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This is a social work assesment please answer them in accordance to the social work theories framework. Also please when answering these question, consider them within Australian context This task...

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This is a social work assesment please answer them in accordance to the social work theories framework. Also please when answering these question, consider them within Australian context

This task consists of two parts:

  1. An assessment report including an intervention plan (1,250 words)
  2. Critical reflection response (1250 words)

Students will be given a case study to be used as the basis for writing the assessment report.

PART A: Case Analysis

Students should include the following information in their assessment report:

  1. Provide a brief summary of the significant historical information
  2. Consider the values, assumptions and ethical considerations in this case
  3. What are the identified challenges and concerns
  4. Considering the application of theory to practice, how does a theoretical framework support the work with this family?

    -How do class, gender and ethnicity play out in the situation?

    -What are the skills and strengths of the family and what support systems exist?

    -What is your plan for engagement and assessment with this case?

    -What types of support may be suitable for this family

PART B: Critical Reflection

Part two of the assessment task involves critical reflection. You need to consider the following issues in your answer:

  1. What additional information would you have liked to know?
  2. Why would this additional information have been helpful to you in undertaking the assessment?
  3. Did your personal experiences of family life inform how you undertook the process of assessment?
  4. How did you balance the power relationships between individuals and family members in your interpretation of the case study?
  5. What did you learn from this assignment and how has your perspective of family practice change?

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Case Study
[Case Study]
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PART A: Case Analysis-: Intervention plan
1.    Provide a
ief summary of the significant historical information
In the case study the as a social worker who belongs from a Child, Adolescent and Family health services in a large Regional Centre which is a part of the several outlying farming areas. In this being part of the Community Health Centre services which majorly concentrate on the children and their care.
On introspecting it was found that the geographic area Ruralville had a tu
ulent time as it is going through the drought condition. It has resulted in serious repercussion effect on the local economy along with the implications on the low self-esteem of the people. Due to the drought condition, the property rates have slashed along with the emergence of the new cultural and local people who are from a far fetch land trying to contemplate in a new place and finding an affordable accommodation. In the recent scenario, it was observed there have been tensions prevailing in between the local and the newly established people (Ralph, 2017). As the community has a multicultural set with the original people belonging from the Aboriginal people along with a mix of the Italian and the Greek community people who are trying to explore the farming as an option.
In such scenario a family with the 26year old Mother named Mary and Father 27 years old along with children Tom aged 7 years and a little girl aged 8 years has shifted to a new locality Rurailville to find a new lifestyle and affordable housing. In such a recession set up where there is a lack of jobs in terms of farming due to the serious drought conditions, it has just worsened the situation for the family. As they have moved from a new locality from an up posh locality of Melbourne which is a well settled without any major tensions
ewing and having an employment opportunity, there are serious economic, social and financial instabilities due to all this. As per the counseling guidance, the children are admitted to a new school where they have missed out their academic sessions. but they have shown positive signs of the settlement with the children and school environment (Vicary, 2015). The HSLO, however, has an issue with the lack of family participation, contribution and the children do show some signs of family and emotional stress. On introspecting, there are some hints of the internal factors such as the domestic violence, lack of financial and economic support along with mother not eager to be vocal about her problems. In such a scenario it is advised to understand the external and internal problematic factors and influencing issues which can help the family to overcome the challenge which they are facing cu
ently and contribute in an effective manner.
2.    Consider the values, assumptions and ethical considerations in this case
In this case, the values and assumptions are the children being more adaptive to the new environment, while family as whole showing signs of financial and emotional distress. It may be due to the lack of jobs, no employment opportunities prevalent, shifting to a rented place on account of affordable housing and having an intercultural background (Wilkie, 2017). As the mother is of Aboriginal it is assumed she belongs from a well-knitted family but with a lower self-esteem while the father who was a construction worker and later on trying to find the job in a new place is somewhat trying to balance the family. On visits from the HSLO officer, it was found screaming and mess in the backyards along with the signs of lack of mother contribution in providing children timely lunches, participation in their academics or various other issues shows signs of negative internal factors. It also shows some signs of domestic violence. Also to consider that both mother and father have not reached their mid ages, they are still young and can work progressively towards a cause and support their family. the children have reached the age where they can take care of themselves. The ethical consideration is the HSLO officer being indicative of mother's inconsiderate behavior and support which shows signs of stress and emotional weakness.
3.    What are the identified challenges and concerns?
The identified challenges and the concerns are the lack of mother participation and her ethnic background. She needs to be encouraged to support the family and be more vocal about the problems. She indicates a behavior of being submissive and also of the distress. It is advised to such a scenario to be introspecting of the children and mother's behavior to determine the real cause of the situation. With time it may heal but as of now the children are getting affected and showing the low contribution to the academics.
4. Considering the application of theory to practice, how does a theoretical framework support the work of this family?
-How do class, gender, and ethnicity play out in the situation?
The family is of intercultural background; it has the lot to do with my up
inging and support for which shows in the children...

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