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Question one: What is the problem or the key issue in the case? You may list a range of symptoms however you must finish this question with a one or two sentence, marketing related, problem statement....

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Question one:

What is the problem or the key issue in the case? You may list a range of symptoms however you must finish this question with a one or two sentence, marketing related, problem statement. (20%)


Question two:

Analyse the environment for the case study and analyse the main marketing opportunities and threats facing the organisation. Use an Active/Matrix SWOT in framing your response. (15%)


Question three:

Define the major segments for the organisation and discuss the types of research of the segments you would like to see conducted to assist in development of your marketing strategy. (15%)


Question four:

Outline the objectives (SMART) for the organisation. Explain your proposed marketing mix strategy for the organisation. Justify your proposed strategy by explaining how your marketing mix strategy will overcome the identified problem (Q1) and achieve the stated objective.  You are being asked to prove, with evidence and theory, that your proposed strategy will work. (40%)


Question five:

Discuss any implications you envisage for the implementation of your proposed strategy. (10%)



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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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Running head: CASE STUDY
JustFoodForDogs: The World's First Dog Kitchen Case
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The case of JustFoodForDo in the consideration of business expansion in the new location has challenges that cannot achieve without help of proper guidance and marketing strategy. The development of marketing strategy in the new market required extensive analysis to know the actual condition of the company and capability to extend the business or not in the target market. However, the proposed strategic marketing mix can set up specific guidelines for the company to tackle a problem of competitive environment successfully.
    The case of the dog’s life and daily diet is important place in human life to care about them on the priority basis. Dogs are part of the human life that known as domestic animals. Like human beings, the life of dogs is also concerned with the good health requirement with a lot of care. Therefore, health food is provided to them for healthy life. The case of ‘The World's First Dog Kitchen’ is linked to the life of the dogs and their daily diet in order to maintain future health, and happiness, as well as increased energy level. However, there are various problems in this case associated with the foods of dogs preparation that harm the health of dogs (Clow & Baack, 2015). Now, this paper is taken to analyze the case of ‘JustFoodForDogs: The World's First Dog Kitchen Case’ in the context of finding a problem or key issue, environment of the case study, segments of the organization and marketing strategy, and SMART objectives, including implications of proposed study.
(Q. 1) Problem or Key Issue in the Case
    In this case study, there is a range of symptoms/evidences that posed some problems or key issues. The symptoms of the case study can be seen as health related, quality of the products of the dogs, marketing related, and positioning of the business of the JustFoodForDogs retail founded by Buckley partnered with Rudy Poe in the year 2011. In this case, it was found that the dog food products made in China was not safe for the dogs that caused illness and death in dogs. It was identified by the Buckley bin March 2007 that trouble him effectively and efficiently (Erevelles & Fukawa, 2013). It was realized by him that most of the companies make dog food are not safe for the life of dogs because of unsafe ingredients.
It was identified in the case that many of the dog food manufacturers utilized wheat gluten as the main ingredients. This agent of the dog food used to thicken agent and maintain the protein compound. Although such type of compounding agent was reported as contaminated with melamine that is harmful for the dogs. Now, such type of pet foods had sickened or killed many cats and dogs. It was created controversy at large scale in the media when the quality and origins of dog food ingredients became deadly for the pet animals (Erevelles & Fukawa, 2013). It was also stated after the investigation of such type of pet foods that Melamine was usually used to produce fertilizers and cleaning products and plastics. It is also not safe for the human or pet foods when used to make products.
There is a large concern of the pet owners about their animal's well-being that specifically purchase safe and healthy products. However, some pet food manufacturers avoid social responsibility in the production of the pet foods. On the other side, the other symptoms in this case can be determined as local competition to the JustFoodForDogs retail in the market. After the success of the business in the Newport Beach, California, Poe and Buckley decided to open retail kitchen at another location in West Hollywood, California in order to produce and sale human quality healthy food for dogs (Morgado & González-Benito, 2015). In the local competition, JustFoodForDogs has competed with the Pet Smart and Petco that specifically selling premium dog foods. These are
anded products that can inhibit market expansion of the business at the second location. The dog bakeries in this area were also main competitors that usually provide homemade dog treats and dog cakes to the potential customers.
In another symptom in this case can be seen as limited knowledge of the Shawn Buckley and partner Rudy Poe about the local market in the new location. Therefore, the positioning strategy and messaging strategy cannot be done successfully by them for the human quality healthy food for dogs. It was also doubt for them how to resonate its
and elements used in the first location in the new market (Krishnakumar, 2014). The Shawn Buckley and Rudy Poe have a small marketing budget that cannot help to position their dog products in a large media market.
    At this stage, the main problem or the key issue in the case can be identified as market competition in the new market that can affect the kitchen retail business of the JustFoodForDogs in making potential customer. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the marketing strategy effectively to face competitive market and expand the business into a new market potential.
(Q.2) Environment for the Case Study
    The environment for the case study is specific to conduct business in the pet food industry as getting success in the market with huge revenue. The market of pet food manufacturing is positive because of the increasing number of pet lovers and needs of animal's well-being (Opriş & Brătucu, 2013). This case has filled with several symptoms; but, there is a need to improve the pet food culture in the market in terms of quality and safe products. Now the Active/Matrix SWOT can be described as below:
Strength: The main strengths of the JustFoodForDogs are the human quality healthy food for dogs. The values of health and sustainable living of the dogs establish its market in the existing location. At the same time, the daily meals for the healthy dogs and veterinary diets for sick dogs have provided strong position in the market of Newport Beach, California. A line of custom-formulated prescription food for the dogs that are suffering with special health issues is...

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