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This Assignment You are required to write an essay on “The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.” How have these changes impacted the way modern business operates today?...

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This Assignment You are required to write an essay on “The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.” How have these changes impacted the way modern business operates today? Research, discuss and explain the fundamental opportunities and challenges that this creates for modern businesses. For the purposes of this assignment you should also choose one core business as a case study and provide relevant examples to support your thinking and analysis. Maximum length 2000 words. There is an allowable 10% exceeding words for in-text citations (reference list is not counted for the word length). Guidance This assignment has been designed to assess your academic writing, therefore you should focus on essay writing. Research will be required in this assignment, and it is important to demonstrate the ability to reference (Harvard Reference system) where information sources have been used. To achieve higher grades, you will have to demonstrate the ability to use compelling arguments whilst making the reading both visually pleasing and interesting.Key areas that need to be addressed in your Essay • An understanding and explanation of how ‘business communication’ has changed over the last 20 years. • What challenges businesses in the 21st century are facing with communication? • Identification of a suitable business, company or organisation that can be used as a ‘case study’ for your essay. • How changes in business communication have impacted the way that business is being done now? • Examples of ways that this ‘case study’ business is utilising these new ways of communicating. • Appropriate research and referencing to support your essay. Assignment Format This assignment is required to be written as a formal academic essay. It should therefore include: • A clear opening and introduction to the essay topic and subject, that clearly identifies the ‘topic sentence’ or ‘thesis statement’. • The body of the essay that must be broken down into relevant paragraphs that explains, provides evidence and research to support your key findings and understanding. • A concise and clear conclusion that summarises your key findings and draws the essay to a suitable conclusion. For further assistance in
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Impact of Social-Media on Contemporary Business Communication    
The world of the business has changed drastically there is no doubt about it. With the use of the technologies that are modern available to the company today. One difference that is biggest comes with communications. The fax machine is used by the business previously but now it has extinct. Now also few people sent and received faxes, but the majority time they are routed through a system of computer. This should be kept in mind, it is essential to stay in communication with the customers with the help of the devices they are familiar and acquainted with. The media of social is not designed for the use of business; the large number of people cannot be ignored who is using this platform for marketing and communication. The social media site advertising is also an option; the number of practical ways is more to stay in contact with the customers who are using this platform (Overy, 2012). The four different ways are discussed which is used by the organizations for communication online with the use of social networking is evolved in the world of business and they are:
1) Connections: Social networking is used by most of the company for connecting their customers rather than information posting on their products or services. Engagement with their clients is their focus rather than the product selling. Instead of the low posting, low price of their clearance item of sale, many are sharing the information which are more personal, new kitten photos, Fluffy etc (J.Smith, 2018).The people also posted information about the favourite charity or social issue connection for which they are passionate, like the environment saving. Trust is build by the people who are therefore more interested in doing business with the company.
2) Campaigning: Site of social media is like having own
oadcast network which is personal without a fortune spending on more advertising that is more traditional. In the Past time is taken by the customers or weeks to share an experience which is positive or negative involving a transaction of business, only minutes is taken to accomplish this online (Siu, 2017).A chance is given to the company to respond for getting the information quickly and for staying in touch with the customers. A Compliment can be acknowledged or an issue can be addressed quickly and more efficiently. If there is a problem, at least the company has the ability for the situation and make it known publicly that the company is dealing with the dilemma.
3) Image: Social outlets are used for connecting people which gives them a Human appearance. The company allowed the employees for blogging or posting to these sites thereby making them appear more compassionate and likeable. This helps in building the trust with the clients and others will be reached with interests that are similar.
4) Availability: The cities of the New York and Las Vegas are considered as the place that never sleep, then...

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