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Read all about your project here. This includes the project scenario, directions for completing the project, a list of what you will need to submit, and supporting materials that may help you complete the project.

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Running Head: Research-Based Communication Project Proposal    1
Research-Based Communication Project Proposal     
Table of Contents
Research Analysis    3
Demographic Data Analysis    3
Age    3
Education    3
Income    4
Additional Information    4
Audience Engagement Data Analysis    5
Communication Plan Proposal    6
Campaign    6
Goals    8
References    9
Research Analysis
    This section of the project proposal analyzes the qualitative and the quantitative data gathered to support the research being conducted. The gathered information has been analysed under the following subheadings:
Demographic Data Analysis
    Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and has a population of 2,694, 236 in the year 2020. The population density of the region is 11,850 people per square mile. The average age for the population of Chicago is 34.3 years. While categorizing the median age into male and female categories, the median age of males in the region is 33.6 years and that of females is 35 years. Age is an important audience characteristic and is considered as a vital variable to consider, when analysing the target audience. Analyzing the audience by age group is essential because it helps to identify the interests, attitude, beliefs and level of understanding of different generations (Chavali & Mohan Raj, 2016). The age group, in which majority of the population lies helps to understand the mentality, choices and preferences of the targeted customer group.
As far as education of the population is to be considered, more than 17% of the people have been to some college and nearly 23% of the people have bachelor degree and 15.65% of them have graduate degree. Analysis of the education of target group is important because it helps to evaluate the mental levels of the population. Knowing the education levels of the people helps to understand their perception about the products and services. It will also help to predict the response of the customers to the advertising methods that may be accepted by the audience. For instance, educated audiences are likely to be inclined towards digital marketing strategies and will respond to this strategy more appropriately than digital marketing strategy.
The average household income in Chicago is $85,837 and the poverty rate of the region is 19.51% (US Census Bureau, 2020). It is essential to know the income of the people of a particular target group because it helps to determine the standard of living of the people in the region and also helps to analyze whether the population will be able to spend on luxurious needs or not. The income of the people gives an idea about the lifestyle of the people (Rojas-Méndez & Parasuraman, 2017). Analysing the income of the people will help Pasta Amore to determine its pricing strategies so as to attract maximum number of customers.
Additional Information
Other demographic details of the region are the male and female percentage of the population. Of the population of the region 51.43% are females and 48.57% are males. Most of the population in the region is white. 49.44% of the people are white and 30.12% are African Americans. Remaining belong to different cultural backgrounds. This is essential to improve the communication plan because based on the sex and race of the population, the advertisement campaign can be launched and made successful. This will help Pasta Amore ensure that they do not hurt the sentiments of the target audience and the message is communicated to the audience in a positive sense.
Audience Engagement Data Analysis

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