
    Project Deliverables
    Product Deliverables
    · Detailed proposal or business case for the client.
· SRS document after requirement analysis and elicitation.
· Design Document
· Project Charter and Service level argument
· Project Plans for: Communication, risk, resource, time, cost etc.
· User manual.
    · A prototype of the developed application for initial reviews
· Complete web application
· Hardware and resources as listed ahead

Some of the other Deliverables are mentioned in the WBS structure.
Acceptance criteria:
The acceptance criteria are used to define the key goals, targets or measures that will help the organization to evaluate the developed application.
Following is the detailed criteria for this project:
· The developed application should display a robust behavior.
· The developed application should be consistent...

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