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Assessment item 3 — Group presentation Due date: Submit electronic copy of the presentation resources by the due date shown in the unit profile and on the Moodle website. Presentation – during the...

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Assessment item 3 — Group presentation
    Due date:
    Submit electronic copy of the presentation resources by the due date shown in the unit profile and on the Moodle website.
Presentation – during the term (commencing Week 6) as organised by your tutor – see presentation details below.
    15 minutes; Maximum 15 slides for presentation (see details below)
Overview of assignment requirements
This is a group assignment for on-campus students (off-campus/distance education students may work on the presentation assignment individually).
On-campus students will be organised into groups of three (3) people. Groups will be organised in the weekly workshops in weeks 1 to 2. Groups must be finalised by the end of week -2 and your tutor will finalise your topics by the end of week -3. Students must not change their tutorial/workshop class after week-2.
Each group is to give a presentation about an aspect of project management. The intention is that no topic should be covered more than once during the term, so the tutor will approve topics on a first come basis.
For on-campus students the class presentations will commence in week -6. Your local tutor will schedule when your topic is to be presented in your workshop. However, all the research and preparation for the presentations must be completed and submitted in Moodle before the start of week 6 (when class presentations commence). See the exact due date and time in Moodle and in the unit profile. Note that marks cannot be awarded until after your class presentation.
For off-campus students you are required to submit a recording of your presentation as well as your resources for the presentation (slides, handouts etc.). All the research and preparation for the presentations must be completed and submitted in Moodle before the start of week 6. See the exact due date and time in Moodle and in the unit profile.
Your presentation can be about:
1. Any area of project management that is related to the weekly topics and adds a significant body of new material, a different perspective or depth to the information already covered in the course lecture material. It is important that you extend your knowledge and that of the class beyond what will be covered in this unit during the term.
There is scope to research and present more information about many of the weekly topics. For example, in the Quality Management week students may wish to investigate Six Sigma further or ICT students may wish to cover more detail about quality management in the Software Engineering discipline.
2. Any other topic that is related to project management that is approved by your tutor.
Some suggested topics include:
a. Oversight/Governance of Project Management
. Project Value Management
c. International Projects
d. Systems Engineering and Project Management
e. Project Management for Construction and Plant Development (specialised topic appropriate for Engineering students only).
f. Project Procurement Management
g. Human Resource Management including topics such as:
i. Motivation theories
ii. Team building
In this assignment, you can also draw from your experiences and incorporate them into the assignment. If you don’t have any work/project experience, that’s fine too. You can also take the opportunity to be controversial and find academic and trade literature that challenges an aspect of the material you are presenting. Pose questions – make your audience think. Both on-campus and off-campus student, are required to produce the script for the presentation that should include some potential questions and responses indicating where you would pose questions to engage your audience. In addition, the end of the script is to include three potential questions (with their answers) that you would anticipate being asked by your audience at the end of the presentation.
Students should contact their local tutor on issues such as the membership of their group, selection of presentation topic, and schedule for their presentation. You must provide your tutor with the details of the members of your group and your top two prefe
ed topics by the end of week two. This allows time for you to negotiate an alternative topic if necessary. The earlier you send the tutor details about your group and your prefe
ed topic, the more likely you are to get your prefe
ed topic. Your tutor will notify you about the topic and when your group is scheduled to present in class. The topics and presentation schedule must to be decided by the end of Week 3.
Off-campus/Distance students:The unit coordinator takes on the role of the tutor. Off-campus are not required to present in class, but are required to submit a recording of their presentation. It is an individual task for you. All recordings must be submitted by due date as mentioned in unit profile.
CQUniversity Li
ary has many databases that contain refereed full-text journal articles. This is also a useful source of material for your assignment. The following li
ary links may also be useful to help you get started:
Please check with your tutor if you need to discuss your choice of topic. Remember that you must obtain approval for your topic choice.
Presentation schedule for all students
The time limit for the presentation is 15 minutes for the presentation (as a guide this should be no more than 15 slides) plus 5 minutes for final questions and discussion at the end. The 15 slides limit does not include the title slide, “any questions slide” or the reference slide. It is important to adhere to the time limit set. All members of the group must give approximately equal parts of the presentation to the audience.
All members of the group must be familiar with all the material in the slides and be able to present any part of the presentation and/or answer questions related to any part of the presentation.
All members of the group are responsible for the whole presentation in terms of content, flow of material, resources and timing. You must rehearse your presentation together before you present to the class.
Slides with the list of references and the “any questions” slide must be included at the end. All slides must show the source(s) of the content or marks will be deducted.
· The presentation format is to be determined after discussion with the local tutor. Innovative presentations will be welcomed, but discuss your plans and get approval from your local tutor prior to the presentation.
· Each on-campus group must prepare and distribute a handout for each of their fellow students. This handout should be in a format that students can use as a summary of the main points of the seminar and include the references. All students are to include their script as part of their presentation, that is, what would be said if they were giving the presentation in front of an audience. The script should show clearly what would be said/discussed as each slide is presented. This script can be included in the ‘Notes’ section of your .PPT file.
· The script associated with the “any questions” slide must include 3 questions that are likely to be asked by your audience and your proposed answers to those questions. In group presentations, each member of the group must be responsible for one of the questions.
· Presentations must proceed on the allocated day. If the group does not present their topic to the class on the allotted day they will receive 0 marks unless they are granted an extension by the unit coordinator. The extension will only be granted if the student meets the conditions for extensions described in the CQU assessment policy. An extension request based on a medical condition will have to be supported by a medical certificate that meets the requirements of university policy. You must apply for extensions through the extension system. See the link on Moodle.
· One member of the group must upload their presentation electronically via the unit website by the due date for submissions. All memebers must ensure that the presentation files have been submitted on Moodle. Student marks for the presentation will be returned via this system. On-campus student presentations will not be graded until after their class presentation.
· All students (i.e. all group members) must upload the Word document outlining the contribution of each member of the group (see below).
· Students must ensure that all material used in the presentation is referenced appropriately on the slides.
· Students must include a final slide (after the “Any Questions” slide) with the list of references.
· Students must ensure that where relevant hypertext links to the relevant references are made in their presentation.
· Students must include a script with the presentation. It must be clear which part of the script is associated with each slide.
· Students must include a summary handout. This must include references and on-campus students must print a class set of the handouts to be distributed in their class presentation.
The marking criteria are listed on the presentation marking guide and more detailed notes are provided after the marking guide. Be sure to read the notes as they will also help you to prepare for your presentation. There is also a CRO from Gido & Clements on the unit website. This chapter has a good section describing how to give a good presentation.
As this is a group assignment, a high standard of research and presentation is expected. All group members are expected to contribute and help each other in preparing and delivering the presentation. Groups are to decide amongst themselves the tasks to be completed by each member, but remember that all members of the group are responsible for the presentation as a whole and all members of the group must be familiar with all aspects of the presentation.
A separate Word document must be submitted that outlines the contribution of each member of the group to the assignment. More than one student can contribute to each task. For example, each student should be responsible for researching the topic and finding appropriate references. All members of the group should work together to make sure that the introduction, body and conclusion flow and are appropriate.
For on-campus students each member of the group must be responsible for giving part of the presentation to class. Each member of the group should present for approximately the same amount of time.
Group members will not necessarily receive the same mark for this assignment. The individual mark will be based on their presentation and contribution to the assignment.
Submission of Assessment Item
The link for the assessment item submission can be found in the assessment block on the unit website. The following files must be submitted:
1.     One member of the group must submit the following:
· PowerPoint slides (plus script). The PowerPoint slides must include the script associated with each slide in notes section of the slide. The script must also include questions designed to facilitate discussion and interaction with the audience during the presentation. Any questions posed must also include the answer and/or discussion
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Project Human Resource Management
What is Project Human Resource Management?
It is the process of making the most effective and efficient use of individuals involved in an organizational Project
It encompasses a wide range of stakeholders such as investors, customers, supplier, performing organization, project and team members
Source: Turner, R., Huemann, M., & Keegan, A. (2008). Human resource management in the project-oriented organization: employee well-being and ethical treatment. International Journal of Project Management, 26(5), 577-585.
Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team. The project team is comprised of the people with assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project. Project team members may have varied skill sets, may be assigned full or part-time, and may be added or removed from the team as the project progresses. Project team members may also be refe
ed to as the project's staff. Although specific roles and responsibilities for the project team members are assigned, the involvement of all team members in project planning and decision making is beneficial. Participation of team members during planning adds their expertise to the process and strengthens their commitment to the project.
Major Processes
Organizational Planning : It involves of identifying, evaluating and assigning specific roles and responsibilities to individual team members
Acquisition of right team members for the project
Development of Team: In order to enhance the individual and group competencies of the team that subsequently results in greater productivity and more efficient performance
Source: Turner, R., Huemann, M., & Keegan, A. (2008). Human resource management in the project-oriented organization: employee well-being and ethical treatment. International Journal of Project Management, 26(5), 577-585.
Plan Human Resource Management—The process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, and creating a staffing management plan.
Acquire Project Team—The process of confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities.
Develop Project Team—The process of improving competencies, team member interaction, and overall team environment to enhance project performance.
Manage Project Team—The process of tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and managing changes to optimize project performance.
Organizational Planning Processes
It is usually done in the preliminary stage of project development
After implementation of each stage, the results should be reviewed
Organizational and communication planning are complementary to each other and often go hand in hand
Organizational planning process comprises of some fundamental activities like identifying, documenting and assigning project responsibilities to team members
Source: Turner, R., Huemann, M., & Keegan, A. (2008). Human resource management in the project-oriented organization: employee well-being and ethical treatment. International Journal of Project Management, 26(5), 577-585.
Organizational Planning Processes
The ability of a board and an organization to envision and reach its full potential can be a reality. This systematic process will enable any organization to determine where it is going, how to get there, and examine what to do when change occurs. The process uniquely incorporates each board meeting with the implementation of the strategic plan. The mission is never far from any discussion or decision. The implementation process for the strategic plan is fully documented and easy to implement.
“Organizational planning is the continuous process of systematically making plans with the greatest possible knowledge of the future; organizing the activities needed to ca
y out the plans; and monitoring the results of the plans through feedback.”
Human Resource Management
HRM is the
oad um
ella term that encompasses all management activities and decision-making process that affects all the team members, employees and all the stakeholders of the organization
It is essential in maintaining structure and integrity of the organization
Major Roles and Responsibilities of HRM
Estimating/ Budgeting
Scheduling and execution of Project
Human Resource Management (HRM) is...

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