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Subject name: Business research DUE date 21 may 2018 Dear sir, this is Quantitative - Research Pla n assignment need to be research and develop.. # please read my assignment question...

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Subject name: Business research
DUE date 21 may 2018
Dear sir,
this is Quantitative - Research Plan assignment need to be research and develop..
# please read my assignment question carefully ....
# write according to HD marking criteria.....( mandatory)
# please follow all assignment guideline and requirements...
# i will send you some guidelines must follow this.......

Answered Same Day May 09, 2020


Akansha answered on May 15 2020
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Research Proposal
Unit Code
Professor’s Name
Title    3
Introduction    3
Background    3
Research Aim    4
Scope of Study    4
Literature Review    4
Dependent and Independent Variables    5
Hypothesis    6
Figure:1 Diagram representing theory underlying the hypothesis    7
Questionnaire    7
Research Methodology    9
Data Collection    10
Population and Sampling    10
Data Analysis    10
Ethical Concerns    11
Constraints    11
Conclusion and Recommendations    11
References    14
The title of the research as proposed will be, "A Study on Perceived Reasons for High Employee Turnover in McDonald's".
Any organization in this seamless world would love to have such employees, who are delighted with their jobs, love working with their colleagues, satisfied with their salary packages, enthusiastic to work efficiently for their supervisors and do not intent to leave the company. But, in the real scenario, employees do leave their organizations due to one of the reasons such as better pay packages, work climate, problems in relationships with their colleagues or managers, shifting of the job of spouse etc. (K.Narmadha, 2011). Heavy competition in the market has led to the rising attrition rate amongst the organizations these days. All the businesses concerning any industry are affected and challenged by this problem of high employee turnover or attrition. It has become a reason of high concern for all the businesses (Murugan & Murugan, 2011).
As per a recent study, many restaurants of McDonald's are suffering from high turnover rates which ultimately affects the company's productivity and profits of that respective restaurant in Australia. If the fast food
and wants to sustain its position of global leader in its relevant sector, then the issue of employee turnover needs to be addressed (Matthewson, 2017). Hence this paper will focus on studying the reasons for the high employee turnover ratio in the restaurants of McDonalds through a quantitative research methodology and help the management in developing future retention strategies.
The company McDonald's has around 32,000 chains of restaurants in 116 nations and can be considered to be one of the largest family fast food companies in the world. It opened its first restaurant in Sydney town called Yagoona in 1971. Now, it has approximately 900 plus restaurants across Australia and almost 90,000 employees recruited in the chain and management centres. It has the vision of providing the best experience to the families to make them a loyal customer (Telang & Deshpande, 2016). It has been discovered through various surveys that McDonalds is suffering from the challenge of high employee turnover since few years at approximately 45% in Australia. Employee turnover can be explained as the ratio of employees leaving the organization during a given period of time. This turnover can be due to several reasons ranging from salary issues to organizational culture (Alam, 2015). High employee turnover has resulted in hampering the operations of the organization and high turnaround time. This happens as the employees replaced need to get trained and educated on the company processes all over again which contributes to increased costs to the company. Hence, it is a challenging issue that needs to be addressed by the management in order to maintain the profitability, efficiency, consistency and effective performance.
Research Aim
The aim of this study is to find out the major reasons for voluntary turnover amongst the employees of McDonalds, Australia.
Scope of Study
The scope of this study has wide implications for the management of McDonalds as well as the practitioners of the field. This study would help the company to identify the reasons for voluntary turnover amongst the talented and experienced employees of the organization which will further provide a base for the formulation of future strategies for retaining their workforce (Ceil, 2017). This will help them in gaining and sustaining competitive edge in this globalized world. It will help in framing training and development programs, maintaining work climate conducive to their demands, restructure salary and benefits, provide job satisfaction and retention of the employees in the company.
Literature Review
Many scholars have studied the subject of employee attrition and employee turnover in different sectors. They have presented the concept and calculation of employee turnover for the year and causes of the same. As defined by Secord (2003), employee turnover can be defined to be the total number of employees leaving their job during a period of time because of retirement, dismissal, resignation or death (Dr. S. O. Junare & Patel, 2011). While Muller (2008), defines the term turnover as, ‘the amount of people who leave their employment in a particular year’. The scholars state that small amount of turnover is good for the health of companies because poor employees get replaced with efficient ones. But, high ratio of turnover can affect the quality of services and goods offered by the company according to Baum (2006). For example, when the experienced employees leave McDonalds and a new member joins the kitchen staff, it makes a change in the quality of the food offered to the customers (Mohr, Young & Burgess Jr, 2011). Fletcher (2016) mentions that there are several factors that lead to voluntary employee turnover. Major reason as found by several practitioners is a bad boss. Other reasons can be low salaries, unhygienic work conditions, less number of leaves, long working hours, boring tasks, lack of job role clarity, interpersonal relations, organizational climate, leadership, transparency and participative management etc. (Wellard, Glasson & Chapman, 2012). The major component of high ratio of employee turnover which impacts the company is its cost which can be divided further into recruitment costs, cost of reduction in productivity, training cost, cost to hire and loss of profit due to reduced sales as mentioned by Pilbeam and Co
idge (2006). Further, it has been estimated by Risher and Stopper (2002) that the cost of replacing an employee can account for almost 2.5 times the pay of that employee. Thus, in order to eliminate these challenges, companies should establish systematic retention policy overtime.
Dependent and Independent Variables
Dependent variable refers to that variable which is dependent on other variables which are going to be measured. These components may change due to the experimental influence of the variables that are independent. This is the supposed effect of the study. Here, in our study, the presumed effect is High Employee Turnover which is the dependent variable. Further, those variables which remain stable and are not...

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