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The signature assignment will use assignments (from week”1” to week”7” ). This assignment will pull together these assignments and use the outline of week-8, and you will submit a paper that addresses...

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The signature assignment will use assignments (from week”1” to week”7”).

This assignment will pull together these assignments and use the outline of week-8, and you will submit a paper that addresses the following:

You are the Chief Executive Officer of (Allied Sanitation Company (ASC)) and your executive management team has recommended that ASC open a facility overseas to produce, market, and distribute the new, innovative UV sanitation device.

You are cautiously optimistic of the likelihood of success internationally, but there are some issues you want to address further to ensure eventual profitability of the operation. Based on what you have learned to date, what specific topics would you find important in order to decide to accept the recommendation from your executive management team to open a facility overseas to produce, market, and distribute your sanitation product.

1. include a (cover page + Table of Contents + Reference Page).

2. explain globalization and its impact on markets, production, jobs, wages, and culture.

3. determine the analysis techniques in order to select a business strategy to enter the global marketplace.

4. compare and contrast the benefits of utilizing an e-commerce marketing strategy.

5. explain the benefits utilizing an export strategy.

6. describe potential international promotional strategies.

7. determine international facility location planning.

8. explain human resource management in an international setting.

9. include a conclusion.

10. Include a recommendation

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Neha answered on Sep 12 2021
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International Business of Allied Sanitation Company                    2
International Business of Allied Sanitation Company     2
Table of Contents
Introduction    2
Globalization And Its Impact on Market    2
Business Strategy to Enter the Global Marketplace    2
Benefits Of Utilizing an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy    3
Export Strategy    3
Potential International Promotional Strategies    4
International Facility Location Planning    4
Human Resource Management in An International Setting    5
Conclusion    5
Recommendations    6
References    7
    The international business is quite open to new possibilities. It is very common for business associations to promote their businesses in the world for succeeding in better market conditions and earning profit. Allied Sanitation Company has been meaning to expand their business and for that, they need to focus on some of their business strategies that can affect the global marketplace. The utilization of e-commerce services and strategies for convenient export systems are the main factors that can influence the company's business policy.
Globalization And Its Impact on Market
    Globalization has an immense impact on the market and for the benefit of Allied Sanitation Company, the company has made planning for the expansion of the business. Globalization directly impacts the wage, job security, labour, and culture of the organization. For the company, globalization has
ought immense business profit that has made the company sufficient to hire skillful laborers and initiate better wages for them. The effects of globalization are more prominent on the culture of the company (Bhattacharyya, 2020). Cultural diversity has made a significant impact on the overall production and progress of the organization as it has included better work processes and skillful employees of different cultures and ethnicity. A global perspective of the market crates better challenges and the company can take innovative steps for progression.
Business Strategy to Enter the Global Marketplace
    To enter the global market, the company had to take certain steps that initiated the growth of the business in the international market. The company focused on the capital investment and development of distribution change. The global market is distributed with the local counterparts. Therefore, the sanitization company should be allied with the local businesses to build a better reputation for their product. Through the local vendors, the product will reach the common people and it will create the
and image. Secondly, the local distribution should be focused on the regions where the company wants to expand (Bhattacharyya & Verma, 2019). The local distributors will have collaborated for the process.
    For entering a new market, it is often intended to create franchises with the local businesses and distributors so that the business is distributed among the local people. The contribution and collaboration will help the company to grow. Another important theory is to initiate new strategies and ideas for the product.
Benefits Of Utilizing an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy
    In the modern world of e-commerce and business services, it is necessary to initiate an online business strategy in the expansion of international...

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