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ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________ Page 1 of 3 Subject Title Research Methods Subject Code RES 800 Lecturer / Tutor Dr Arash Najmaei Semester February 2020...

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ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________
Page 1 of 3
Subject Title Research Methods
Subject Code RES 800
Lecturer / Tutor Dr Arash Najmaei
Semester Fe
uary 2020

Assessment Title Business Research Proposal
Learning Outcome/s • Analyse ethical issues and considerations and their
elevance in applied business research.
• Apply research theories and methodologies to assist in
developing a business research proposal.
• Succinctly communicate arguments that reflect a
synthesis of literature and business research concepts.
• Utilise critical thinking to analyse managerial problems
and formulate relevant research questions and research
• Apply advanced understanding and skills in qualitative
and quantitative data collection, analysis and
Assessment type (group or
Weighting 50%
Word count 3000 words

Due date Week 14
Class submission Lecture ☐ XXXXXXXXXXTutorial ☐
Submission type Paper copy ☐ XXXXXXXXXXTurnitin ☐

Format / Layout of Assessment
(details of what to include)
(cross the appropriate check

ICMS Cover Page
Table of Contents
Synopsis / Executive Summary
Reference List


ICMS Cover Page

Reference List

ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________
Page 2 of 3
Oral Presentation:

Paper submission
PowerPoint submission
Peer review (group presentation)
Reference List

(outline specific details here – use check boxes)

Assessment instructions
(clear, succinct, without repetition)
In this assignment, students need to:

• Submit a 3000-word Business Research Proposal
which includes their research objective, questions,
literature review, research methods (sample,
sampling, instrumentation, data collection and
analysis), and the proposed timeline.

• The Business Research Proposal needs to
demonstrate students' advanced understanding of
esearch theories and methodologies and their
synthesis of the literature in the field to develop
original contributions and suggest specific
ecommendations for improvement.

Please pay attention to notes below:
• All reports are to be submitted to Turnitin at week
• You will be expected to have consulted books, at
least 15 relevant recent academic journal articles,
conference proceedings, theses, dissertations,
market reports and so on to prepare the report
from quality sources listed in scholarly databases
• Use proper in-text citations and referencing
• Do not plagiarize
• For style you need to use follow carefully the style
guide document on the Moodle.

Readings for the assessment
(instructions where they can be
found e.g. MyAthens database,
Moodle etc.)
• Lecture notes (Moodle)

• Recommended textbooks in the unit outline

• Prescribed articles available on MyAthens database

Grading Criteria / Ru
ic The following criteria will be used to assess this assignment:

• Structure of the essay, clear headings and sub headings.
• Clarity, consistency and conceptual accuracy of
arguments in the literature review and problem
• Clear and easy to understand explanations for data
collection and analysis.
ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________
Page 3 of 3
• Accurate and well-argued justifications for the choice of
sampling methods and analytical approach in line with
esearch problem and questions.
• Logical flow for the literature review.
• Complete and accurate in-text citation and referencing.

Peer Review Evaluation
(group work – optional)

Microsoft Word - RES300 Ru
ics - for all assessments
Assessment 4 - Business Research Proposal (50%)
Criteria Description Weight Poor <50% Weak<65% Average<75% Good>75% Excellent>85%
Clarity of
How clear arguments are
made about the application of
esearch methods and
Max. 5
Coherency of
Are analytic arguments about
choice of methods and design
coherent and aligned with the
RO and RQs?
Max. 5
Consistency Are analytic arguments about
choice of methods and design
Max. 5
Structure Is essay professionally
structured in terms of
headings, sub headings and
Max. 5
Sample and
Are the choice of sampling
method and sample size
adequately and co
Max. 10
Analytical methods Are the choice of analytical
method and approach
adequately and co
Max. 10
Quality of
eferences used
Are all references used peer
Max. 5
Citations and
Are in-text citations and
eferenced formatted
according to the prescribed
styles and formats?
Max. 5

here you put title of your research
student name&ID
supervisor name
Background of The Research
Problem Statement
Research Objective
Research Questions
Literature Review
Use specific headings and sub headings here based on your topic
Research Design
Research philosophy
Research choices, approach and strategy
Type of the research
Here you explain if your research is qualitative of quantitative
Here you explain and describe population of your research,
Sample and sampling technique
Here you explain your sample and sampling technique
Data collection tool
Here you explain how you collected data. If you use survey questionnaire you need to design how you design questions in the survey questionnaire based on the literature. If you used interview protocol, then you need to explain how you design interview protocol questions.
Analytic approach
Here you explain your analytic approach. If your research is quantitative, you may use survey or experiment and apply co
elation, regression, t-test, ANOVA or other statistical tools like descriptive and inferential techniques. If your research is qualitative then you need to explain your method if it is case study or grounded theory, then you discuss type of case and coding process and codebook.
Answered Same Day May 28, 2021 RES800 ICMS (International College of Management Sydney)


Sunabh answered on Jun 04 2021
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Student Name: Muna Basnet
Student No: 4015775
Subject Code: RES 800
Subject Name: Business Research
Tutor: Dr Arash Najmaei
Assignment Title: Business Methods
Word Count: 3,000 words +/- 10%
Due Date:
I am aware of ICMS policy on plagiarism as stated in the ICMS Student Handbook. This assignment does not
each those requirements nor has it been previously submitted for assessment contributing to any other subject or course. The ideas and information that are not mine have been referenced accordingly.
Signed: Muna Basnet

1    Background of The Research    4
1.1    Problem Statement    4
1.2    Research Objective    4
1.3    Research Questions    5
2    Literature Review    5
2.1    Concept of Employee Motivation and Business Performance    5
2.2    Concept of Staff training    6
2.3    Relationship between Employee Motivation and Staff Training    7
3    Research Design    9
3.1    Research philosophy    9
3.2    Research choices, approach and strategy    9
3.3    Type of the research    10
4    Data    10
4.1    Population    10
4.2    Sample and sampling technique    10
4.3    Data collection tool    11
5    Analytic approach    13
6    Conclusion    13
7    References    15
Background of The Research
Employee motivation is one of the major factor, which affects their performance at work place. It would be essential to consider that understanding and motivating employees could be is the key towards increasing their self-worth at workplace. Tourism provides people or customers with entertainment, leisure, happiness and satisfaction. However, all of these prior mentioned aspects are highly dependent upon the service provided by employees.
As presented before also, umpteen numbers of factors, which could affect the purchasing behaviour of guests or customers visiting the hotels for accommodation. Employee’s skill and ability to satisfy the guest is one of the major determinant of guest’s spending in the hotels for services and here training plays a major role. Increasing competition among hotels, providing companies such as Ai
nb implies have made it mandatory for the hotels to provide excellent services to their clients in order to retain them for a longer duration.
Problem Statement
As evident from the above presented factors, employee’s skills, motivation and ability to satisfy the customer is one of the major determinant of customer’s spending. However, workers or employee’s at the hotels fail to meet the service quality standards as expected by customers. In other words, customer’s service expectations are not fulfilled which leads to consumer dissatisfaction and imparts a negative effect towards repeated visits to the hotel. Lack of motivation is one of the major factor, which affects the service delivery of the employee and this research would tend to identify the affect and relation between training and employee motivation.
Research Objective
Employee motivation has long been promoted as a major factor behind employee’s performance and customer satisfaction. Employee training can allow the employees to acquire new skills, which they can use to satisfy customers and gain motivation to work. Therefore, the major objective of this research would be to identify the impacts of staff training techniques on employee’s motivation at Hyatt Regency, Sydney. Further, this research would also target towards attaining the following objectives—
· To exhaustively understand the concept of employee motivation
· To critically analyse the relation between employee training and employee motivation
· To identify the impact of employee training on employee motivation at Hyatt Regency, Sydney
· To provide some recommendations towards identified defects or limitation accordingly
Research Questions
· What are the impacts of staff training technique for motivation at Hyatt Regency?
· What is the importance of employee or staff training?
· What are the relationship between staff training and employee motivation?
Literature Review
Concept of Employee Motivation and Business Performance
Companies or businesses, which fail to understand the concept of employee motivation majorly fails to withstand the ups and down of the market. Employee motivation is a critical aspect at the workplace because it has the potential to enhance company’s performance. Employees work majorly to make a living for themselves; therefore, they would be keen towards working more if they might receive more benefits for the work they are performing. As presented by Shahzadi, Javed, Pirzada, Nasreen and Khanam (2014), motivated employees could lead to increased efficiency and productivity
This, further, could allow businesses to achieve higher levels of output. Further, as supported by Xiong and King (2015) having a strong
and in the market place is one of the major necessity within hospitality industry. Customer’s or client’s
and experience is highly dependent upon the interaction with the service providing employees or frontline employees of the
and; therefore, Xiong and King (2015) considered it crucial that the employees should be capable as well as motivated to satisfy customers.
According to the data presented by Comaford (2018), 30% of employees in hospitality industry strongly agree with the fact that their performance is strongly managed by their motivation in order to perform outstanding work. Likewise, these employees also consider that their manager or leader played a major role, in helping them while setting a goal. Further, as supported by ‘Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory’, there are majorly two factors, which affect employee motivation and satisfaction.
Motivation factors were the factors that contributed towards employee satisfaction and motivated them to work harder while hygiene factors led to dissatisfaction and lack of motivation upon their absence. Accordingly, this theory also suggested that, motivator and hygiene factors together could influence employee motivation; however, they might function independently of each other (Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl & Maude, 2017).
Concept of Staff training
No employee working at the organisation or company might possess similar set of skills or attitudes, which are required by the company. Some employees might already possess all the required skills while other might not; therefore, staff training could be considered as an essential tool for the promotion of learning and skill development. Further, Novak (2019) mentioned that it would be essential to consider that employees have the ability or potential to compare their work performance with other fellow workers; however, they might fail to identify the areas where they might be lagging. Therefore, staff training could not only allow them to identify such areas but also it could allow them to improve and acquire new skills.
Training is the only process through which employees can acquire new skills, capabilities, talents and improve their work efficiency immensely. Nestoroska and Petrovska (2014) suggested that every company or business have their customized set of rules and policies. Therefore, not every employee might be able to fit in properly and this is one of the major reason...

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