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SLP Assignment Expectations The intent of the SLP is for you to apply the theoretical and general aspects covered in each module, to real-life and practical cases. Conflict is an integral part of our...

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SLP Assignment Expectations

  • The intent of the SLP is for you to apply the theoretical and general aspects covered in each module, to real-life and practical cases.
  • Conflict is an integral part of our lives, and we encounter it in every aspect of our personal and professional activities.
  • Surely, you have observed (or even participated in) some form of conflict at your workplace, be it a simple but heated interpersonal matter, or a full-scale organizational dispute.
  • The SLP will always have three short parts you will need to address in EACH module, as described below.
  • Focus should be put on sections II + III.
  • As each module deals with a different topic, you can choose on describing and analyzing the same conflict in all modules, or widening your scope and describing different incidents.

Part I: Background and Settings (in about ½ a page):

  • The Organization - Without revealing proprietary information, describe the organization of your choice (It should be one that you are familiar with, so preferably it would be easier, if it would be your own).
  • The Conflict - Describe the workplace conflict issue you have chosen to write about.
  • What is the underlying problem or difference?
  • Who are the parties or sides in this conflict?
  • Choose a Side - Choose one of the parties or sides in the conflict and let me know of your choice.

Part II: How Was It Managed? (in about 1 full page):

  • Describe "your chosen" side's decisions and/or behaviors and/or actions to the following:
  • What management approach or strategy was chosen to deal with this conflict?
  • What were the major considerations behind this choice?
  • Was it effective?

Part III: What Would You Have Done? (in about 1 full page):

  • Assuming you are the principal representative for your "chosen side":
  • What would you have done in this case?
  • What management strategy would you have chosen and implemented in this case?

I need 3 pages, 4-5 in-text citations, APA, 4-5 references

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Part 1: Background and Settings
In a manufacturing company, quality parameters play an important role, and it provides a competitive advantage for the ABC Ltd. The manufacturing company manufacture ancillary auto parts in Australia and the quality team always have a problem with the production team. The production manager complaints that quality team recommendation about the new product quality parameters is unachievable and it will result in more stress and trouble to the entire production unit. According to Rahim (2011), conflict is present in every organization especially with inter-department that has impacted the decision making. Quality manager complaints that they are more stringent about the quality check to avoid any customer complaints in the future. The quality team manager and production team manager always have qua
els, and the internal conflict was intensified that demands the intervention of operations manager to solve the problem (Shachar, 2011). I was working as assistant operations manager, and the operation manager asked me to handle this conflict independently. I analyzed the cause of the issue related to the performance evaluation metrics and reward system that was causing more problem between the department and then solved the issue by proposing changes in the policies.
Part 2: Managing the Conflict
The production manager claim was true that they follow higher standards in manufacturing the products. Product manager participates in selecting the suppliers and the supplies from suppliers to ensure that end product is good and meet all quality parameters. The new product’s quality expectation is unachievable, and it is not feasible in long-run. It was noticed that the quality manager and team...

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