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The purpose of this assessment is to allow students take on a management perspective to analyse organisational behaviour and leadership and propose recommendations with the aim of improving the...

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The purpose of this assessment is to allow students take on a management perspective to analyse organisational behaviour and leadership and propose recommendations with the aim of improving the situation.This project seeks to create a case study of an organization that requires a change intervention.

Students will be required to choose an organisation that they are familiar with and analyse it using relevant organisational behaviour and leadership theories or frameworks to identify areas where improvements need to be made.

The organisational change project covers the following:

An introduction to the organisation.

Description and analysis of the organisational behaviour or leadership issue

Literature review – overview of application theories to the identified issue

Evaluation of possible alternative solutions required to improve the situation.

Recommendations of the most suitable strategies.


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ORganisational behaviour & change intervenion required at walmart
ORganisational behaviour & change intervenion required at walmart
1    Introduction    1
2    About the Organization    1
2.1    Business Strategy of Walmart    2
3    Description and analysis of the Organizational Behavior    2
4    Literature Review    3
4.1    Motivation    4
4.2    Ability    6
4.3    Perception of Role    7
4.4    Situational Factors    8
5    Recommendation    8
6    Conclusion    9
7    References    11
Organization can be defined as collection of people who are driven to work in order to achieve a common objective with collective efforts. Behavior is the response in form of physical actions or ve
al dialogue exhibited by an individual because of the stimulus from the su
oundings. Wal-Mart undoubtedly one of the world most successful organization that started from small store in Alaska and today has penetrated to entire world becoming one of the largest retail chain. What excites me is to understand what is behind this huge success; indeed, there have been organization behavior that shapes the stories of Wal-Mart.
About the Organization
Walmart, founded in 1962, headquarter in Arkansas, USA by Sam Walton. Over the period of 58 years from its existence, it has become world's largest retailer, biggest sellers of toy as well retailers of groceries. Walmart is also the largest employer all across the world. Organization operates its retail stores in numerous formats globally. For instance, it has discount stores, super centers as well as neighborhood markets providing all the materials at the lowest price possible. This retail store provides product range that includes both dry and wet groceries, beverages, frozen food, clothes and jewelry. Walmart business also provides photo processing service, cellular service plan and money order services. Organization provides multiple
ands as well like Walmart, Great Value and Sam's choice.
· Vision - To become the best retailer in the hearts and minds of consumer and employees
· Mission - Saving people money so they can live bette
· Slogan - Save Money. Live bette
· Values of Walmart - Key values of the organization that guides their behavior are as follows Integrity, Opportunity, Family and Communication, Purpose and Responsibility
Business Strategy of Walmart
· Dominance in the Retail Market - This strategy explains that company needs to put effort to dominate the retail market by becoming the primary retailer that provides discount. Reducing the mark price and focus on the increased sales
· Expanding the footprints in America as well as in international geographies
· Building a strong positive
and and
and recognition. Essentially, organization follow growth by expansion in US geography as well as internationally by corporate takeovers.
· Creating a
and recognition all across and establishing positive
and image by investing in marketing through print as well as electronic media. Moreover, organization engages in partnership activities and welcomes co-
anding as well.
Description and analysis of the Organizational Behavio
By the virtue of this assignment, I have extensively researched on Wal-Mart and tried to comprehend the organization behavior, factors that shape the culture of Wal-Mart as well as change management and leadership. Today we live in the information era, which encompasses most dynamic disruptions in the industry. Essentially, running a business successfully is actually outcome of effective leadership, strong decision-making qualities along with inspiring the employee-base in order to drive performance in the organization. Thus, it is fundamental that managers working in the organization requires comprehending, discerning and acknowledging individual and team behavior in the organization to successfully deliver the expectations and results according to the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. Organizational behavior is crucial in order to comprehend what is working for the company and what are hidden problems such that effective actions can be taken into consideration. Being in the retail business for more than fifty years, organization structure of Wal-Mart is quiet hierarchical as well as function-based. This implies vertical lines of commands that dictate the work and responsibilities. Technically, directives from the top management are implemented by the middle managers in Wal-Mart that is further delegated down to low-cadre employees in the individual stores. Departments are made on function-based that includes human resource, marketing, IT as well other technical department. Primarily, organizational culture of Wal-Mart includes service to clients, respect for individual with integrity and working for excellence.
Literature Review
Essentially, part that an employee plays in an organization such as Wal-Mart is critical to define its success. Applying the MARS model that stands for Motivation, Ability, Role perceptions and Situational factors on the employee in order to decode the individual behavior. Actually, individual behavior is outcome of many factors that act simultaneously like one’s development in career, recognition of one’s contribution in the business and how one’s personality shapes the organizational behavior. The figure shown below explains the MARS model in action, relationship between individual traits of an employee and MARS model.

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