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The aim of this assignment is to conduct a marketing analysis - that is a study of the marketing environment and strategy - of CSL- The report should contain the following...

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The aim of this assignment is to conduct a marketing analysis - that is a study of the marketing environment and strategy - of CSL- The report should contain the following elements (please see marking rubrics for more details): Describe the marketing background of the company that includes key information about the industry indicating where the company fits and/or positions itself paying special attention to sustainable practices- environment, society, resources use, etc Describe and analyse the following marketing strategies used by the company o Analyse the main Products, services, suppliers and customers of the company o Pricing o Promotion o Place (distribution) o (Note: for each of these Ps, please reflect on relevant theory(ies), discuss the strategies applied, and sustainability practices implemented by the company) Compare the marketing mix (4Ps) to its closest competitors Make recommendations for improvement of marketing mix for product(s) to become more competitive- Include relevant sustainability aspects Appendix: Include a SWOT analysis and a Positioning chart
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CSL is a global company and one of the market leaders in Biotherapeutics that is known to deliver and develop world class and innovative biotherapies. Biotherapeutics is a field, which encompasses therapeutic materials produced using biological means which may also include recombinant DNA technology. With a unique and diverse range of specific targets, biotherapeutic medicines open new avenues for delivering cutting-edge treatments for various diseases and wide patient populations. These products have been successful in curing many life-threatening chronic diseases though the cost attached to its R&D and manufacturing has been prohibitive which limits its use, particularly in developing countries. Medicines are made using living systems, which are prone to change as compared to straightforward chemical synthesis and processes used for small molecule medicines. Manufacturing process involved here is pretty complex here and even a minor alteration could have stark effects on the final composition or product as biotherapeutic medicines are composed of larger and more complex molecules, which are difficult to characterize
CSL is a century old company that is headquartered in Melbourne Australia and a leader in field of manufacturing Biotherapeutic medicines delivering innovative therapies to patients across the globe. The most prominent and five basic pillars on which company has established its goals and vision are: - Collaboration, Integrity, Customer Focus, Innovation and Superior performance. Some of the areas in which CSL is strong and helped it to achieve this feat are- Commercial strength of the group, operational excellence of processes and a unique focus on research and development. CSL is focused and inclined towards building capabilities in the areas of Immunology, Inflammation, Oncology and Coagulation Factors. It has operations spread to over 30 countries with major foot hold in United Kingdom, U.S.A, Germany, Australia and Switzerland. It also boasts of employing over 17,000 employees across the globe with prime focus on developing new products and expanding/improving the medical use of existing solutions. Some of the product areas in which CSL is present are: - Pharmaceuticals, Anti-venoms, Vaccinations, Diagnostic products and Plasma-derived therapies.
In 2015, bioCSL and Novartis both joined hands to establish Seqirus and provide influenza vaccines across the globe. Within a span of one and half years it has become a market leader with sales and operations in more than twenty countries and gained no.2 spot in the $4 billion global industry. In addition to influenza vaccines Seqirus sells, manufactures and handles distribution of comprehensive range of anti-venoms, vaccines and critical pharmaceutical products in Australia and New Zealand. A division of CSL which takes care of its product line of plasma products is a subdivision of CSL Behring also known by the name of CSL Plasma. It has close to hundred and forty collection centers in Europe and USA with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Switzerland, USA and Germany. Collection centers have state of the art facilities and equipment which meets stringent international safety and quality standards to collect plasma from hundred and thousands of donors and produce a range of life-saving drugs for critically ill patients. Major competitors and international players in Global Blood Plasma derivatives space competing head on with CSL Plasma are- Fusion Healthcare(India), Grifols(Germany), Seraplex Inc.(USA) and S.K. Plasma(South Korea)
In addition to being a Global leader in its domain CSL is also an organization which is socially responsible and has special focus on its CR initiatives. CSR has established Company believes that conducting responsibly and contributing to the social, economic and environment is critical to the sustainability to the growth of company. Goals and vision of the company is aligned in a manner that it complements its unique strengths, capabilities and also honors preferences of diverse set of stakeholders and benefits them. Some of the critical priority areas of CSL’s corporate responsibility initiative is:
a) Innovation – Prime and optimal focus on operational excellence, research and product development
) Responsible operations setup- marketing and distributing products in an ethical manner and providing equal opportunities for other players to contribute to the supply
c) High quality standards- Ensuring world class safety standards and checks to ensure product quality and safety of drugs
d) Employee engagement – Developing a culture of mutual respect, trust among workers by providing them enough career growth opportunities along with recognizing and rewarding their contributions engenders a culture of positive working environment
e) Accessibility and support – CSL makes sure that its biotherapy solutions and solutions are made easily accessible to patients , it empowers medical researchers in similar filed and also engages its staff in support of local communities
Marketing Mix- 4Ps
1) Product: CSL is a globally recognized and established company in biotherapeutics which manufactures and delivers world class innovative solutions that help people to cure life-threatening medical conditions. To achieve...

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