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Task This project requires you to apply your new knowledge and skills through the development of a Customer Service Plan. The plan should be based around the organisation from the Case Study, or...

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This project requires you to apply your new knowledge and skills through the development of a Customer Service Plan.

The plan should be based around the organisation from the Case Study, or another fictional small-medium sized business. If not choosing the scenario provided, you can check the suitability of your chosen business with the Technical Advisers.

Your Customer Service Plan should focus on the actions required to carry out the recommendations made in your case study report, and include the following information:

• Identify the current needs and priorities of the organisation

• The type of data you need to enhance customer service and how this will be obtained

• Strategies to engage customers and meet their needs including the relevant products and services on offer

• Communication techniques to use with customers, including written, oral and the use of technology

• Strategies to increase sales while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction

• Methods to diagnose problems with customer service, and to determine appropriate solutions

• Techniques to capture customer, staff and supplier feedback and how you will review customer satisfaction

• Training you will implement in order to meet these objectives

• The budget for implementing these changes, and for ongoing customer service systems

• How the new customer service strategies align to best practice within the industry, and any current industry trends

• How the plan will be implemented, monitored and reviewed.

Ensure at least three (3) appendices are included and explain their purposes.

A sample template has been provided to assist you with this task – you are welcome to use this template and modify it to your needs, or choose a format of your own design.

Quality outcomes

Ensure that your submission is

(i) Grammatically correct

(ii) Error-free

(iii) In simple English

(iv) Comprises of an average of 15 words for each sentence with,

(v) Separate headings and paragraphs for each new content/topic for discussion. Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined and explained.

Attach any models, tools, resources which could be used in an organisation to improve the situation presented. e.g. flowchart on customer service process). (Tip: Read all text aloud to identify any gaps and correct, and ask another person to proofread to check for accuracy – before you submit).

Your document should comprise of:

(i) Introduction (an overview of the situation, what you are trying to achieve and your intended outcomes. Refer to the format required which is a plan of action – demonstrating your knowledge in this unit and how organisations can improve their documents.

(ii) Body (or most significant part of the presentation, with key details). Please do not use the word “body” as a heading. This is the largest part of your submission. Use headings that are relevant, include templates, tools and charts where appropriate. For each heading, discuss and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of this unit. Reflect on what you have learned. Refer to risks, costs (if relevant), legislation, models, or templates or resources that you are aware of, and then finally,

(iii) Conclusion (or recommendations). Use an appropriate heading and then state actions which could be taken to ensure correct completion and finalisation.

The document is to contain a minimum of 1,500 words in total. Any attachments should not be included in the word count.

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction    3
Customer Service Plan    3
2.0 Present priorities and requirements of the company    3
3.0 Ways of engaging customers meeting their needs through offering services and products    4
4.0 Suitable communication strategies to be used with the customers    4
5.0 Ways of increasing sales and customer satisfaction    5
6.0 Ways to identify customer service issues and their solutions    5
7.0 Methods to gather feedbacks from employees, customers and supplier, along with ways to review customer satisfaction    5
8.0 Training to meet the aforementioned objectives    6
9.0 Aligning the latest strategies for customer service to the best practices in the leisure service industry and relevant trends if any    6
10.0 Implementation, monitoring and reviewing the plan    6
11.0 Conclusion    6
References    7
Appendices    9
Appendix 1    9
Appendix 2    10
Appendix 3:    11
1.0 Introduction
Customers are the pillars for the organisation that consolidate the success for them. Hence, serving them in such a way that they are satisfied is the most important requisite for the business organisations. However, issues take place when the management of the company fails to implement the suitable steps that could generate satisfactory customer services. A similar situation has been detected in case of the leisure centre opened by Jack Alexander here, which is cu
ently, facing issues in terms of increasing number of the dissatisfied customers. A number of reasons have been cited in the case study, which would needed to be addressed here in order to enhance customer services.
Customer Service Plan
2.0 Present priorities and requirements of the company
The concerned organisation of the case study is a leisure centre taken over by Jack Alexander, which provides multiple services such as gym, café and swimming pool. Therefore, people can come to this centre, relax and enjoy these modes of recreation. However, the existing 25 employees do not have proper idea about customer service, as they were not trained in the same. Hence, the customer base has na
owed in the last two years, thus, garnering negative market reputation. Apart from these, i
egular hours of store opening, dissatisfactory services, no suitable remedial actions being taken for them, obsolete products, product unavailability and lack of varieties in the menu in terms of nutritional needs are amongst the other issues identified.
All of these have generated negative reviews over the social networking platform. As supported by Shin et al. (2017), these are the reasons, which lead to customer dissatisfaction and losing them. From the staffs’ end, the issues have been lack of customer service training, frequent changes in the shifts, and improper handling of the gym equipment have also been identified. Therefore, addressing these issues and resolving them are the needs of the organisation, while training the employees for customer service is the highest priority.
The issues identified in the leisure centre pertain more to ineffective customer service and sometimes, lack of it. Therefore, it would be highly feasible if the requisite data were collected from the employees, the Customer Relationship Manager of the organisation, the Owner— Mr Jack Alexander, and from the visiting customers. As suggested by Sarstedt and Mooi (2014), when the personal opinions, experiences and first-hand data are required, it can be possible only through the conduction of primary market research.
Therefore, survey could be could be conducted of the customers, to know their preferences in terms of customer service, whereas survey questionnaire of the employees would generate the issues they face while working in the leisure centre. On the other hand, as contradicted by Friedman (2018), for more focused and detailed analysis of the situation, the opinions of the eminent personnel of the company would be useful. Therefore, interviews of the Customer Relationship Manager and Jack would be feasible for generating information on the steps they are planning to take for improving their customer services as well as mitigate the identified issues.
3.0 Ways of engaging...

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