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The Week Three Threaded Discussions will be the location for the Blue Horizon Cruises Simulation. Use the following instructions for participation in the simulation. Read the Blue Horizon Cruise...

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The Week Three Threaded Discussions will be the location for the Blue Horizon Cruises Simulation. Use the following instructions for participation in the simulation.

  1. Read the Blue Horizon Cruise Simulation Instructions.
  2. You have beenemailed a character to role playbefore the simulation begins. Review the role play and be prepared to simulate your stakeholder in the simulation meeting.
  3. The simulation will be conducted during week 3.
  4. There are two groups. You have been assigned to either group 1 or group 2.
  5. It is important for you to preface each posting in the simulation by stating the name and title of your character.
  6. Make certain you participate frequently in each of the four problems to be discussed in the simulation meeting.
  7. Throughout the meeting, make certain your discussion reflects the value, agenda, and opinions of your assigned stakeholder. Do not play the character with your own perspectives or values.
  8. When the simulation meeting has concluded, you will be asked to discuss your experience in both the Live Chat and in the Reflection Essay for Week Three.
  9. In Week Four your Threaded Discussions will involve the analysis of the stakeholder meeting using the Simulation Analysis Guidelines.
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Running Head: Simulation
This is Ian Thomas, chief executive officer and principal owner of Blue Horizon Cruises. Due to taking over the company several years ago I have enjoyed a modest financial success with the help of growing interest in the Ecotourism industry. I have reinvested the profits into the growth of the company by developing infrastructure for further development. The pioneering efforts taken by Blue Horizons to explore Pacific Islands and providing the tourist with pleasurable and relaxing experiences have been core values that have led to the incremental success of the company in the past.
We assemble today to discuss four major problems that may have an impact on future ventures of the company. Before beginning the discussion, I must state that as a New Zealander, I understand and appreciate the need for protecting the environment from all potential hazards that may cause severe implications and harm to natural su
Starting with problem of Reef co
osion that has been stated by the environmental list because of dropping of the anchors is in my view and ove
eaction to situations. I believe in internal controls that permits right to control nature and environment as per the requirement. It is essential to understand that specific risk has to be taken for growth and development of individuals and organisations (Cu
ie Stack & Kaufman, 2018). There has been a prediction in an increase in the number of Cruises that is cu
ently operating in the island which will be beneficial for development of the company as well as
ing generating revenue for village islands (Rolfe & Gregg, 2015).
I am open to hearing creative suggestions from all the members assembled for discussion. Universalism is an essential right that provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in a free market...

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