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Assessment Task 3 Instructions Complete the following activities: o Create a PowerPoint Presentation Develop a presentation to assist in informing employees about the Change Management Plan that you...

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Assessment Task 3 Instructions
Complete the following activities:
o Create a PowerPoint Presentation
Develop a presentation to assist in informing employees about the Change Management Plan
that you developed in Assessment Task 2, as well as the Communication and Education PIan to
e adopted during the change mafi-i-ffi'6Tftfficess.
The purpose of the presentation is to ensure that employees are fully informed, and have the
opportunity to contribute to the change management process.
Review Kotter's 8-Step change model to assist you in developing a presentation that will appeal
to staff and will promote acceptance of the change.
Ensure that you are providing comprehensive information to staff to assist them to accept the
During the presentation, allow for some time when staff have the opportunity for input, as this
will facilitate acceptance of the change.
This will relate to the risk control treatments that you identified in your Change Management
Briefing Report.
Your presentation should include graphics such as images, charts and tables.
You must develop the required number of slides to support a presentation of about 30 minutes.
The presentation you develop must clearly outline:
. The change management process
o The rationale and vision for the change
. The benefits of the change
o lmpacts of the change on operations
" Strategies to be adopted to minimise the negative effects on staff. This should also include
an outline of the proposed a
angements for redundancies and the restructuring of cunent
jobs in head office.
2. Submit completed PowerPoint Presentation to your assessor.
Your assessor will advise you of the place, date and time that your presentation is to take dace.
BSBlNN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change
Student Assessment Tasks
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Version: October 2019 v1 .0
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Slide 1
Change Management – King Edward VII College
By: Adrian
Change Management Process
Create Urgency: Creation of standardized documentation policy used to provide guidelines on filling the college documents.
Create a powerful guiding coalition: A team building process needs to be conducted by the leadership by engaging various stakeholders, the key people and the staffs of the college.
Create a vision for change: The change in the King Edwards VII College will be to develop and file documents which should be commensurate with the mission and vision of the college’s corporate culture.
Communicate the vision: The new vision of the college will be communicated through emails, phone calls, weekly/ monthly meetings with the teaching and the administrative staffs with the management of the college.
Change Management Process
Eliminate Obstacles: The various obstacles that the staffs will face are adapting to the new system, the documentation process, writing styles changes and the adjustability with the Standard Operating System (SOE), data storage and security system.
Create short-term wins: The King Edwards VII college short-term wins will be counting the number of students taking admission in the present year compared to the previous year and after adopting to the new organizational changes.
Build on the change: The team formed by the college management will supervise the changes, find the obstacles, analyze the situation and take co
ective actions to make changes flexible and adaptable.
Anchor for changes in corporate culture: Finally, the changes adopted must be practiced on a regular basis by every staff of the college. This will help to reduce redundancy and make accustomed with the changes effectively.
The Rationale & Vision of Change
The rationale for change management in King Edwards VII college are:
To increase the profitability and expansion of the college
To reduce manual work and emphasize on productive working hours
To give the management and teaching staffs a better experience
To make the college environment more adaptive to modern documentation and security process
To lower the costs of the college on i
ational expenditures
To increase the employee satisfaction
To Increase the quality of education of the college
To have a competitive edge over the...

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