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This is a team activity for groups of three or four students. YoureLAcan help to compile your group or you can select people you would like to work with. Collaboration is key for this assignment; your...

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This is a team activity for groups of three or four students. YoureLAcan help to compile your group or you can select people you would like to work with. Collaboration is key for this assignment; your assignment submission will need to outline each person's contribution to the tasks.


In a Grade 2 classroom the children have come together for a show-and-tell session.

The teacher asks Eliza what she has brought and she opens the lid of a large cardboard box and proudly announces it contains a whole cat skeleton that she found under the new house her family had recently moved into. The teacher tries to hold back a shriek, while Ahmed looks puzzled and then starts to cry as herealisesthis skeleton was once a living breathing cat like his petTiggy.

The teacher then becomes cross with Eliza, demanding that she close the lid even though many of the children look interested in the contents; and the teacher states that Eliza's parents should have warned her about the dead cat.

Your assignment submission will include the following components (note the recommended word count and team or individual task):

1.Analysis of the above scenario(300 words; team task)
Collaborative reflection and understanding of the key issues that will be discussed andanalysedwithin the team.2.Consideration of different theoretical perspective(600 words; individual)
Each team member will choose a different theory. Outline how the theoretical perspective enables you to see the problem, how it describes how children learn and what teaching strategies support learning. 3.Review and comparison(300 words; team)
In your team, consider and compare all the theoretical perspectives you have researched, and decide which of these offer the most effective solutions to the scenario. Clearly define why this is the best choice for your team using research and examples to support your choice.4.New scenario(600 words; team)
Write a new scenario that provides an outcome and evaluation of the dilemma in the scenario with suggestions for how it could be resolved using your chosen theoretical perspective. Ensure your scenario includes the following:oThe learning in the scenario is evident for all children in the scenario.oYou identify and predict factors that contribute to effective learning environments.oYou consider teaching tools, such as theory.5.Reflection(200 words; individual)
Reflect on your experience working on the team assignment. Identify your key learnings and any benefits or challenges you encountered.

For part 2 I have been assigned


(Critical teaching theory)

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Dr. Vidhya answered on May 25 2020
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Section Two
The cu
ent scenario of the classroom gives access to the theory of constructive teaching where the teacher is involved fully in terms of promoting the efforts of the students when they innovate something of their own. The creativity and its expansion with the help of decisive ways of the teacher work in collaboration i.e. they are like the two pillars of the same concept where creativity is proposed by the student and it is encouraged by the teacher within the classroom. What happened in the class of grade 2 here was the reaction of the teacher to the young girl Eliza’s presentation. She was not aware of the fright that might be created by the dead cat’s skeleton in the classroom—it simply cannot be expected from a child of grade 2 that he or she shows a high skill or intelligence enough that is matured and well guided by the principles of reasoning. The literal problem was that the teacher gave a wrong reaction which was random; a teacher is not anticipated to have random responds without making an in depth analysis of the critical condition in the classroom. It was not a part of the constructive teaching at all. “First, I tried to involve teachers who would be supportive of student efforts, and who would allow them to create materials and activities of their own design, question accepted classroom practices, and engage in intellectual dialogue about teaching, cu
iculum, school policies, and the like Whatever support could be offered in these ways added greatly to the quality of students' experiences Second, I tried to emphasize the collegial nature of the student teaching experience, and to discuss my own expectations before the field placement was begun.” (Beyer, 2017)
Moreover, the teacher gave way to the classroom to have a look at the dead cat’s skeleton—she was in no condition to prevent other kids to have a look at it and at least a few of them could look over what Eliza had made...

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