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Please read the instructions on the word docx. All you have to do is fill out two separate client discharge forms and I have provided you with them. I also provided you with clients information with...

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M6 Discussion - Discharge Summary
Shortly after you and your clients completed the six month status report, imagine that both clients informed you that they needed to relocate. To prepare for their discharge, you and each client reflected on progress achieved, identified cu
ent client needs and strengths, need for refe
als, and follow up plans. Complete a client discharge summary for each client, using the form below, and post it to the discussion. Respond to any questions from your team mates on your discharge summary.
Below Please look at what I provided you with Marvin Brown information of the intake, assessment and progress forms.
Below Please look at what I have I provided you with Sara Moore information of the intake, assessment and progress forms.
Now you have to fill out two separate discharge forms for Marvin and Sara which I have provided for you.
Marvin Brown Intake
Name:        Team:    4        Assigned Role: Nurse Practitioner    
Client Name: Marvin Brown
Date Services Initiated: March 4, 2024
ID # (last four digits of social security number): 1234
Address: 50 Ten Broeck Rd. Rensselaer, NY 12144
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3/29/1944
Education (underline highest level)
(K – 8) (High School) (Some College) (College Degree) (Post Graduate)
Employment Status (underline status)
(Unemployed) (Retired) (Employed – Part-time) (Employed Temporary) (Employed Full-time) (Self-Employed)
Seeking Change re: employment status? Underline (yes) or (no)
Source of Refe
al (underline source)
· Self
· Other (please describe) Marvin Brown willingly visited the agency on his own accord, although he had heard about it from an undisclosed source without mentioning any specific name.
Client Description of Situation:
The client’s name is Marvin Brown, commonly known as Marv, sought assistance from our agency due to the multitude of challenges he was facing in his life. At the age of 29, Marvin was single and had been honorably discharged from the Army. Initially, he had joined the Army intending to earn money to complete his college education. However, after managing only two years of a four-year program, he had to drop out due to financial constraints and the desire to avoid accumulating loan debt. Uncertain about his academic path, Marvin enlisted in the Army and was stationed in a combat unit in Afghanistan. His time there was a mix of both positive and deeply distressing experiences. The haunting memories of his service often plagued his sleep, causing him to fear falling asleep and reliving those nightmares. Consequently, he resorted to combining his prescribed sleeping pills and antidepressants with alcohol in order to attain some rest, despite being aware of the risks involved. “I combine prescription sleeping pills and my antidepressant with beer just to get a little sleep” he states.  Presently, Marvin is employed at a convenience store. However, his recent incident of falling asleep on the job has resulted in his boss warning him that another occu
ence will lead to termination he stated “The boss told me today that I’ll be fired if I fall asleep on the job one more time.” This has left Marvin in a state of great distress and anxiety, as he is unable to afford his apartment and fears becoming homeless. Although he states, “My parents say that I can live with them”, Marvin is reluctant to stay with them and be a burden to them with his troubles. He is overwhelmed and perplexed, yearning to regain stability, complete his education, establish a career, and start afresh. Marvin states “I want to start living again”, but he finds himself at a loss, unsure of where or how to begin. It is for these reasons that Marvin seeks the assistance of our agency.
Client Needs:
The client's mental condition was severely compromised. He experienced feelings of nervousness, despair, and struggling to sleep due to distressing nightmares. Consequently, Mr. Brown states “I know it’s dangerous” he relies on antidepressants and sleep aids to alleviate his symptoms. Concerning regaining to take control of his life, he was extremely confused and perplexed. He expressed a strong desire to restore stability and resume his daily routine he stated “I really want to get stabilized.” He wants the agency's help, as he found our agency to be a community-based, one-stop shopping kind of place. He required support to realign his life, achieve stability, and em
ace a fulfilling existence once again. Since then, he has been grappling with the question of how and where to begin. He seeks guidance and suggestions on completing his education and pursuing a career. Mr. Brown needs a plan on how not to mix the two medications with alcohol and a strategic plan on how he can succeed in his goals and aspirations.
Client Strengths:
The client possesses a remarkable resilience, as he has faced numerous challenges and hurdles throughout his life. However, instead of being discouraged by these circumstances, he remains resolute in his determination to rebuild his life and continue his educational and professional endeavors. Mr. Brown is well aware of the risks associated with combining the two medications with alcohol. His true fortitude lies in his optimism, which not only sustains him but also guarantees his speedy recovery from this state of melancholy and anxiety.
My role as a nurse-practitioner:
The Wallace Stevens Community Center (WSCC) provides medical, mental health, continuing education, housing, career counselling, and temporary financial aid to north country individuals to strengthen, empower, and support them. Each office has a case coordinator, nurse practitioner, caree
adult education specialist, finance specialist, mental health counsellor, and substance abuse counsellor. The service provider helps clients find their abilities and resources after they express their requirements and concerns at our center. Since I'm a nurse practitioner, I recommend patients to doctors for diagnosis and treatment and help them create and track a wellness plan to manage symptoms.
Consequently, I assist Mr. Marv by refe
ing him to a psychologist for an initial assessment and therapy. Additionally, I aid Mr. Marv in creating and routinely monitoring a wellness plan to mitigate and control his symptoms. So that he can effectively and successfully attain the wellness goals.
Marvin Brown Assessment
Name:        Team:    4    Assigned Role: Nurse Practitione
Client Name: Marvin Brown
Purpose of Service: Help the client attain stability in his life by taking care of his mental health issues, finding a steady job, and getting housing.
Client Goal/Outcome: Mr. Brown wants to be stable again in his life. He wants to find steady work within six months, locate housing within three months, and manage his mental health well enough that he doesn't need to use alcohol and medicine together.
Activities/Services to Reach Goal/Outcome
Client Actions
· Attend therapy sessions on a regular basis to discuss mental health issues and create coping mechanisms for anxiety and nightmares.
· Adhere according to the recommended dosage schedule and avoid taking prescription drugs with alcohol.
· Examine your possibilities for education and employment with the help of the caree
adult education specialist.
· Participate actively in the job search process and go to any suggested workshops for career development.
Worker Actions
· Perform routine evaluations of mental health and offer therapy sessions emphasizing trauma-informed treatment and cognitive-behavioral methods.
· Keep an eye on medication compliance and educate patients about the dangers of using prescription drugs with alcohol.
· Assist in directing Mr. Brown to appropriate educational institutions or career training programs in accordance with his interests and abilities.
· Assist in creating resumes, and preparing for interviews, and job searches.
Services Provided by Agency Staff – Underline the services provided
Direct service – consultation
· Meetings with a licensed counselor for mental health counseling.
· A recommendation for medication management from a psychiatrist.
· Career guidance and help in planning one's education.
al (describe)
· Refe
als to services for homeless people and housing aid programs.
Resources to Help Client Reach Goal/Outcome
· Availability of complete mental health treatments, such as psychotherapy and inpatient treatment.
· Supportive services including resume help, job placement services, and career training programs.
· Recommendations for housing resources such as rental assistance programs, transitory housing programs, and shelters.
Strengths that Will Help Client to Reach Goal/Outcome
· Mr. Brown's fortitude and tenacity in starting over.
· Being conscious of the dangers posed by his existing coping techniques.
· A network of supportive family members ready to help with housing needs.
· Inspiration to pursue job and educational ambitions in order to have a better future.
Mr. Brown took an active role in the evaluation and creation of the treatment plan, offering ideas and outlining his goals for stability and advancement. His participation was essential in helping to customize the strategy to meet his unique goals and objectives. He made a point of saying, for example, "I want to feel secure again, without relying on alcohol to cope." This quotation emphasizes his will to take back control of his life and his devotion to conquering obstacles. Including Mr. Brown's feedback makes the plan stronger and guarantees that it is in line with his preferences and goals, encouraging a cooperative and empowered approach to his path towards stability and well-being.
Describe what it will look like for the client when the goal/outcome is reached. What will be different in the client’s life?
Mr. Brown's overall health and quality of life will see a significant enhancement upon achieving the set goals. His mental and physical well-being will improve as he no longer relies on alcohol to address his issues. Securing stable employment and housing will provide him with a sense of security and stability, reducing his fear of homelessness. Pursuing his aspirations and establishing a fulfilling career after completing his education will also contribute to a satisfying life. This strategy aligns with the Wallace Stevens Community Center's mission to support individuals in attaining stability and well-being by considering Mr. Brown's specific needs and goals. Through collaboration with the center's staff and utilization of its resources, Mr. Brown can embark on his journey toward recovery and success.
Marvin Brown Progress
Name:            Team:    4    Assigned Role: Nurse Practitioner    
Client Name:
Status of Progress Toward Goal (client and worker use a Likert scale to identify status of progress)
· On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being goal/outcome achieved and 1 being no progress toward goal/outcome achievement, rate progress toward goal by bolding the number that represents the status of progress:
If the rating is below 10, what will it take to get the rating to a 10? Do any activities need to be added, deleted or changed to get the rating to a 10?
· If yes, describe the activities and how they are intended to achieve the goal/outcome.
As a nurse practitioner, I am close to my goal of helping Mr. Brown. However, in order to reach to a 10 on the Likert scale, I still need to focus on improving the mental health of Mr. Brown. Furthermore, I also need to ensure that I help him with a stable housing facility within a period of six months. As a nurse practitioner at the agency, it is important that I help Mr. Brown find a steady job. Furthermore, I need to make sure that Mr. Brown is attending all his therapy sessions. I also need to evaluate his mental health. Furthermore, my activities to reach a score of 10 should be focused on the medical compliance of the patient. I must help him recover from the trauma and imbibe cognitive behavioral characteristics.
· If the activities need to change, identify who is responsible for each activity.
There is a shared responsibility to ensure that the activities described above help in meeting the goals. The responsibility is shared between me and the psychiatrist of Mr. Brown, who has to provide the therapy sessions as well as the physician who has been prescribing medicines for Mr. Brown
Does the goal/outcome need to be changed? If yes, describe.
No change in the goal outcome is required as of now. The goal is clear to help Mr.
own to be stable in his life again by helping him improve his mental health, by making him get a steady job, and by helping him to find a stable housing facility. We as an agency also need to focus on drug abuse by Mr. Brown and need to ensure this does not continue in the future.
If the goal needs to change, describe why and what it will look like for the client when the new goal/outcome is reached. What will be different in the client’s life?
If in case the goals need to be changed, the first thing to focus on will be helping Mr. Brown change certain traits of his behavior and personality through therapy sessions and counseling sessions with the psychiatrist. Also, it is essential that he is free from other tensions in life such as housing and a stable job. Also, it is important to make him understand that staying with his parents will help him improve his mental health and will also help him avoid nightmares. If the new goals and outcomes are reached, the client will have stable mental health and will no longer consider him to be a burden for his parents. It is evident from the case study that Mr. Brown is a retired army personnel and therefore he must be taught
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Name:                    Team:    4        Assigned Role: Nurse Practitioner    
Client Name: Marvin Brown
Date Services Initiated: March 4, 2024
Date Services Terminated: March 14, 2024
Review of Service purpose, goals/outcomes and activities:
Marvin Brown was admitted because of challenges he faced that includes mental health issues, unstable employment and housing insecurity. The purpose of the service was to help Marvin in gaining back stability. This requires addressing mental health, securing steady employment and finding stable housing. Goals were set parallelly for Marvin to express desire for ensuring stability in life, steady work in six months, housing in three months and managing mental health and these should be...

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