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Anuja answered on Jun 11 2020
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SOP for Kamala Thapar Maga
I would like to start by saying how truly honoured I am to be able to apply to a university like ACAP. I feel that in my life I should experience a course like this which I feel has the power to change my life completely. My name is Kamala and I’m from a small place in Nepal. Girls in Nepal are treated like goddesses and so was I. I went to the best school (Adarsha Yog Hari Ma Vi, 2007) and higher secondary (St. Lawrence College, 2009). My parents tried their best to instil their values and learnings from life into me. Although I come from a small town, that did not deter me to have dreams, and I put in my fullest effort to achieve those. After my high school completion, my immense motivation got me admitted into Tri Chandra Multiple Campus in Nepal, one of the best we have, from where I completed my B.Sc. in microbiology in 2012. I would like to say something about myself. Growing up in Nepal, I have more experience than others regarding the pangs of poverty, hunger and griefs. Being a poor country and trying to develop is not an easy task. I woke up every day to dream I would help these people in some way or the...

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