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choose any product of nestle brand according to GEN X generation which they will buy and explain it according to the presentation.

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PowerPoint Presentation
Principles of Marketing
Module 15: Marketing Plan
All text in these slides is taken from https:, where it is published under one or more open licenses.
All images in these slides are attributed in the notes of the slide on which they appear and licensed as indicated.
Cover Image: "Shopping freak." Provided by: Located at: https: Content Type: CC Licensed Content, Shared Previously. License: CC0: No Rights Reserved.
Elements of a Marketing Plan
Imagine Cup XXXXXXXXXXDay 4 Finalist Presentations. Provided by: ImagineCup. Located at: https: XXXXXXXXXX/. License: CC BY: Attribution
1. Executive Summary
What is this plan about?
Summary of key points from the marketing plan and what it will accomplish
An at-a-glance overview for a manager who may not have time to look over the whole thing
Note: This may be the most important part.
2. Company Profile
What organization are you marketing?
Basic information about the organization, its offerings, and competitive set
3. Market Segmentation and Targeting
Who is your target audience? Who is your target customer, and what influences their buying decisions?
Profile of the primary buyer(s) targeted in the marketing plan and factors that impact their choices
Description of the market for the product or service in question, segments in this market, and targeting strategy the marketing plan will address
4. Situation and Company Analysis
What is your strategy, and why is it the right approach?
SWOT analysis of the external marketing environment and the internal company environment, and marketing goals aligned with the company mission and objectives
5. Ethics and Social Responsibility
How will you demonstrate good corporate citizenship?
Recommendations for how to address any issues around ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability
Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Promotion, Place
Make sure you include the Marketing Mix.
Description of the Product or service being marketed, the average Price of the product, how you will best Promote it and where is the best Place to promote your strategy to your demographic.


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