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" Research Design and Methodology 1. Qualitative Research Students should propose the process of qualitative research (main steps), approaches to reliability and validity, sampling, sample size, data...

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Research Design and Methodology

1. Qualitative Research

Students should propose the process of qualitative research (main steps), approaches to reliability and validity, sampling, sample size, data collection method, variables specifications

2. Quantitative Research

Students should propose the process of quantitative research (main steps), research instrument, quantitative data analysis process, sampling and sample size, interviewing and questionary design, reliability, and validity of data


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Running Head: RESEARCH PROPOSAL         1
Table of Contents
1. Introduction    3
2. Project Objective    3
3. Project Scope    4
4. Literature Review    4
Justification    5
Gap in literature    6
Hypothesis    6
5. Research Questions/Hypothesis    6
Primary Question    6
Secondary Questions    7
6. Research Design and Methodology    8
Qualitative research    8
Quantitative Research:    8
7. Research Limitations    8
8. Time Schedule (Research plan)    8
9. Conclusion    9
1. Introduction
Nowadays, companies are considering new medium of communication to reach a larger number of customers. The advancement in technology is also facilitating the companies in achieving such aim. In this context, the social media is a new mode of communication that works with the help of Internet. Due to the attraction of the people towards the IT systems for communication, the use of social media has increased and now, it has more customer base rather than any other mode of communication (Barger, et al, 2016). As a result, social media is a soft target for the companies to conduct the activities of promotions and marketing to increase the reach of products in the market as well as the growth in the products’ sales. Further, the use of social media helps the companies to associate with the existing target audiences in the market on a personal basis that helps to ensure sustainability of business in a competitive marketplace. There are several kinds of social media such as Facebook. Twitter, etc that are available to the business but the management selects them as per the desires objectives and results (Hudson and Thal, 2013). In this context, this research proposal describes the benefits of social media marketing companies in the term of their effectiveness and attractiveness that facilitates the companies to attract the customers of competitors’ companies. This research proposal also considers the gap in literature related to the role and benefits of the social media in marketing strategy on the basis of the objectives and scope of this research study. This proposal also describes the research methodology that would be used for the conduct all research activities in the valid and reliable manner.
2. Project Objective
Conducting a research study in the most acceptable manner, objective of the project is a considerable aspect as it describes the reason that encourages researchers to start a research study. In the similar manner, the objectives of this project explore the “impacts of social media in marketing activities”. First objective focuses to access the significance and implications of different social media channels for the organization in implementing the products’ promotional strategies, while second objective helps “to analyze the key issues that are linked with the social media marketing”. Third objective of the project is “to identify the most appropriate social media platform for marketing” and fourth objective of the project is “to recommend how social media channels can be used for effective promotion”. Overall, it can be stated that the above define project objectives are quite important and focuses towards the improvement in the product’s performance in competitive marketplace.
3. Project Scope
Nowadays, each organization wants to use the facilities of social media to reach customers as like their competitors. For this, the marketing team of the organizations is focusing towards those processes that can help them to reach larger customer base. Due to the pressure of competitors’ presence on social media, organizations do not care about the effectiveness of media and targets almost each social media channel. Some of the organizations are facing defeat due to the selection of the wrong social media channel and some of the organizations get success in marketing activities due to the selection of the right media channel. Therefore, the outcome of this project will help its users such as academic users as well as the corporations to develop the understanding towards the use of social media and the selection of the right social media channel to implement the marketing strategies to get maximum benefits. The outcome of this research study will also fill up the gap of literatures in the context of the impacts of social media on the marketing strategies of the organizations.
4. Literature Review
The use of social media in marketing also comes with various types of the risks that require the effective consideration of the organizations to mitigate the issues. Miller, (2013) and Scott, (2015) defines the importance of the customers feedbacks to the organization that come in the forms of like or comments by saying that organization may not get the advantages of...

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