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Please read the following discussion and write a reply of 250 words: Cyberattacks on information systems have also been on the rise over the past few years. Such attacks, while not real cyber war in...

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Please read the following discussion and write a reply of 250 words:Cyberattacks on information systems have also been on the rise over the past few
years. Such attacks, while not real cyber war in the sense of incapacitating infrastructure,
nevertheless illustrate the ease with which corporate and government systems can be penetrated. Some of these attacks were likely undertaken by nation states that were practicing
their offensive techniques. For instance, in 2014, Sony Pictures’ computer system was
hacked, revealing information on 47,000 individuals, much of it e-mail correspondence
among executives. About 70% of the firm’s computers were incapacitated, and confidential e-mails were published by the hackers in an effort to embarrass executives of the
firm. North Korea remains a major suspect, although North Korean officials denied this.
In the biggest attack on U.S. government systems thus far, in July 2015, the White House
announced that the Office of Personnel Management, the government’s human resources
agency and database, had been hacked and complete records on over 21 million people
were copied, including the names of people in the defense sector. The likely source of the
hack was the Chinese government. In 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies have reportedly
expressed suspicions that the hacks into various e-mail accounts of Democratic National
Committee officials and others associated with the Clinton campaign have been part of
an orchestrated campaign by Russia to influence the 2016 presidential race. The Russian
government has denied any involvement .Based on above information there are different strategies how to mitigate these risk.PROTECTING INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS
Because e-commerce transactions must flow over the public Internet, and therefore
involve thousands of routers and servers through which the transaction packets flow,
security experts believe the greatest security threats occur at the level of Internet communications. This is very different from a private network where a dedicated communication line is established between two parties. A number of tools are available to protect the security of Internet communications, the most basic of which is message encryption. Encryption of any important information is the first step .Another wauy is to avoid digital signature on important documents.
2.I believe is our duty as professionals to lead the charge of all initiatives to ensure our financial reports are protected and secure with limited access of only authorized person and password protection.

3.On my prior job we have been impacted by malware attack from spam emails that were coming and submitted to all our employees.After that was suggested that we can not open emails coming from unknown sources and putted in spam box to avoided other malware attack in the future.The IT department secure the channels of communication by putting Firewalls and proxy server around our network.Also ,the easiest and least-expensive way to prevent threats to system integrity is to install
anti-virus software. Programs by Malwarebytes, McAfee, Symantec (Norton AntiVirus), and many others provide inexpensive tools to identify and eradicate the most common types of malicious code as they enter a computer, as well as destroy those already lurking on a hard drive .These was a bad experience for all company but we learned how to be protected in the future.

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The presented discussion post is on the analysis of the conceptions related to cyberattacks, which has been very clearly elucidated through examples in this post. The post presents the idea that cyberattacks are the acts of harming one’s information system with the intention of either stealing any data or only for the purpose of destroying the data. As supported by Rid and Buchanan (2015), hacking is an activity that bears criminal offence in nature and hence, these require serious immediate attention.
Besides, the post also shows...

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