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The Buddy System Current Members Sierra Goss Josh Kweon Charles Stanton Team Name Buddy System The Idea We want to create a safe and engaging space where children of all ages can learn from one...

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The Buddy System
ent Members
a Goss
Josh Kweon
Charles Stanton
Team Name
Buddy System
The Idea
We want to create a safe and engaging space where children of all ages can learn from one another. This is a mentorship program where young adults (11th - College Level) volunteer to take on a mentee (k-10). This mentorship could involve tutoring (academics, help in school), social guidance/interactions (hanging out at the Boys and Girls Club together, going to the park), sports/ho
ies (coaching, teaching new skills) and so much more.
We would host events like socials (dances), sports nights (playing football or basketball on the property), nights out (movies or roller skating), depending on the availability and pricing/funding opportunities available. This would help build up social skills and develop a sense of community toward one another.
There may also be a chance to host projects to better the community. With the help of local businesses and other non profits, we could use volunteers to host community events and workshops such as how to actually recycle and better your household, how to start a book exchange box for your community, ‘plant a tree’ events and so much more.
During the covid pandemic, children of all ages have been struggling with the challenges that learning by zoom and in online settings cause. There is no real accountability that can happen over online teaching. In an online classroom, students can turn off their cameras and be doing something else, or mute their microphones and watch TV instead. Based on the observations of many parents and teachers, students are having difficulty not only with accountability, but also comprehension. Teaching a lesson via zoom causes a disconnect, students are lacking that in person, hands on experience. There is no real immersion that can happen over zoom, and children are being affected by this. This passion project is being implemented to allow older children and young adults volunteer their time to learn leadership skills and to learn the importance of accountability. It also gives younger children the opportunity to learn from people that are not that much older than them, and are more relatable in that sense. It would give the younger kids a mentor more like an older
other or sister rather than an authoritative parental figure.
What We Need
A safe space to use as our base. This would need to be a vetted space or non-profit that would be willing to allow us to host workshops and use their space for hang outs, tutoring and mentorship programs. Preferably a Boys and Girls Club, but could also be a YMCA, UW Arc. This has to be a place that knows how to vet volunteers and can help our program protect the youth from harmful people/situations.
It would be helpful to have a web page or facebook page that lists who we are, the purpose of this program and is shareable to the public. This would be our main marketing platform that gets the word out about this program.
· Volunteer Recruiter
· Job Description: Reach out to local high schools and to the UW community.
· **This would involve cold calls and emails asking the community members if they would like to volunteer or if they needed volunteer hours
· Marketer
· Create flyers and shareable virtual advertisements to get the word out there to parents and possible volunteers that we have started a mentorship program
· Sponsors
· Reach out to local businesses and non-profits to see if they are willing to volunteer space, supplies and staff for outreach events and workshops.
· **This would involve cold calls and emails asking the community members if they would like to volunteer or if they needed volunteer hours
If you're interested in us, or know of resources, reply to our post or email us, and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you!
Additional Notes or Comments:

Take Home Exam
Entrepreneurship Exam
Winter 2022
The take-home exam is simultaneously philosophical and practical. It pushes you with regard to your class project. You are rewarded for validating with written research sources and/or expert interviews...and also for an unusual / distinctive answer.  
We will meet at the beginning of class on Monday Fe
uary 14 and have a take-home prep. The exam was intended to be due on Wednesday the 16th  but we granted extra hours to accommodate a range of situations.
The take home section starts right after the team exam. Everyone submits their own individual answer, but can consult any source, and any person - except your instructor and the TAs.  We expect your answer to be “in your own words”. Even though you may share research, there should be something original, unique in your answer versus other students. You are permitted to obtain writing assistance from the writing center or a professional editor. Just like your homework, writing style counts towards grading.
You exam answers should occupy no more than 0.75 pages maximum, unless you use bullet points or tables. With bullet points or tables, you can have up to a full page. Your references and appendix do not count against your page limit. You must use single-spacing with a 12-point font, with double spacing between paragraphs.
Writing Style - The Lead Indicators
As always, 50% of the grading relates to the writing, composition, style, and formatting. The “ease to read” is a good lead indicator, that is, you did a first run through, and you said “Man, this was easy to read.” This is opposed to “What did I just read?”
Make good paragraphs. We sometimes look at the first and last sentence of each paragraph. If these belong together, then all is well even with poor grammar.
Writing Style – TA Grading Guidelines
The take-home deliverable should be clear, concise, and coherent. Avoid writing lead-ins, as it will only i
itate us. Please get to your main points quickly. The main points should be presented in a natural, logical style that supports your solutions.
· Did it a
ive quickly to the main points? Or was it ½-page of fluff followed by a two-sentence conclusion?
· As always, kudos for any writing convention (e.g. tables, illustrations) that advance the argument.
· Was there a headline or summary statement? Or did we have to search for the conclusion?
· And of course, did it obey the general guidelines for writing?
TA Ground Rules for Research
You should reference your most important two or three main points. Any standard reference style is permitted (e.g. APA, Chicago, MLA). Your references are not counted against your length.
Note any special interviews or reference materials used to support the arguments. Quirky, sophisticated answers not on the answer key should be rewarded. Be careful not to create documents that overly resemble each other from the same team.
Exam Tasks
Choose one of the following two tasks. Providing two choices accommodates larger teams, to help avoid redundancies in the essays.
1) Routable Founder & CEO Omri Mor said: Make sure people want your product before building it fully.
Considering Omri’s thoughts, present one or two specific, practical guidelines for your team project. You are providing a “rule of thumb“ for a way to achieve product-customer fit or to confirm customer validation.
For example, in developing his software product requirements, Omri interviewed 300 different people before writing a line of code. He also said to “talk to 100 strangers and I guarantee you will learn something unexpected”
2) Identify your project’s most important and unconventional type of customer or expert. You are allowed to use people who do not fit into the Companion Guide categories. These persons (should) help you gain different insights or sharpen your focus. What makes this person so different? What do you hope to learn?
If you are able, go ahead and interview one or two persons from your designated group and report (very)
ief results in the main body, and if needed, a larger summary in the appendix.
If not, then where can you find this person? You should list your 1 or 2 most important questions or expectations. Be specific and substantive regarding your expectations.
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Shubham answered on Feb 16 2022
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The project’s most unconventional and important customer or anti-customer for the buddy system will be business-owners. These are the people who are concerned about their profit motive. They will target parents who will be dropping their children or waiting outside the camps. While allowing their space to be utilized for the purpose they are actually targeting parents. They are least concerned about what being...

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