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This is PPMP 20011 Commercial Project /negotiation course's final consolidated portfolio. The course has 10 weekly portfolios and the consolidated final one is based on those 10 portfolios. But i...

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This is PPMP 20011 Commercial Project /negotiation course's final consolidated portfolio. The course has 10 weekly portfolios and the consolidated final one is based on those 10 portfolios. But i providing here all weekly lectures and other related supporting materials. Therefore it can be done separately from those 10 weekly portfolios. Also i upload here those 10 weekly portfolios templates in case you need to see them. But you only responsible for final consolidated portfolio. Here i am copying past consolidated final portfolio's detailed information, please read carefully!
b) Consolidated PortfolioAt the end of the unit you will need to review your weekly portfolios, consolidate them into a singledocument for submission and upload the consolidated portfolio into the Moodle website. You will beprovided with a template for the consolidated portfolio. Since you’ll have made your own journeystudying during the unit then the material that you will want to include in this portfolio will be uniquefor you. Your final portfolio will explain how you have developed your understanding of the learningoutcomes and the topics with each week’s study. You should make a personal reflection in thissubmission.There are a number of ways you can provide a consolidated portfolio. It is up to you to decide whichway work the best for you. You final portfolio MUST be made as a single submission. For example:-1. You could merge all your submissions into one and provide a single big file.2. You could alternatively zip all of the previous portfolios into one and use a single ‘master’portfolio to refer back to each week.You must NOT use an index and numbering system to identify material from prior week’s leaving eachportfolio on the unit web site. Whatever way that you do it; the final portfolio is the important one! It’simportant that you make it clear to the marker what your consolidated portfolio refers to otherwise youmay not get the marks you expect. An analogy for the final portfolio is that you can imagine that youare going before an examination board at the end of the unit and presenting to them a completeportfolio of your journey through the unit. You will hand each board member a package that theyshould then be able to read and from it appreciate everything that you have done and learned duringyour work life and the unit.Your consolidated portfolio must:1. indicate how you have gained the insights that the unit is seeking to provide.2. give a personal reflection in your submission. This is the assessment that gets marked3. contain a coherent, but necessarily restricted review of the academic literature related to theproject management topics for each week4. include a weekly reference list formatted in the prescribed Harvard styleYou are also encouraged to include a bibliography. This assessment item involves researching thetopics to enhance your understanding of each concept through an utilisation of academic literature andsecondary sources. Whilst you must use the recommended textbooks and web links, you should alsorefer to other sources on the Moodle web site and additional relevant peer reviewed academic journalarticles of your choosing.ReferencingEnsuring you have accurate references is important and will allow the marker to easily identify whereyour portfolio maps to the unit or other peer reviewed material. Also you need to show how you havemade critical reflection on the material and added your own unique insights.Referencing should be made according to CQU’s Harvard referencing guide. To locate the guide thenGoogle “CQU Harvard referencing” and download the PDF file for the current year.It is as a consequence of your references and academic proficiency with critical analysis that you willbe able to gain MAXIMUM MARKS.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
LO1:    3
Summary-    3
Evidence-    3
LO2-    3
Summary-    3
Evidence-    4
LO3-    4
Summary-    4
Evidence-    4
LO4-    5
Summary-    5
Evidence-    5
LO5-    5
Summary-    5
Evidence-    6
LO6-    6
Summary-    6
Evidence-    6
Conclusion    7
Reference List    8
In project management, it is very important to have the presence of project manager in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the project. In a commercial project, it has been identified that the presence of project manager varies from work to work. Behind the success of a commercial project, the role of project manager is inevitable as it determines the direction and growth of the project work. This consolidated portfolio is the overview and extracted result of the weekly portfolios that have been performed on weekly basis. Moreover, the core learning outcomes have been discussed here on a critical basis. There is evidence which has been mentioned here.
The role of government has been found out to be very important while developing a project. In the PPP platform, the government and the non-government organizations provide a lot of support by adding fund and other sources. After the responsibilities are transfe
ed in terms of financing, designing and construction is done, the role of government remains the same. They are not only limited to monitoring and supervising, they also try to provide a lot of extra effort in the pre constructional phase of the project (Liu et al. 2014). The government tries to assess the risk and then make the decision to provide funding in the private project plan. The government also plays the role of identifying the issues and also then decides the procurement process.
In order to run the project work, government authority takes initiatives by basic legislative authorities for the rewarding the project works and also enables the public legislation. Other than that the project work is being affiliated with the government's end and then non-government contractual step in it. Other than that, it has been found that in Queensland, the government policies majorly impacts on the commercial projects in terms of negotiation skills being flexible and creative. Assertive communications are also provided by the government team which helps them to give a proper support (Poirier et al. 2015). They provide various kinds of suggestion while commencing the project work in the process
Negotiating in management is based on several negotiating theories involving both formal and informal negotiations between different parties involved. Formal negotiations involve negotiations between national governments, if necessary through direct confrontation with interests of other nation. The traditional ways of negotiating have been through the diplomatic domain. In negotiating with different parties several scientific disciplines, like psychology, political science and sociology. The view of negotiation in marketing ranges from their role in production and supply to their delivery. In stores, we haggle over prices of goods, in service over higher income, employers and employees bargain over wages and other conditions. Learning outcomes from in order to be effective in guiding negotiations the conflicting parties must be at the centre of the ongoing negotiation process. Sometimes mediators play out profound roles in negotiating the concerned conflict (Demirag, 2017).
A company in Australia has been witnessed to withholding amounts at the resident's rate for the benefits of the employees. The former employees have returned to their countries while others remained in Australia could not be contacted. A settlement has been negotiated based on some of former employees who should be provided with the amount withheld at the non-resident rate. Settling outstanding matters is consistent with an effective tax system, a fair attitude towards business deals and with the best use of Australia Taxation Office and other community resources (, 2018).
According to Takey and Carvalho (2015), public-private partnership is another prefe
ed procurement...

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