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""" Research Design and Methodology 1. Qualitative Research Students should propose the process of qualitative research (main steps), approaches to reliability and validity, sampling, sample size,...

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Research Design and Methodology

1. Qualitative Research

Students should propose the process of qualitative research (main steps), approaches to reliability and validity, sampling, sample size, data collection method, variables specifications

2. Quantitative Research

Students should propose the process of quantitative research (main steps), research instrument, quantitative data analysis process, sampling and sample size, interviewing and questionary design, reliability, and validity of data


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Topic: Electronic commerce
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Objective of the study    4
Scope of the study    5
Literature Review    6
Problems    6
Opportunities    7
Gaps    8
Hypothesis    8
Research Question    9
Primary Question    9
Secondary Question    9
Research Design and Methodology    10
Qualitative Research    10
Main steps    10
Reliability and Validity    10
Sampling    10
Sample size    11
Data collection method    11
Variable Specifications    11
Quantitative Research    11
Main steps    11
Reliability and Validity    12
Sampling    13
Sample size    13
Data collection method    13
Variable Specifications    13
Research Limitations    15
Time Schedule    16
Conclusion    17
Reference List    18
Electronic commerce or ecommerce means any types of business, or commercial transaction, which involves the transfer of communication across the Internet (Franco and Regi 2016). E-commerce began since 1995 (Khan 2016). Franco and Regi (2016) state that there is no restriction for buyer to electronically exchange goods and services and no ba
iers of time or distance. Electronic commerce has expanded quickly within these five years and is predicted to ca
y on at this time, or even accelerate (Franco and Regi 2016). Digital goods are the goods that can be delivered over a digital network and are required to ca
y out their transactions (Khan 2016). E-commerce has a vital role in developing economics benefit more than trade (Chavan 2013). We can purchase almost everything such as laptops, computer, groceries, electronic goods, fridge, and jewelries through online. Besides these products, people can get online facilities such as train/air ticket booking and any payment. 3G and mobile are that types of technology which have enabled people across to purchases and services from their homes (Sharma 2014).
Online shopping, shopping cart software, online office suites, instant messaging, enterprise content management, domestic and international payment systems, electronic tickets, online banking are very much familiar and common applications of e-commerce (Golden & Regi 2015).

Objective of the study
The main objectives of the study are as follows:
1. To get a full social associate of the E-commerce
2. To identify the opportunities of E-commerce and trend to explain how these factors even though are significant for running international business?
3. To propose potential challenges faced by developing countries in E-commerce business.
Scope of the study
The literature review allows one to know about the factors affecting social electronic commerce in business Industries. The main purpose of this study is to show the cu
ent position of social commerce. The attention will be focused on articles describing the technological features of social commerce and the opportunities of these implementations in a business. Similarly, it was possible to review the existing evidence about the social commerce and line some open challenges. Additionally, the social commerce summarisation and discussion will be helpful to reader who will approach this topic.
The scope of ecommerce is very
ight because nowadays each any every person has his or her own smart phones in each and every hand. Buyers are always looking for online shopping through electronic gadgets in which they are able to see more that 1000
ands and also able to see many varieties under it. Cash on delivery and online payment is the option for consumers for payment. Therefore, they can save their time on travel.
Literature Review
The way of purchasing and selling of product and services in developing countries like India is change by E-commerce; it has not good cyber securities law. That is why people of developing are facing challenge toward e-commerce (Devaraju 2016). Similarly, within and between enterprises, Electronic Commerce business has misused processes (Jain &Kapoor 2012).
Although, so far have not produced the desire results but technologies of Ecommerce should give result in improvement to developing countries. Business process will be improve and increase effective if we properly apply the ecommerce technology (Franco & Regi, 2016).In the same way, pointed out that nowadays e-commerce industries is a strong medium for economic growth which have more and more necessary component of business strategy (Devaraju 2016).
Buyer and Sellers faced some major challenges which ca
ying out business transactions through internet are as follows:
· Joint initiatives
· Online Security
· Financial institutions and intermediaries
· 'Touch and Feel' facto
· Cutting down the price
· Trust
Some developing...

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