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This assessment will be completed in two steps. Step 1: Single-page project plan. This assignment requires you to submit, at the end of week 4 , a single page project plan. This project plan will...

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This assessment will be completed in two steps.

Step 1: Single-page project plan.

This assignment requires you to submit, at the end of week 4, a single page project plan. This project plan will contain five components:

  1. A statement detailing your‘field of research’ - in this, you must clearly explain the relevance of your field of research for the profession, towards which you are studying.
  2. A source of secondary data linked to your chosen field of research. You will be required to either include a website with a link to a publicly available secondary data set or a short description of how you will use publicly available sources as secondary data.
  3. A research question or questions that can be answered with the secondary data set you identified; this requires clarity on the questions and possibly a more detailed definition of variables or key themes to be explored.
  4. The search terms you propose to use in Google Scholar to identify literature in the field of the research question.
  5. Pick(at least) THREE peer-reviewed scholarly articles that arise from the result of your search and that you think will be suitable to become part of your project's literature review. Write two sentences that combine ALL THREE(or more, if you have chosen more)of these sources (referenced correctly) and provide them in a reference list.

Assessment criteria :

  • Clarity and suitability of statement of 'field of research'
  • Suitability of data sources
  • Search terms
  • Ability to integrate sources into academic writing
  • Professional presentation and accuracy of work

We need at least 3 peer-reviewed articles on the selected Topic.
The topic can be anything from:MARKETINGMANAGEMENTH.R
1) Effects of a marketing campaign on brand awareness2) How technology transition adoption can affect tech-giant companies3) How the decision of global production impact product quality and sale increase?

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Sundeep answered on Jul 30 2020
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Field of Research: To understand the increase in
and awareness of an automotive industry with an increased expenditure on marketing campaigns and innovative ideas
Secondary Data usage: Secondary data from Euromonitor may be used and also resources are available on Google scholar which would give the statistics that are required to understand the market share of a company before the marketing campaigns and the rise in the
and awareness after a successful marketing campaign. The data can be utilized to understand what are the factors that led to rise in the
and awareness and did it result in increase in sales or not. The data and the facts and figures would tell us the improvement in
and equity and hence the rise in sales
Research Question: To understand the increase in Brand awareness of a
and after implementing the marketing campaign which highlighted the benefits of the
and and the product and also to understand the...

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