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The purpose of this assignment is for you to enhance your employability and job-readiness. You will: demonstrate your understanding of how to search for and win job opportunities ​recognise suitable...

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to enhance your employability and job-readiness. You will:

  • demonstrate your understanding of how to search for and win job opportunities
  • ​recognise suitable graduate job opportunities
  • ​identify the requirements of a job and compare these against your current competencies (gap analysis)
  • ​create tailored application documents for a mock job application
  • develop a detailed step-by-step plan to bridge the gaps identified in your gap analysis and enhance your employability.

​You will find the assignment questions in the Portfolio template below, as well as in the Course Outline.

You must use the Portfolio template to record your answers to questions, and upload additional documentation as directed.

When answering all questions, reflect upon self-knowledge you have clarified, and career development, planning and management information acquired during this course.

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Sundeep answered on May 23 2020
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Table 1
    Gap Analysis
    Requirements for job as stated in job advert
    Your competency: none / beginner / intermediate / advanced
    Your evidence of competency - specific examples, stories, achievement statements
    MBA / MS
    I am cu
ently pursuing MBA from one of the top institutes of the country with an average GPA of 8.7. My cu
ent leadership skills are impeccable and I have handled more than 7 teams in my career. I have a previous work experience of 2 years at one of the leading multinational cooperation in the world
    Statistical Programming [ R/ Stata / SAS ] SQL
    I have a certificate in R programming and development. The efficiency of database programming with R is intermediate in level
    Statistical Analysis
    The statistical data analysis was studied only in the first year of MBA
    Quantitative Modelling
    The Quantitative modelling was studied only in the first year of MBA
    Problem Solving Skills
    I have been a lead in multiple situations being in the college or in the MBA life. I am the coordinator of the Strategy Group in the college and the lead in the college in the group of chess players.
    Business Judgement
    Being the lead in the college and being the lead in the past work experience too, I have the skills for major business judgement
    Oral and Written Communication
    I have oral and written certifications from Harvard school. I have completed the certification courses and also I am a certified public speake
Question 2. (50/100)
    Test Engineering Analyst –
    Manual Software testing
    : XYZ is a global professional services company providing a
oad range of services and solutions to toughest challenges in Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology and Operations . Accenture partners with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.
As an Analyst for a global service client, I was in charge of co
ect implementation of business logic and working on various development as well as testing tools to facilitate smooth functioning of the project. Innovation and developing new tools were two of few of the major objectives of our team.
Key Responsibilities:
· Identifying the Logic to be tested and running Datastage jobs using UNIX and to check the status of these jobs in DS log
· Running Teradata queries in order to verify if the logic has been implemented co
ectly and the data has moved from the source level to the base level in proper sequence
· Identifying bottlenecks and finding solutions towards successful delivery of the parcels to the clients.
· Raising defects on HP-ALM and keeping a track on the status of the defect
· Guiding other teammates towards the success of the testing phase
Key Assignments/ Initiatives:
· Engaged with clients and onshore team to understand and analyze requirements, and deliver proactive and timely solutions based on an overall knowledge of the health and public sector industry
· Collaborated with multiple teams to troubleshoot issues involving different domains in the application and found long term solutions. Also documented them, to reduce turnaround time in future and improve efficiency
· Undertook skills and training sessions for a team of new joiners and supervised their performance in my assigned application
· Developed an automated tool for incoming file testing which reduced the workload of testing team by 40%
    College/ University
    Year of passing
    % of marks
    Bachelor Of Engineering (Information technology)
    XYZ College, San Francisco
· Certified Business...

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