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The following information that i have provided here is to provide the expert with an idea about week 3 Evaluators overwhelmingly acknowledge the importance of working with stakeholders in evaluation...

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The following information that i have provided here is to provide the expert with an idea about week 3
Evaluators overwhelmingly acknowledge the importance of working with stakeholders in evaluation and of focusing evaluations on optimizing intended use by intended users, which is the guiding principle of utilization - focused evaluation (Patton, XXXXXXXXXXIn this chapter we focus on the processes of analyzing and engaging stakeholders in order to (1) identify who the key stakeholders are and in particular who the intended users of evaluation information are; (2) clarify the
purposes and goals of the evaluation; and (3) specify which stakeholders should
be worked with, in what ways, and at which stages of the evaluation process, in
order to increase the chances that the evaluation will serve its intended purpose
for its intended users. We start from the premise that careful analysis should precede
stakeholder engagement, although some engagement may be necessary in
order to do good analysis. Seven particularly useful stakeholder identification and
analysis techniques will be described.
The chapter has seven sections in addition to this brief introduction. The first discusses what is meant by the term stakeholder . Stakeholders ’ interests and
goals may be compatible or may be in direct confidentially, but it is generally possible to find considerable common ground and agreement on what an evaluation
’ s purposes are and how best to proceed. The second section summarizes what
the evaluation literature says about identifying and engaging with primary intended evaluation users. In the third section we present stakeholder identification and
analysis techniques. The fourth section offers additional suggestions on how to use
Analyzing and Engaging Stakeholders 31
stakeholder analysis to help determine more precisely the evaluation’ s mission and
goals. The fifth section presents a fi nal stakeholder analysis technique, a matrix
helpful for figuring out ways to engage stakeholders and reasons for engaging them
during the various steps in an evaluation process. The sixth section discusses the
need for flexibility, adaptability, and situational responsiveness in rapidly changing
evaluation situations; our suggestions involve continuing analysis and probably
changing engagement tactics. The chapter ’ s final section offers a summary and
several conclusions.
I need the following two questions to be answered , each question needs to 220 words.
1. Whatare common types of performance measures associated with programs? Provide an example of a performance measure that may be observed within acriminal justice program
2. .What is program monitoring? How is monitoring used as a means of evaluating programs?
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Performance Measurement
Inputs are the human, fiscal and substance resources that are employed to execute a program
(e.g. the money depleted). Actions entail the utilization of the inputs to execute a program’s
intentions (e.g. emergent training lessons). Outputs are the instant accomplishments that
consequence from the actions commenced to execute the program (e.g. the number of public
servants trained). Outcomes are the medium-term modifications that consequence from
accomplishing the outputs (e.g. the enhanced skills of workforce). Impacts are the enduring
alterations that consequence over time from accomplishing the program’s yields and upshots
(e.g. enhanced program deliverance). It is frequently effortless to engender performance statistics
on inputs and yields than on effects and impacts.
If a program's purposes, intentions and performance pointers have been vigilantly build, then...

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