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Task 4: The Business Plan: Drawing on what you know of the business from theCase Study - Gin Rummy Distillery, you now establish a Business Plan for this business. Please note that a business plan...

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Task 4: The Business Plan:

Drawing on what you know of the business from theCase Study - Gin Rummy Distillery, you now establish a Business Plan for this business.

Please note that a business plan includes financial requirements for the business. Financial projections are an important part of preparing a business plan.In the next assignment (task 5) you are to download and completeThe Financesspreadsheet to accompany your business plan.

Recall the development phases that the business owner has envisioned:

Your task is to download and complete the Business Plan Template provided here:

Task 4 Business Plan Template 2023

Download Task 4 Business Plan Template 2023

The template provided gives clear instructions on what you need to do and where the information you have been provided is to be placed.

Follow the instructions and refer back to the Case Study for details as needed.

Complete the template and upload it to the portal for assessment.

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Asif answered on Apr 30 2023
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Business Plan template
Using this template
Before you complete this business plan template and start using it, consider the following:
Do your research. You will need to make quite a few decisions about your business including structure, marketing strategies and finances before you can complete the template. By having the right information to hand you also can be more accurate in your forecasts and analysis.
Use the [italicised text]. The italicised text is there to help guide you by providing some more detailed questions you may like to answer when preparing your response. Please note: If a question does not apply to your circumstances it can be ignored.
Write your summary last. Use as few words as possible. You want to get to the point but not overlook important facts. This is also your opportunity to sell yourself. But don’t overdo it. You want prospective banks, investors, partners or wholesalers to be able to quickly read your plan, find it realistic and be motivated by what they read.
Review. Review. Review. Your business plan is there to make a good impression. E
ors will only detract from your professional image. So ask a number of impartial people to proofread your final plan.
For advice and examples on how to complete this template, please download the Business Plan guide from
BSBOPS601 – Task 4
Created: Jan 2022 | FEB 2023
Capital College
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Business Plan
Gin Rummy Distillery
Using this template    1
Business Plan Summary    4
The Future    5
The Business    6
Business details    6
Registration details    6
Business premises    7
Organisation chart    7
Management & ownership    7
Key personnel    9
Products/services    10
Risk management    12
Legal considerations    13
Operations    13
The Market    15
Market research    15
Market targets    15
Your customers    15
S.W.O.T. analysis    17
Your competitors    18
Advertising & sales    19
Action plan    21
Business Plan Summary
(Please complete this page last]
[Your business summary should be no longer than a page and should focus on why your business is going to be successful. Your answers below should
iefly summarise your more detailed answers provided throughout the body of this plan.]
The Future
Vision statement:
[The vision statement
iefly outlines your future plan for the business. It should state clearly what your overall goals for the business are.]
    Paul’s vision for his distillery is “to produce top quality spirits created organically from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible”. Based on the given vision statement, it can be said that the main goal or purpose of business is to offer consumer with home-style receipes that reconstruct an authentic experience.In the upcoming time (future), the plan is to expand the distillery's facilities to include a bar, restaurant, and gift shop, with aim of welcoming visitors to the farm and distillery. This expansion of business would help paul to increase retail sales, increase market share, profitability and grow the
and. The final goal of Paul is to become a leading and primary producer of high quality spirits.
Mission statement:
[Briefly outline your business purpose I.e. how will you achieve your vision?]]
    Based on the given case study, the mission of Paul is to provide consumers with home style receipes that reinvent an faithful and reliable experience. In the same way, the main aim/purpose of the business is attain this mission statement by adopting as well as using more ethical, legal and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. The business will also invest in continoues improvements of products and services. The main goal is to be leading player in the industry and know for innovative solution, reliability and commitment to excellence.
[What are your short & long term goals? What activities will you undertake to meet them?]
    Short-Term Goals: The following listed below are the main short-term goals of the business such as:
· To enhance
and reputation, image, awareness and visibility via digtal marketing and social media campagins.
· To introduce and launch a new product line in next six month.
· To enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty via excellent customer services and personomized experences.
· To improve internal business operations and proceses to reduce costs
· To hire skilled, knowledgable and talented employees to support growth and expanstion.
Long-term goals: The below are long-term goals such as:
· To execute more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the business
· To enhance market share, revenues, and profit level by 20% each year.
· To expand and grow business by opening new
anches or offices in locations
· To develop strategic partnertship with the key players in the market to enhance market share.
In order to attain both short and long term goals, the business will understake a number of activities such as:
· Conductining market research to recognize new business opporunties
· Investment in the new technologies, tools and techniques to modernize business operations
· Invest in training and development of employees to offer excellent customer services
· Impementaiton of sustainability practices in business
· Developing strong and positive relationships with the industry players to create strategic partnership.
The Business
Business details
Products/services: [What products/services are you selling? What is the anticipated demand for your products/services?]
    Based on the given case study, it is found that, Gin Rummy distillery produces as well as sells craft gin products. This is sold in different flavours. Moreover, there is no information provided on the anticipated demand for products or services. But, it is estimated that the company would have a target market of gin enthusiasts and consumers looking for high quality and unique gin options. The demand of the product may be affecting by various factors including pricing, marketing and distribution strategies.
Registration details
Business name: [Enter your business name as registered in your state/te
itory. If you have not registered your business name, add your proposed business name.]
    Based on the Case Study - The registered business name is "Gin Rummy Distillery."
Trading name(s): [Registered trading name(s).]
    The trading name would be Gin Rummy Distillery.
Location(s) Registered: [State(s) you are registered in.]
    The information on Location (S) registered is not provided in the case study. But, it is assumed that the locations registered will be in Northern NSW,
Business structure: [Sole trader, partnership, trust, company.]
    The business strcture would be a Pty Ltd Company. In the same way, investors can be shareholder or director.
ABN: [Registered Australian Business Number.]
    ABN is 012345678
ACN: [Registered Australian Company Number, if applicable.]
    ACN is 987654321
GST: [Are you registered for Goods and Services Tax? Date registered?]
    Yes, It is registered for GST (Goods and Services Tax)
Domain names: [Registered domain names.]
    It has a registered domain name. www.ginrummy.comLinks to an external site.
Licences & permits: [List all the licences or permits you have registered]
    It is important for Gin Rummy Distillery to obtain all the essential permits and licences to operate business legally and meet regulatory requirments. It is suggested to Paul and business maanger research and obtain all the necessary permits and licences for the operations of business. For example, they should apply and obtain several licenses like a distiller's license, liquor license, food service permit, and building permits.
Business premises
Business location: [Describe the location and space occupied
equired. What is the size of the space you occupy
equire? Which city or town? Where in relation to landmarks/main areas? If you have a retail business, where are you in relation to other shops? What is the retail traffic like?]
    Based on the Gin Rummy Distillery case study, the business is located in a 3,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Seattle, Washington. The warehouse is near a major interstate, which provides easy access for suppliers and distributors. The warehouse has enough space to accommodate the distillery equipment and ba
els of aging gin.
As a manufacturing business, Gin Rummy Distillery does not have a retail storefront. However, they do sell their products to local liquor stores and restaurants, so the location of those businesses is important for their sales. They are located in a competitive area with other craft distilleries,...

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