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The following assessment aims to examine how well you understand the relationship between key elements of the unit material such as authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange, management...

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The following assessment aims to examine how well you understand the relationship between key elements of the unit material such as authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange, management support factors, and the psychological capital of employees of different employee groups. It continues the development of Cultural Competence Learning Outcome and Graduate Attribute by facilitating students’ increased knowledge and awareness about how authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and management support interact on employees outcomes.

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Parul answered on Aug 23 2021
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Individual assignment
Individual assignment
Spinal cord of any organization that forms the backbone is its leaders. Indeed, effective leadership can take the organization to much greater heights and thrive the business in challenging times. With reference to “Evaluating leadership coaching: A review and integrated framework”, (Schulz, S, Luthans, K & Messersmith, J., 2014). Organization that are successful and achieve several milestones in the business because of the guidance and skills of the leaders. Moreover, it is not just one person on the top rather group of responsible employees that lead different teams in the business such that organization can be aligned towards one goal and ultimate business objective. As the time progresses leaders at the top have to groom and cultivate people who are next in line to hold the baton of success for the organization. Employees are required to be trained on essential aspects regarding the things that they need to know along with things they require to comprehend to lead further and in order to make good decisions (Brunetto, Y, Teo, ST., Fa
-Wharton, R, Shacklock, K & Shriberg, A., 2017). We live in most powerful times where there are various inte
uptions occu
ing each second in the market. In reality, change is the main steady that organizations flourish today accepts and just forthcoming to progress in future.
Most often leaders establish the tone of culture at work and channelize energy from the team members such that overall objective is achieved. "Effective leaders need to be flexible and must adapt themselves according to the situation" - Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard. In this fast-paced world, where there are disruptions taking place every day, organization bank on the leaders to take the business to the next level. A leader cannot always depend on one style of leadership to build a team and drive the required results (Allen, D., Shore, L. and Griffeth, R., 2003). Style of leadership is a method that is adapted to provide direction, scrutinize ideas, implement plans and motivate people. Indeed, I agree with you that as a leader different circumstances demands different types of leadership style as there is no one size fit all solution. For a leader to be effective in his actions and successful in ways he turns the result, it is essential that he/she is able to communicate properly to his audience. At the same time, a leader needs to be tactful enough to delegate the work to right person for the job (Allen, N. and Meyer, J., 1990). If a leader only leads in one style neither the message will be co
ectly interpreted nor delegation would be willing performed. Since employees or followers are also essential in making a leadership effective. By taking time to comprehend the situation and accordingly adapt the way one wants to lead is the skill that distinguish between good leaders and great leaders!
Authentic Leadership
In the golden words of Brian Tracy, "Leadership is the ability to get the extraordinary achievement from ordinary people". Yes, Indeed one of the most effective and powerful approach to leadership is authentic leadership. It is because of this style of leadership takes into consideration the mindfulness of being credible as well as leader being self-aware of his/her own strengths and weakness (Avolio, B. and Gardner, W., 2005). This leadership is a style of leading with strong emphasizes in establishing legitimacy by the virtue of trust and nurturing relationship with all the subordinates and followers (Avey, J.B., Reichard, R.J., Luthans, F. and Mhatre, K.H., 2011). Taking reference from the video, it is clear that one would like to be led by a person who can be trusted, one who can provide direction and enrich the learning. Culture plays a tremendous role in shaping the style of leadership. Cultures have different parameters by the virtue of which actions and behavior of a person is shaped for instance, some cultures...

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