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Strategic A lliance between Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) to manufacture Composite aero structure parts for Civil and defence aircrafts and, potential integrated system development...

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Strategic Alliance between Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) to manufacture Composite aero structure parts for Civil and defence aircrafts and, potential integrated system development opportunities, including unmanned aerial vehicles, as the demand for transport of passengers and goods is increasing significantly in India.

  1. Access to Indian market and new opportunities through a constant flow of innovation.
  2. Reduce total cost for the product or client segment.
  3. Acquire advantages in responding to changing conditions and emerging opportunities.
  4. Anticipate rivals to maximize the creation of value.
  5. Quality of products and services can be delivered
  6. Strong managerial capabilities
  7. Unique competencies in Indian market
  8. Aerospace industry attractiveness to Indian government
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Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to enlighten the purpose, strategic alliance and the development of a partnership alliance between Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL). This Alliance has been formed to generate competency and reduce the costs for the manufacturing of Composite aero structure parts for Civil and defence aircrafts and, potential integrated system development opportunities, including unmanned aerial vehicles, as the demand for transport of passengers and goods is increasing significantly in India. The alliance will enable the manufacturing of Apache Fuselages and other aero structures in the Indian subcontinent. This development will further lead to the enablement of Integrated Systems and also improve the service opportunities in the country. The main aim behind this alliance was to enable better relationships, exchange of ideas and technological know how and to generate a push for the “Make in India” movement.
Table of contents
Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Boeing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
TASL------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9
Business Expansion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
Key factors for Alliance Success ---------------------------------------------------------------- 15
6 steps to Alliance Success ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
· Strategy Development
· Partner Candidates
· Partner Discussion
· Evaluation
· Alliance Structure
· Execution
Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19
References -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21
    Boeing: Boeing is an American organisation which designs, modifies and implements airplanes, drones, rockets and satellites. Boeing is a multinational organisation which ranks 24th in the Fortune magazine and 64th in the list of “Fortune Global 500” companies. The headquarters of Boeing is located at Chicago and Boeing is lead by Mr Dennis who is the acting president and also the CEO of Boeing. Boeing is divided into 5 major divisions which are:
Boeing Defence, Space and Security [ BDS ]
Boeing Commercial Airplanes [ BCA ]
Boeing Capital
Engineering, Operations and Technology
Boeing Shared Services group
· (Rodgers, E., 1996)
TASL: Tata Advance systems limited is an organisation which is a fully owned subsidiary by Tata Sons. Tata Sons is the organisation which is the holding company of Tata Group. The Indian security forces gets delivered the weapons and services majorly by TASL and TASL has acquired the status of Leading Systems Integration Company for the Indian Defence Forces. TASL has been headquartered at Hyderabad and has bided for the development and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles which are also known as UAV’s. These UAV’s are procured by the Indian armed forces for surveillance purposes. Major joint ventures for TASL has been with
· Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
· Lockheed Martin
· Ai
us Defence and Space
    The Boeing Company is the world’s largest aerospace company which leads the designing and manufacturing in commercial jetliners, space and security systems and defence. Boeing has been leading the industry, providing best in class services and aerospace equipment and a top performer in each and every business line of theirs. Boeing never fails to deliver value to its customers, employees, shareholders, communities and partners. Boeing is present in approximately 150 countries with operation workforce in 65+ countries. The leader manufacturer has tie-ups and contracts with governments spread out worldwide and more than 20,000 diverse suppliers and partners. Being the United States largest exporter Boeing has created world class exquisite aerospace products. With a supply chain so efficient and customer base so strong, approximately 70% of Boeing’s business is outbound. Local Partners, shareholders, employees and customers both hold benefits when Boeing’s business grows. (Rodgers, E., 1996)
    Boeing holds more than 15600 patents worldwide which were developed in 11 research labs spread around the world. Due to continuous innovation, development and creativity, Boeing has been named a top global innovator among aerospace and defence companies. (Tadghighi, H., 2014)
SWOT Analysis:
Financial strength: Boeing looks like it would completely revolutionise the aerospace industry. The Sales/ Revenue has been increasing around the years. For the past 5 years the sales / revenue stood at 28.28B, 64.31B, 68.74B, 81.7B and 86.62B. Boeing’s research and Development costs have gone down by half in the 5 years. 6.51B, 4.12B, 3.92B, 3.3B and 3.07B in 2013.
Boeing in India:
Boeing has been a participant in the Indian Airline industry since a long time. The DC-3 aircraft had been opened in India more than 75 years ago. It was since then that Boeing had an official entry into the Indian airline industry with the inculcation of 707,747, 757 freighter, 777 and 737. The main game changer was the 787 Dreamliner which stood out among the crowd. Boeing has supplied its airplanes to many airline companies in India which include Air India, Jet Airways and SpiceJet.
    In the commercial Airplanes segment of India, Boeing played a major role since 1960’s. It was Air India which was the first customer of Boeing in India. It bought the Boeing 707 jetliner. In the year 1970’s Boeing 737Classic was introduced which is being continued in the Indian Airline industry in Air India, Jet Airways and Spicejet. Today India is equipped with 8 P-81’s. In the month of June 2011, The Defence Ministry Of India signed and agreement with the US government to acquire 10 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III airlifters which were unique. (Tadghighi, H., 2014)
TASL: The defence and the aerospace industry is critical for each and every country in the world. It is a necessity for any country aspiring to join the ranks of the leading economies of the world. The spheres of technology is the differentiator and the human knowledge is the separator which differentiates between the champions and the runners.
The Tata one assembly reinforced its position in the aviation and resistance commercial enterprises for the establishment of Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) in 2007. The company’s twin destinations were, from the beginning: maximum self-reliance and a focus on indigenisation.
The organization will be positioning itself as a system integrator and platform provider with profound improvement for manufacturing capabilities under ‘Buy and Make (Indian)’ chances of the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) of the service of guard towards resistance handling.
Within a span of 6 years, Tata Advanced Systems have become one of the leading private players in the defence and aeronautical industry. TASL advantage is accomplished by:
6 of the top 10 global OEM’s are in partnership with TASL – hence delivering quality products to its customers.
All the programs of TASL take a maximum span of 9 months from Greenfield to production – Fast track programmes and execution abilities.
10 out of 18 programmes by TASL are of Aeronautics. TASL has employed skill workforce of 1754 employees. They cater to the capabilities across Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Assembly.
Learning, Quality Execution and Certifications
ings about strong focus on Operation Excellence and Development. TASL has been audited from approved authorities across globe with the entire chain been quality tested and certified. Aero structures has been established as Strategic importance and development structure for the Tata Group. Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) has been entrenched as the advance entity for aero structures, to advance into an um
ella alignment for aero structures.

Within a a
eviate amount of time, TASL has developed into a arch leader with accustomed capabilities and approved deliveries on programs for the leading all-around aerospace OEMs. With 3 programs in operations, and added 600 highly accomplished resources, TASL is on its way appear acceptable the all-around supplier of best of aerospace OEMs.
Leading OEM's have proposed a partnership with TASL. TASL has built a class apart assembly and part fa
ication centre and have quality relationships with significant OEMs cover the globe. (Blom, M., Castellacci, F. and Fevolden, A., 2014)
Strategic Alliance & Description: Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) marked a framework alliance and will work together in a JOINT VENTURE [ A joint venture in an alliance which is strategic in nature. It works in a way where 2 or more businesses form a partnership in which they share the decision making powers, shares, intellectual property rights, profits and costs ] in aviation and aerospace and defence manufacturing which includes potential...

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