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Task For most topics in this subject you will find an associated "Topic Activity" task. You are encouraged to post a response to each of these questions. You are also encouraged to make additional...

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Task For most topics in this subject you will find an associated "Topic Activity" task. You are encouraged to post a response to each of these questions. You are also encouraged to make additional posts in response to other students' postings or to raise issues and to stimulate dialogue. You should ensure that your posts address all parts of the forum question, however the length of the posting is not crucial. Concise but focused postings can be very effective and where possible they should 'engage' with earlier postings by other students. We understand that posting on every occasion may not be possible for every student. Therefore the minimum number of Topic Activities you are required to complete in order to satisfy this assessment task is three (3) posts within the first 5 teaching weeks of session. However, we strongly encourage you to keep making postings throughout the session as they will assist with your learning and ability to pass the other assessments. It is important that you complete the "Topic Activity" topics during the week the associated topic is scheduled (ie between Monday and Sunday evening). Postings made after the scheduled topic week cannot be counted towards the 3 forum postings to be considered for marking. At the completion of week 5 you are required to copy and paste your three (3) best forum posts into a word document, tidy up the formatting to 1.5 spacing, normal margins and then submit the document for final assessment via Turnitin. The word count listed above is for all three postings.
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Topic 1 : Introduction to International Business Options Menu: Forum
Think about the company you work for (or a company you are associated with). Discuss the implications of globalisation for this business. For example, do they export goods or services overseas? Discuss the implications of globalisation for this business rt any supplies from overseas? You may wish to share your company situation on the forum.
Globalization simply implies towards the economic growth and advancement of the global trade as well as investment. A large number of corporations provide their services worldwide for expanding their marketplace or they make use of provisions from overseas for decreasing their expenses (Bridges, 2012). Outsourcing facilities, fall in wages, employees’ rights along with dependent economy are few among the negative impacts of globalization upon corporations (James, 2016). There is no doubt in the fact that Ford has turned out to be global
and in the present day. The Automobile Company exports as well as imports vehicles from different regions across the world. However, there are few implications of globalization that Ford should not overlook. These include:
Changes in Price
Globalisation results in changes in price globally within several different regions. Because of rise in the level of competition, business firms like Ford within developed countries are forced to lower their prices for their products (James, 2016). A big example of this is Ford manufactures products at a much lesser cost as compared to other nations that lead other companies of the globe lessen down their prices for maintaining buyer satisfaction as well as loyalty (James, 2016). This has holds a negative impact since it trims down the capability of sustaining social well-being.
Job Insecurity in Business:
Within developed nations, the risk of job uncertainty is growing. Globalisation has led to companies like Ford outsourcing their jobs to other developing nations, which has resulted in lesser number of within developed nations (Bridges, 2012). Outsourcing takes place because companies want to produce their products at a lower price that is possible within developing nations.
Workers’ Right
Worker regulations, which safeguard employees from mistreatment and exploitation are almost absent within few emerging nations (James, 2016). This could possibly have a negative impact upon the image of a corporation, which outsources facilities from some foreign corporation, which exploits rights of their employees (Bridges, 2012). The public image of the company in how it deals with the staff members, even in case if they are overseas, could result in a loss in consumer support for products.
Topic 2 - International Trade Options Menu: Forum
What factor endowments does Australia have? What about our neighbouring Asian nations including China, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia? Consider each on its own merits. Do these factor endowments reflect our trade patterns? Share your observations on the forum.
Every nation has diverse kinds as well as amounts of resources, which would decide what they could or could not manufacture. The combination of all the resources (including land, labour, enterprise and capital) is considered as being a nation’s factor endowment (Hill et. al., 2014). Moreover, factor endowments are...

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