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Let it be in the appropriate images and everything in the file stated in the assignment.

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MKG 1021 IMC
Collateral Kit
Due: Feb 10
Part A
Names: _________________________________________________
Working in groups of two or three, you are going to lay the foundations for a marketing collateral file. (This does not need to be specific to your marketing plan). This file/document will include corporate artwork, copy, images (including logos) font type, colours, etc. and other essential information and materials needed to reinforce your
and. These marketing tools need to be available to the organization in order to produce marketing materials, work with printers, graphic designers, manufacturers, social media, etc. It is important to ensure consistency across promotional tools. The Devil is in the details!
The American Marketing Association defines a
and, as “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. The legal term for
and is trademark XXXXXXXXXX).
Part A
You will need to start by picking an organization – existing or thought up. Suggestions might include:
· A sporting event
· Adopt an animal
· A landscaping company
· A café
· An organization of interest to you
Choose ONE only. Once you have identified your organization, identify and capture the following pieces:
Part B
In a word document, determine and assemble the following items (you may cut and paste), which would in turn be used consistently through all of your future marketing. Remember it must appeal to your target market.
1. Identify a name for your organization - Remembering the criteria discussed in class regarding what makes a good name.
2. Come up with a corporate tag line
3. Identify three corporate values
4. Identify up to, but not more than, three corporate Pantone colours by name/number.
5. Select an appropriate font and name it.
6. You will identify and select artwork. (photos, mock up sketches, or a combination) Refer to www.upsplash for ideas or photos. You may include conceptual sketches here.
7. You will design a corporate logo or symbol
8. You will contrive contact information: (make up a web link, phone number, etc.)
9. Assemble the above on one document and upload it on to your Moodle site under Assignment 3 – due next week – see top of page for due dates.
    Student has addressed each of the requirements 1-9
    Consideration to choices is obvious and relevant to target market.
    Assignment turned in on time in Word, and uploaded through Moodle, assignment 3 – Collateral kit.
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Shubham answered on Feb 05 2024
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Organization Name
The name "49th Parallel Coffee Roasters" was chosen and this includes incorporating key criteria for strong and memorable
and identity. The term "49th Parallel" has geographical significance and this refers to circle of latitude that serves as border between Canada and United States across the west coast. The name focuses on café's Canadian roots and this also helps to establish sense of regional pride and connection. The inclusion of "Coffee Roasters" in name highlights commitment to craft of coffee that indicates that establishment is the place for coffee consumption and this can be dedicated roastery (Wright et al. 2019). This focuses on quality and expertise invested in every cup. The combination of "49th Parallel" and "Coffee Roasters" creates a name that is rooted in specific place and this also communicates a passion for art of coffee roasting. The name fulfils criteria of being distinctive, geographically relevant and indicative of café's core focus on crafting exceptional coffee. It is designed for development of minds of customers that integrated the sense of place and expertise that sets 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters apart in competitive coffee market.
Corporate Tagline
"Crafted by Latitude, Perfected by Passion."
The tagline describes essence and values of 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. "Crafted by Latitude" focuses on café's Canadian heritage and commitment to quality coffee. "Perfected by Passion" communicates dedication and expertise that is poured in every roast. The tagline describes the sense of place for showcasing unique latitude of the 49th Parallel. It is coupled with passion and precision that define café's commitment for delivering unparalleled coffee experience.
Corporate Values
1. Commitment to Quality: In 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, the commitment to quality is the foundational value. It is believed that every step-in coffee-making process from sourcing premium beans to precision of roasting, all process contributes to ultimate cup of coffee (Lannigan, 2020). The commitment extends to ensure relationships with coffee farmers that share dedication to...

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