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Table of ContentsSynopsis / Executive Summary IntroductionFindingsConclusionRecommendationsReference ListAppendices x x xx x x x x x Assessment instructions You are contracted to provide an assessment...

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Table of ContentsSynopsis / Executive Summary IntroductionFindingsConclusionRecommendationsReference ListAppendices x x xx x x x x x Assessment instructions You are contracted to provide an assessment and recommendation for a new attraction or event for the City of Sydney with the aim to increase visitors to the city during the winter months. Typically, visitor numbers are at their lowest during this time resulting in lower revenue for hotels, restaurants and city retailers and businesses.Your task is to write a report that: Critically appraises the effectiveness of establishedtheories and strategies in creating an appropriate solutionto the problem of lower visitation during winter months. Proposes a new event or attraction that would be suitable for increasing visitor numbers over the winter months andis aligned with the strategies already in place for this destination. You will need to include details of the actual event or attraction such as proposed dates, venue/s and a rough outline of the schedule for events, or an overview ofthe attraction, what it would be what services it would offerand a proposed location. Page 1 of 2
ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE___________________________________________________  Identifies the specific target market/s, who they are, howyou selected them and why you think they would beinterested in your event/attraction. Identifies what additional infrastructure, services and expert knowledge would be required to support this new event/attraction and where this will come from (e.g. specific government agencies).The report must be well researched (based on relevant and reliable sources), and incorporate theories, management principles and the published strategies of tourism agencies that promote tourism and visitation to Sydney. It should be written in an academic style, approx. 3000 words in length (not including executive summary, reference list or any appendices)
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Visitor Behavior and Management
Table of content
    Page No.
    Executive summary
    Impact of winter on Sydney tourism
    · Factors influencing visitors
    · Cause of season Impact
    Existing strategies
    New attraction
Executive summary
Sydney is one of the world’s most visually stunning cities. Bondi beach, Taronga zoo, Opera house, Ha
our Bridge, chin chin and firedoor restaurants, fe
y ride to Manly, camp on Cockatoo Island, Blue Mountains national park, royal botanical gardens, aboriginal cultural tours, quad bike ride, along with several cultural events happening around the year are major tourist attractions of Sydney. Winter season of Sydney is from June to August where the temperature remains between 8.8 and 17oC along with highest rainfall in June. Coolest month in Sydney is June. Sydney hosts thrilling evens throughout year. In months if May and June, the festival of lights, music and idea illuminates the Sydney termed as Vivid Sydney. During winters, the number of visitors decreases due to several reasons impacting the tourism revenue at most.
The motive of this report is examining the seasonality concept with main focus on Sydney. A number of issues are associated with seasonality which needs specific strategies and special attention. Particularly seasonality influences the tourist’s number to region which threatens the business viability in the region. Impact of seasonality can also lead to increase in pressure on isolated tourism enterprises to increase the appropriate staff for business comparatively to enterprises of populated areas.
The project outcomes will be to provide a number of strategies to assist enterprises of tourism activities as well as tourism agencies so as to increase social returns as well as it improve economic conditions. Specifically this project aims to provide range of strategies to be applied at destination and enterprise level to neutralize
alance the seasonality effects. This project will draw attention towards associated factors to be considered before applying and strategy to tourism. Also, proposal of a new event to attract more visitors during winters in Sydney will be covered under this report. Analysis of new proposal as well as existing strategies is also ca
ied out so as to give a clear picture of tourism in Sydney. This report helps to understand the behavior of visitors as well.
1) Introduction
In tourism literature, the concept of seasonality is prominent and most influencing one due to ubiquitous nature of tourism industry, there is impact of seasonality whether mild or severe leading to tourists and visitor number fluctuation to the destination. Because of this, at certain times some destinations have higher tourists and visitors than their accommodation ability and at some time, the visitors and tourists are really few. Effects of seasonality lead to tourists’ dollar reduction.
Several strategies are applied to address seasonality effects. Some of these are as follows-
· Pricing strategies
· Attraction diversification
· Diversifying market
· Assistance seeking from industry and government bodies.
· Tourist season length enhancement.
· Time to school holidays modification.
· Temporary staff recruitment at enterprise level.
The selection of strategy and its implementation must be aligned with the eEnterprise’s strategic plan or destination so that the effective results may be obtained. Along with economic factors, various social as well as environmental factors must be considered while making decision of adopting a strategy.
Events plays a crucial role in context of tourism industry at both are be it origin or a destination one. In origin areas, events act as motivation for tourism whereas in destination area events prominently feature marketing and development plans of destination. Events do not act only as destination attractiveness animators but also a key marketing proposition fundamentally so as to increase global competitiveness. Events have become core elements where in at destination system, various services like transport, accommodation, attractions and ancillary services has been developed or used leading to expansion of tourism potential and destinations capacity beyond just a na
ow focus of holidays based leisure tourism. There exists a critical relationship between events that acts as
idge between tourist created visitor attraction’s market and events use to fill the gap left in low visitor season due to decrease in demand of tourism because the domestic visitors and residents provide a demand form that will be able to substitute. (Connell et. Al., 2015)
Event tourism is boost to the tourism industry so as to attract and acquire economic growth from the tourism industry and adding a value to gross national income too.
2) Objectives -
Main objectives of report are-
· To study impact of winter season on tourism in Sydney.
· To appraise effectiveness of strategies and theories to create appropriate solution to problem of decreased number of tourists/visitors during winter seasons.
· To propose a new attraction which aligns well with already in place strategies for increasing number of visitors over winter months.
3) Impact of winter season on tourism in Sydney-
Change of season and its economic, environmental and social impacts is one of the major tourism industry issues. Within literature, academic focus has approached this problem cause by season change from various perspectives. Seasonality is linked inextricably with the tourism and flow of tourism is determined by both seasonal as well as transitory nature factors. (Commons & Page, 2001).
The essence of seasonality problem lies in improper and uneven distribution of peaking season with outdoor tourism and recreation leading to inefficient use of resource, profit potential loss, difficulties in administrative scheduling along with strain on ecological and social ca
ying capacities. (Manning & Power, 1984)
Factors influencing visitors in winters-
For tourism industry, impact of season can be explained in two terms: one is visitor number that is customer and other is Monetary term that is impact on social and capital costs.
Causes of season impact-
1. Natural causes-
· Weather conditions. Rain will affect the beach activities as well other tourist’s attraction. Also, cold and rainy weather will
ing access problems to certain areas.
· Climate. Low temperature as well as decreased hours of daylight hinders the utilization of limited days to be spent at Sydney in winters.
· Geographical location also influences the number of visitors in particular season. (commons & Page, 2001)
2. Cultural/ institutional causes-
· School holidays, public / religious events.
· Leisure time availability.
· Ever dynamic travelling habit, taste, preferences as well as motivations.
· Health of economy affecting expenditure incu
ed in travelling.
· Resources maintenance or environment rejuvenation need.
· Physical attraction, opportunities to do activities, other trading business patterns also...

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