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Task back to top 1. Choose an organisation which operates, or may be planning to operate, in two or more countries. Discuss your choice with your subject coordinator before you proceed. This can be...

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1.Choose an organisation which operates, or may be planning to operate, in two or more countries. Discuss your choice with your subject coordinator before you proceed. This can be done via email, face to face or by telephone. You may choose to undertake a Case Study provided by your coordinator. The company chosen need not operate within Australia but it may be easier for you to choose Australia as one of your countries because of the access to information you may need. Contact your subject coordinator to discuss your choice before proceeding with this assignment.

Most firms have detailed websites from which you should be able to acquire sufficient information to address this assignment task. Students may choose to conduct this analysis on their current workplace organisation. However, if choose your own organisation, the country you select to do business with must not be one in which your company currently operates.

If you are having trouble identifying an international business for this assignment then please contact your coordinator/lecturer who will be able to provide you with a choice of companies based on case studies.

2.Choose a target country for your selected business to possibly expand to. Conduct an analysis of the macro environment (ie the economic, political, legal and socio-cultural environment) of that country. This data would be analysed so that your chosen organisation would be more aware of any relevant issues, if they were going to "do business" in this other country.

Note that you need to ensure that you refer to the theory covered in the topics 1 to 6 within your report and find additional relevant literature/information sources. This should not be a general descriptive report, but rather must be a report that explains the relevant theory relating to international management and provides data as the basis of an evaluation of the international environment. Thus, when providing data on factors such as type of government or economic aspects you should not just state the information but you should also explain how it is significant and why it is of interest/importance to your particular organisation.

Your assessment report should be in a report style format (i.e. a format that would be expected in an authentic workplace situation) and should also include the structure outlined in the "Presentation" section.

Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.


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This assessment task will work towards assessing the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to research the political, legal and economic environment of a country and analyse managerial implications for leading teams and operating a business.
  • be able to evaluate the main theories, concepts and models of culture and use these theories to make recommendations regarding management of cross-cultural communication, negotiation and conflict resolution in a multi-cultural team environment.
  • be able to identify the ethical and corporate social responsibility issues managers may face when operating internationally and develop a strategic response to these issues.

This assessment has been designed in order to:

  • assist you to develop and demonstrate your learning about the nature of international management and the importance of macro-environmental scanning and research, focusing on Topics 1-5;
  • allow you to develop your information searching and critical thinking skills;
  • encourage independent research into the ethical, CSR and cross-cultural management issues of doing business in a particular country: and
  • provide you with experience in producing an authentic, well researched, workplace report.


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Your assessment report should be in a report style format (i.e. a format that would be expected in an authentic workplace situation) and should include the following content:

1. Executive summary of main findings of report
2.Table of contents
3. Introduction to the report
4. Brief company background including why it might consider overseas expansion (Topics 1& 2)
5. Brief introduction to chosen country
6. Political & Legal Analysis (Topics 2 & 3)
7. Economic Analysis (Topics 1)
8. Cultural Analysis (Topic 4 & 5)
9. Ethics and Social Responsibility (Topic 6)
10. Conclusions
11. Reference list (in APA6 format)

The following points are also an important guide for presenting assessment items:

  • Create a cover page for the assignment including a title, your name and student ID.
  • Use 1.5 spacing.
  • Use a standard 12 point font such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.
  • Left-justify body text.
  • Use headings for the activities.
  • Always cite and reference allsources of information used in assessments (see plagiarism below).
  • Provide a single reference list ("References") that always starts on anewpage (eg "Ctrl+Enter"). Citations and reference list to be in APA6 format.


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  • Citations and reference list are to be in APA6 format.
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Soumi answered on Aug 28 2020
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Executive Summary
In the cu
ent report the aspect of business expansion is discussed with a special reference to Penny Skateboards business expansion in India. The introduction of the report provided a small detail about the research topic and showed the significance on assessing a foreign market before entering into it for business purpose. The following part of the report contains detailed account of the chosen organisation and the chosen country respectively.
The details of the company as well as the details of the country are collected from secondary sources that are available on the internet. In order to make the understanding of the internal condition of the chosen country, four major aspects such as the political and legal, economical, cultural and lastly ethical and social responsibilities are discussed on the basis of authentic citations. At the time of providing details of the cultural aspect, a comparative view is provided to make the stark differences between Indian and Australian culture can be comprehended. Finally a conclusion is provided for collectively showcasing the essential findings of the report.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Brief background of Penny Skateboards    4
Brief introduction to Indian Market    5
Political & Legal Analysis of Indian Market    6
Economic Analysis of Indian Market    7
Cultural Analysis of Indian Market    7
Ethics and Social Responsibility in Indian Market    9
Conclusions    9
References    11
    Business tends to grow on constant basis in order to retain the earning of profit making and in case of Penny Skateboards, there is no difference. Penny Skateboard has been doing business Australia from 2010 as its home market and has gradually expanded its business in overseas countries such as USA and UK. The cu
ent report aims to show that triggered by the need to earn profit and eventually entering new and profitable overseas market, the company is proposed to enter the Indian market.
    The Indian market has recently witnessed drastic changes its economic and foreign business policies which has made it a very lucrative market for foreign organisations. However, there is considerable amount of risks involved in business expansion in Indian market as the macro factors of the business market are different than that of other European countries. Considering the aspects of the Indian market macro factors and the need for overseas expansion of business of Penny Skateboards, the cu
ent reports discusses essential aspects that offer a better understanding of real life business expansion and the importance of assessing a proposed foreign market. The report holds the potential of becoming a source of secondary literature for companies and researchers who want to understand the implication of macro factors of a foreign country over its business expansion plans.
Brief background of Penny Skateboards
    Penny Skateboards was founded by Ben Mackay, in 2010 based on the nostalgic feel the plastic skateboards offered to children in their early adolescence or teenage, at the time of their first encounter with skateboarding. As mentioned by Wheaton and Thorpe (2018), taking a different approach than the wooden built skateboards; Penny Skateboards are made of high quality plastic that ensures that the boards stay durable. The company offers skateboards along with the components that are required for maintaining the functionality of the boards. The company sells its products in USA, UK, France Germany and other parts of the globe, where the skateboard culture is present and persistent (Penny Skateboards, 2018).
Figure 1: Penny Skateboards
(Source: Penny Skateboards, 2018)
    In Asian countries, the skateboard culture is gradually increasing, as newer generation due to their access to internet comes to know about the thrills skateboards can provide. Therefore, it is rationally evident that entering such Asian market that has yet to develop skateboard manufacturing companies despite soaring demands would profit heavily. Considering the high profit Penny Skateboards can earn from entering new overseas markets can make organisations such as Penny Skateboards expanding their business more in near future (CNBC, 2016).
Brief introduction to Indian Market
    The inclusion in the BRICS country group, soaring GDP and huge demand for a hugely populated customer base, have been the indicators of Indian market and its growing importance in the world of global business (The Economic Times, 2018). The Indian market has two major divisions in terms of their positioning. Firstly, as stated by Khanna and Seth (2018), in the Tier II cities and town the market is much centralised, with limited demand and culturally influenced stagnant markets. On the other hand, as Siddiqui (2018), mentioned the metropolitan cities of India are highly populated, open to global culture and has a high potential for earning profit for foreign companies.
The recent government policies of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) have made the entry to the market easy for international companies. In addition the strong economy of the Indian market has is also ensuring consistency of growth. According to Radulovich, Javalgi, and Scherer (2018), the social culture in India is also very complex, as on one hand it...

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