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Kent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd. Assessment Brief ABN XXXXXXXXXXCRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458 Version 2: 11th October, 2019 XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 4 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051 ASSESSMENT...

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Kent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd.
Assessment Brief ABN XXXXXXXXXXCRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458
Version 2: 11th October, 2019 XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 4 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051
COURSE: Bachelor of Business/Accounting/Information Technology
Unit Code: MGTP102
Unit Title: Management Principles
Type of Assessment: Assessment 4 - Critical thinking case studies (Two case studies)
Length/Duration: 2500 words (Each case study -1250 words)
Unit Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the core concepts and theoretical frameworks of
2. Examine key stakeholders and explain their roles in managing an
3. Analyse and interpret management issues in organisations;
4. Apply analytical and problem solving skills to develop effective
strategies to solve managerial issues.
Submission Date: Week 14
Assessment Task:
Students to critically analyse two case studies. Word limit for each study is
1250 words.
Total Mark:
Case study 1 20 marks
Case study 2 20 marks
Weighting: 40%

Students are advised that submission of an Assessment Task past the due date without a formally
signed approved Assignment Extension Form (Kent Website My Kent Student Link>FORM–Assignment
Extension Application Form–Student Login Required)or previously approved application for other
extenuating circumstances impacting course of study, incurs a 5% penalty per calendar day,
calculated by deduction from the total mark.
For example. An Assessment Task marked out of 40 will incur a 2 mark penalty for each calendar day.

More information, please refer to (Kent Website My Kent Student Link> POLICY – Assessment Policy &
Procedures– Student Login Required)

XXXXXXXXXXKent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd.
Assessment Brief ABN XXXXXXXXXXCRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458
Version 2: 11th October, 2019 XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 4 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051

This is an individual assignment. Two case studies will be provided for critical analysis (please check in the
Assessment Brief folder). The case studies will be uploaded on the Moodle. Students are required to download
the case studies and critically analyse the case studies using the theories taught during the semester. Further
Instructions will be provided to complete the case studies by your lecturer. The word limit for each case study is
1250 words. Each case study is worth 20 marks.

General Instructions
 This is an individual assignment where you are provided with two case studies. Answers to each
study is approximately 1250 words.
 The word limit for each question is provided in
 Your answers must include relevant theories that was learnt during the semester.
 You are required to use three academic journals in support of your answers.
 Please read and understand the case study carefully prior to answering the questions.
Case Study o1: Star Dish Foods
Question 1. Word limit (300 words)
a) Using an example define the term delegation.
) Is the use of delegation made by Zoran in Stardish workplace an appropriate use of skill? Justify
your answer.
c) Apart from delegation, outline four management skills that are, or would be of assistance to
Zoran in his role as the Manager of the research Centre.
Question 2. Word limit (400 words)
a) Using relevant examples compare the terms performance management and performance
) How can the performance appraisal system used in Starfish promote a team approach in
elation to Norman’s work?
c) Explain another strategy to encourage Norman to become a member of the team/
Question 3. Word Limit (550 words)
a) Define leadership. Why is leadership an important function in an organisation? How does
effective leadership contribute towards the success of an organisation?
) Using leadership theories differentiate the styles between Zoran and Adam. Justify your answer
c) Which is more appropriate style given the organisation’s commitment to a team approach.
Justify your answer.
Case Study 02: Falcon Child Care Centre
Question 01. Word Limit (300 words)
a) Outline three strategies (or new practices) which would improve communication between
Falcon City Council and its childcare centre. Justify your answer.
XXXXXXXXXXKent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd.
Assessment Brief ABN XXXXXXXXXXCRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458
Version 2: 11th October, 2019 XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 4 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051
) Identify three management skills that would be useful for Kate in her role as the Union
epresentative. Justify your answer.
Question 02. Word limit (400 words)
a) What personal attributes would be of value in the role? Justify your answer.
Question 03. Word limit (550 words)
a) Identify the main characteristics of the management style demonstrated by Joanne-the HR
manager. What impact would such a style likely to have at the childcare centre? Justify your
) Briefly outline two skills that would assist Joanne in developing and maintaining effective
working relationship with childcare staff.


The final assessment for all students is due at 4 pm on the Friday of Week 14 (Friday 19th June 2020) Week 14.
The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. All materials must be submitted electronically in Microsoft
Word format (other formats e.g., pdf or mac file may not be readable by markers). No paper-based or hardcopy
submission will be accepted.

Given below is the ru
ic that will be used to assess the case studies.
Numeric grade <50% 50% to 64% 65% to 74% 75% to 84% >85%
Failed to
knowledge of
what has been
outline and
description on
what has been
the answer
with relevant
Integrate and
Construct and
Content for Assessment Task papers should incorporate a formal introduction, main points and conclusion.

Appropriate academic writing and referencing are inevitable academic skills that you must develop and
demonstrate in work being presented for assessment. The content of high quality work presented by a student
must be fully referenced within-text citations and a Reference List at the end. Kent strongly recommends you
efer to the Academic Learning Support Workshop materials available on the Kent Learning Management System
(Moodle). For details please click the link http:
and download the file titled “Harvard Referencing Workbook”. This Moodle Site is the location for Workbooks
and information that are presented to Kent Students in the ALS Workshops conducted at the beginning of each


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Table of Contents
Case Study 01: Star Dish Foods    2
Answer to Question No.1    2
Answer to Question No.2    3
Answer to Question No. 3    4
Case Study 02 - Falcon Child Care Centre    6
Answer to Question No. 1    6
Answer to Question No. 2    7
Answer to Question No. 3    8
References    10
Case Study 01: Star Dish Foods
Answer to Question No.1
1 (a). Delegation is the process of assigning the authority and decision making responsibility to another person, which will usually be a sub-ordinate. The sub-ordinate is asked to work, perform tasks and take decisions on behalf of the person who has delegated the work, which will usually be a manager. It should be noted that, the person who has delegated the work will be held responsible for the actions and tasks performed by the sub-ordinate. In the case study, Zoran has delegated organization details to the department secretary, Liu. Zoran will be held responsible for Liu’s actions. (Güth, Pull, and Stadler, 2015)
1 (b). Yes, it is an appropriate managerial skill, for Zoran to delegate few organizational responsibilities to Liu. The management approach followed by different person may vary, in this case Zoran is highly experienced person and follows a task oriented approach to ensure Star Dish Foods reaches its goals and objectives. But he could not be a people’s person naturally, hence he has identified another person who could meet such requirements on his (Zoran’s) behalf. An effective manager need not perform all the tasks by himself, instead he should be capable enough to identify the candidates who would be able to perform such tasks in the best possible manner. (Bell, and Bodie, 2012)
1 (c.). * Communication - Zoran must have the patience to listen to his sub-ordinates and take feedback from them on the work front. A manager is expected to convey his ideas to his team members and at the same time able to understand the thought process of his team members.
* Forward Planning and Strategic Thinking - Zoran is in the position of managing entire research centre, he is expected to plan for the future. Zoran must outline the goals and paths of Star Dish Foods. He should ensure, the research centre is prepared for any business mis happenings, through his strategic business plans.
* Interpersonal Skills - Zoran must develop his interpersonal skills. Business is all about people, he should make he is able to relate himself with the people in both front, personally and professionally.
* Motivation - Motivation and performance always works parallel with each other. To have better performance, the team members need to be motivated. (Whetten, 2011)
Answer to Question No.2
2 (a). Performance Management involves identifying the expectations of a individual in a the organization, analyzing his performance and comparing them with the standards set. In Star Dish Foods, the performance management is clearly outlined under the job descriptions. Performance appraisal is the method of rewarding the team members based on their performance, in the form of promotion, bonus, enhanced pay scale etc. Star Dish Foods follows performance appraisal is ca
ied out three times in a year. (usanto, and Darmasetiawan, 2020)
2 (b). The performance appraisal approach is performed thrice a year, in Star Dish Foods. When Norman was transfe
ed from manufacturing plant to research centre, he finds it difficult to get along with other team mates in research centre. His approach in performing the job is different when compared to others, he is self centred and follows a method of performing his duties in isolation (without depending on others). How ever, this may not possible all the time. He must realize the importance of team approach, and how team approach can help Norman in performing better. When the company is outlining the bases of performance appraisal, it can add aspects like team building, communication, adaptability to analyse the performance of the employee. This will encourage Norman to work “with the team”, rather than just working “in the team”. (Curzi, Fa
i, and Pistoresi, 2020)
2 (c.) Norman is a person who believes, other team members not required for him to perform his duties. He is of the intention that, involving with other team members is like ‘chit-chat’ with them. He has not realized the importance of other team members, and they can influence on his performance. He was transfe
ed from manufacturing plant to research unit, even though it is unclear on his working pattern in manufacturing plant, but in research unit he has not pushed himself to work along with the team. Star Dish Foods should make him understand that it is vital for him to adapt with this change. For Norman to
eak this ba
icade, Star Dish Foods must make sure he is adaptable. This can be either achieved by Norman’s self realization or the company can gradually force him into team approach. To do this, the company can assign him duties which involves explicit working with other team members, for example when all the departments meet once in two weeks, Norman can be given incharge of providing ideas to overcome any general issues, approaches for problem solving, etc. (Setiawati, and Ariani, 2020)
Answer to Question No. 3
3 (a). Leadership is the attribute of a leader who is able to influence the performance and decision making of another person in an organization. Leadership should not be misunderstood with dictatorship. Under dictatorship, people are forced to follow the instructions of the dictator, i
espective if they are willing or no. But on the other hand, leadership will convince others to perform the duties willingly. People are not forced to perform, but they are convinced. (Bernheim, and Bodoh-Creed, 2020)
Importance of leadership in an organization -
* Induces Change -
Business industry is prone to...

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