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Task This Major Assignment is in two parts and together creates a complete International Business Report. This assessment item is Part 1 of this report. Your task is to: Choose an organisation Select...

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Task This Major Assignment is in two parts and together creates a complete International Business Report. This assessment item is Part 1 of this report. Your task is to: Choose an organisation Select an overseas country of your choice Conduct a analysis of the macro environment (ie the economic, political, legal, cultural and ethical environment) that your chosen business would need to be aware of if they were going to "do business" in this country. Most companies have websites from which you should be able to acquire sufficient information to address this assignment task. Students may choose to conduct this analysis on their current workplace organisation. However, if choosing your own organisation the country selected must not be one in which your company currently operates. If you are having trouble identifying an organisation for this report then please contact the lecturer who will be able to provide you with a choice of companies based on case studies. Note that you need to ensure that you refer to the theory covered in the topics 1 to 6 within your report and find additional relevant literature. This should not be a general descriptive report, but rather must be a report that explains the relevant theory relating to international business, as well as using it to analyse the environment. That is, when providing data on type of government or economic factors you should not just state the information but you should also explain how it is significant and why it is of interest/importance to your particular organisation. Your assessment should be prepared in report style format and should include the following content: Executive summary of main findings of report Introduction to the report Brief company background including why it might consider overseas expansion (Topics 1 & 2) Brief introduction to chosen country Economic Analysis (Topics 3 & 4) Political & Legal Analysis (Topic 5) Culture and Ethics (Topic 6) Conclusions Reference list (in APA format)

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International Business Report
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Executive Summary: The following report looks into the macro economic factors of the nation to be considered for expansion and considers the organisation named Woolworths in the Indian Subcontinent. India already has an established supermarket base and Woolworths is considering an expansion in the well competitive environment of India.
Table of contents
Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Company Background --------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Introduction of India ----------------------------------------------------------------- 7
Economic Analysis ------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
Culture and Ethics ------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
Conclusions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
References ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15

The following report is made on the introduction of Woolworths and the environment in which it feels to expand. The introduction of India is mentioned in the following report with the advantages and the disadvantages of doing business in India. An expansion opportunity is present in India with the improvement in the ease of doing business policies
ought in by the cu
ent Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. The reforms have helped in
inging in the FDI and also helped in improving the business conductance in India. The developments that have taken place since the year 1991 have been mentioned and also the improvements in the GDP since the year 1999 have been shown. The country is ranked 100 in ease of doing business and the improvements taken place in 1 year are applaudable. India is supposed to be the 2nd biggest consumer market in the world after USA and newer developments are taking place in the country. India is considered to be a major infrastructure development economy where major development projects are taking place. Woolworths has expansion in Australia in many domains including liquor and also real-estate. The supermarket section of Woolworths is doing profit and is one of the most known sectors of the Woolworths.
Company Background
Woolworths supermarket is an Australian Organisation which specialises in grocery and the supermarket target segments. The parent company is the Woolworths group which is one of the major companies present in Australia. Revenue of a company is one of the criteria’s in determining the number of leaders in the market. Woolworths is the second largest company in Australia when revenue is considered. The leader in this domain is a Perth based organisation named Westfarmers. (Berning, A. (2014)) Liquor is an important commodity in Australia and hence many organisations have worked towards moving it from commodity to a
and. Woolworths is the largest takeaway of the liquor business in Australia. It handles its liquor business by the retailer framework. The largest hotels in Australia and the biggest poker machine operator in Australia is Woolworths. Woolworths had maintained the rank of being the world’s 19th biggest retailer in the year 2008.
Main Business: The major business of the Woolworths organisation includes operation of the Supermarket stores, Liquor retailing, Hotels, Pubs and Discount department stores.
The organisation operates in the Supermarket stores with the name of Woolworths – In Australia, Countdown – in New Zealand. The liquor retailing business is ca
ied out in the name of BWS and Dan Murphy’s in the Australian market. The discount department stores are under the um
ella name of Big – W. (Berning, A. (2014))
The company occu
ed a loss of $1.235 Billion in the financial year of 2016 and it is one of the biggest losses in the history of the company since its inception.
Previous 10 years: In the year 2009, Woolworths Ltd. And Lowes together purchased Danks Ltd. The Danks were the owners of Home Timber and Hardware Brand. The Woolworths organisation entered into a joint venture with the Lowes which were one of North America’s largest home improvement chains and they together launched an new hardware
and named Masters Home Improvement. The business didn’t turn out to be profitable and in 2015, the business lost $227.4 Million AUD. It was the date of January 18th, when Woolworths decided to either sell or to wind up the business of the Masters hardware & Home timber and hardware. (Berning, A. (2014)) The reason was the ongoing losses and the reasonably high time to profit. On 24th August 2016, it was decided that all the stores would be shut down by the year end of 2016 & Metcash was supposed to purchase the Timber and Hardware Brand.
An overlooking body named as “Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group” was 75% owned by Woolworths and it operated more than 12600 poker machines in the continent of Australia. This was the highest number of poker machine operator in Australia. The poker machines are expected to raise a revenue of $1.2 Billion each year.
In the year 2012, Woolworths organisation placed approximately 70 shopping centres and listed it as a separate entity with the name of “Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group “.
Introduction of India
The chosen country for economic expansion is India. India is going through development times. From being a closed...

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