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Simulated News Conference Imagine yourself in the role of city manager, CEO, or spokesperson during a crisis situation. Write a simulated news conference essay that includes the following components:...

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Simulated News Conference

Imagine yourself in the role of city manager, CEO, or spokesperson during a crisis situation. Write a simulated news conference essay that includes the following components:

  1. An introduction and description of your crisis, including the stage of the crisis at which the press conference is taking place;

  2. A description of what type of relationship you would want to have with certain types of media at this point and what you could do to establish that relationship;

  3. A summary of how you will conduct a press conference, including what types of media will attend, who will manage the start and finish of the conference, and who will be the designated spokesperson;

  4. And three trick questions that the reporters may ask in this particular situation; provide your planned answers to these trick questions.

Research sources to support your ideas. Reference and in-text sources in APA format. You must include a minimum of 3 sources

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Kuldeep answered on May 22 2020
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Introduction    3
Crisis description including stages of Crisis    3
Relationship with media    4
Management and start and finish of the conference    5
Three Trick Questions    7
References    9
Recently, due to the huge impact on customer usage, there has been a major crisis in our workplace, which has aroused national concern. I work in a bank that has
anches and
anches in every corner of the country and has a large client platform including the government. The bank happens to be the nation's largest financial institution, its customer platform, its capital platform and its
anch network. The bank also won numerous awards for its excellent customer support standards and became the country's best financial institution. Since the establishment of the financial institution in 2006, the bank has been winning this famous award. It is for these noble reasons that financial institutions can attract many customers, making it the largest financial institution associated with the customer's platform.
Crisis description including stages of Crisis
However, two months ago, the bank was building a globally reliable new financial institution application because of its outstanding performance. The financial institution is setting up this application so that it can handle all banking transactions that originally frustrated the previous application. Unluckily, things did not go according to plan, because even after informing the bank's prestigious customers, their transactions would be affected by this conversion. The application setup technician told the financial institution that it would take nearly 12 hours to build and run the application.
An enhanced observation report was released at people’s press conferences so that bank customers could be aware of the distractions that would arise. The 12-hour bank control was terminated by the application technicians and the move to the new application showed no use. This triggered a major crisis for bank customers, which led to a nationwide demonstration that triggered the media. The crisis caused customers to fail to manage their regular companies, such as receiving cash, depositing cash, spending their expenses, and conducting transactions in international transactions. This financial institution has attracted many businessmen, and this crisis situation may affect the country’s economic system because many of them are unable to trade. The federal government is also one of the important customers of these banks, and since most of its cash is organized by financial institutions, it cannot be implemented like a regular company.
This press conference is being held at a very delicate moment. The people across the country are cu
ently introducing and introducing the entire financial institution, shutting down the entire financial institution, and the government cannot implement the company as required. Since this...

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