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This is a team assignment , and I partially only need 750 words plus a graph of the timeline.I will give you a total of three documents, respectively, an example of the assignment (ebay), a question...

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This is a team assignment , and I partially only need 750 words plus a graph of the timeline.
I will give you a total of three documents, respectively, an example of the assignment (ebay), a question for the assignment, and a summary of our previous assignment goals. This assignment is based on the (memo document) to continue the extension.
My requirements are First, according to the requirements, the background of Google Inc. and complete a timeline of Google Inc.'s attempt to join the Chinese market, the past ten years, and the projected next five and ten years.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions on any part.
Please follow strictly the questions I posted to complete each step. Thanks

Answered 3 days After Oct 23, 2022


Tanmoy answered on Oct 25 2022
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1p.m — 2.p.m Wednesday
A detailed introduction of the company's background, an explanation of the problem being studied, the reasons for choosing the host market.
Google, founded on September 4, 1998 by La
y Page and Sergey Brin, is widely regarded as the world's largest search engine company. Google is a multinational technology enterprise located in the United States. Its business includes Internet search, cloud computing, advertising technology, etc. At the same time, it develops and provides many Internet-based products and services, and its main profit comes from keyword advertising and other services. The ultimate mission of Google is to accumulate various information which they acquire from around the world and then evaluate the information for making them accessible and useful. By offering various types of products to the customers for everyone it tries to attract as well as retain the new and existing customers respectively. Further, Google tries to protect the privacy and security responsibly with respect to each product which are being manufactured. This makes the customers to operate the Google products in a safe and secured manner. Billions of people in globally uses the information available on Google for researching reliable information. Also, the people can reach the co
ect destination using Google Maps application and even connect with their loved ones using Google Meet application. Further, there are numerous Google applications which can be used for education and for enriching the learning experiences of the customers. Google with its highly sophisticated technology, can safeguard more than 4 billion devices and alerts the customers in case a site appears hazardous.
Our cu
ent research issues include relevant international trade laws and regulations promulgated by the Chinese government, as well as cultural and ethical issues in China, such as language and their code of conduct. Government policy on taxation is a key issue, which will greatly affect our operations and revenues. Considering ethics, we hope that our company will not offend them in operation and achieve smooth communication and cooperation with local Chinese consumers and enterprises. In the year 2006, Google launched itself in Chinese market. But in the year 2010, they pulled themselves off despite of a major hack in the company and due to disputes due to search result censorship. In the year 2018, it was reported by a company Intercept that Google was working on a secret prototype which was censored Chinese search engine better known as Project Dragonfly. Had the project Dragonfly continued, it would have strengthened the censorship of the communist party and would result in the disclosure of secret information of the Chinese customers. As a result, Google suspended all its operation due to complaints received from the privacy team of Google in China (Sheehan, 2018).
In 2022, China has the second largest population in the world, which is a unique opportunity for our company. The large population base for us to increase more potential consumers and sales. From the perspective of competitiveness, at present, only Baidu...

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