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This assignment requires you to submit, by Friday of week 4 (please check for your local equivalent time to know your deadline), a single page project plan. This project plan will containfive...

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This assignment requires you to submit,by Fridayof week 4 (please check for your local equivalent time to know your deadline),asingle pageproject plan. This project plan will containfive components:

  1. A statementdetailing your‘field of research’ - in this, you must clearly explain the relevance of your field of research for the profession, towards which you are studying.
  2. A source of secondary data linked toyour chosen field of research.You will be required to either include a website with a link to a publicly available secondary data set, or a short description of howyou will use publicly available sources as secondary data.
  3. A research question or questions that can be answered with the secondary data set you identified; this requires clarity on the questions and possibly a more detailed definition of variables or key themes to be explored.
  4. The search terms you propose to use in Google Scholar to identify literature in the field of the research question.
  5. Pick(at least) THREE peer-reviewed scholarlyarticles that arise from the result of your search and that youthink willbe suitableto become part ofyour project'sliterature review. Write two sentences that combine ALL THREE(or more, if you have chosen more)of these sources (referenced correctly) and provide them in a reference list.

Assessment criteria (clickhereto view the marking rubric):

  • Clarity and suitability of statement of 'field of research'
  • Suitability of data sources
  • Search terms
  • Ability to integrate sources into academic writing
  • Professional presentation and accuracy of work
Answered Same Day Jul 27, 2020 BUSN20019 Central Queensland University


Akansha answered on Jul 29 2020
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Running head: Engineering Projects
Engineering Projects
Topic: Risks Management in large Engineering Projects.
Student Name
University Name
Statement of field of research    3
Suitability of data sources    3
Research questions    3
Search terms    3
References    4
Statement of field of research
Large-scale engineering projects are high-risk games characterized by a large number of i
eversible promises, a reward structure that is distorted upon success, and a high probability of failure. A large amount of front-end expenditure must be incu
ed before undertaking large capital costs (Denas, 2017). Main goal of this research is to understand how risk management of large engineering projects is done. The aim of this research is to outline several components of risk, outline suitable strategies for dealing with risks, furthermore propose a dynamic layered model to manage and shape project risks. The main argument put forward in this...

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