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Should be plagiarism free. Strictly, should get distinction. Assignment is for 30% out of 50%.

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Should be plagiarism free. Strictly, should get distinction. Assignment is for 30% out of 50%.
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Ahmedali answered on May 16 2020
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Project Charter Document
Project Charte
Project Charter Document
Online Stud Farm Management System (OSFMS)
Project Overview & Description    2
Part 1: Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)    2
Area of Impact    2
Desired Value    3
MOV Metric    3
Timeframe for MOV    3
Summary of MOV    3
Part 2: Scope Management Plan    3
Project Scope    3
In Scope    3
Out of Scope    4
Project Management Methodology    4
Project Resources    5
Technological Requirements    5
Facilities    5
Part 3: Project Schedule    6
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)    6
Project Activities & Duration    7
Gantt chart    8
Time-phased Budget    10
Part 4: Project Risk Analysis and Plan    11
Assumptions    11
Dependencies    11
Constraints    11
Risk Identification    11
Risk Assessment, Evaluation & Treatment    11
Part 5: Quality Plan    13
Verification Activities    13
Validation Activities    13
Part 6: Closure & Evaluation    13
Closure Checklist    13
Closure Evaluation Outline    14
References    15
Appendix    16
Annotated Bibliography    16
Project Overview & Description
The project is being ca
ied out by Globex to develop and implement Online Stud Farm Management System (OSFMS) for the
eeders, farmers, Stud Farm Managers, and other users associated with the stud farms.
ently, there are manual activities that are ca
ied out in the booking operations, payments, and management of these farms. OSFMS will replace these manual activities with their automated counterparts and will provide the end users with the benefits as faster booking, better quality of operations, full-time availability, and likewise.
The project will be ca
ied out in a series of five phases as initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure.
Part 1: Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)
Area of Impact
    Strategic Changes
    · Streamlining and organization of the business operations
· Motivation to the other stud farms and agricultural units to adopt to the similar strategy
    · Increased booking speed
· Non-stop service availability
    Financial/Economic Structure
    · Enhancement of revenues
· Improved market shares
    · Enhancement in quality
· Improved cost-effectiveness
    · Better
farmer satisfaction
· Agricultural changes
Desired Value
· Better: Revenues, quality of services
· Faster: Booking speed
· Cheaper: Agricultural costs
· Do more: Services & Bookings
MOV Metric
    Stakeholder Name
    Expectation from project
    Breeder Groups & Farmers
    Better and faster services and bookings
    32% increase
    Agricultural resources – officials and managers
    Better processing speed
    65% increase
    Regulatory Bodies
    Reduced costs
    38% decrease
    Project Client
    Better market shares
    45% improvement
Timeframe for MOV
The targets listed in the table above will be accomplished in a period of 95 days.
Summary of MOV
32% increase in bookings, 65% increase in processing speed, 38% decrease in the costs, and 45% enhancement in the market shares will be witnessed (Miller, 2008).
Part 2: Scope Management Plan
Project Scope
In Scope
· The resources will execute the information collection activities by ca
ying out the processes, such as group discussions, interviews, domain analysis, and e-surveys. The data sets will be analyzed using automated data analytics tools.
· The feasibility of the project will be evaluated using the automated tools on the technical and financial aspects.
· The project resources will ca
y out planning tasks and processes by planning and estimating the schedule and budget for the project along with the quality, risks, resources, and communication.
· The design for the automated system will be developed and the resources will also develop source code for the online stud farm management system.
· The system will be tested on the functional and non-functional aspects to ensure that there are no defects present in the final release.
· The database will be integrated and the system will also be implemented by the resources in the project team.
Out of Scope
· The members will not ca
y out any of the marketing, advertising, or distributing activities.
Project Management Methodology
There are numerous project management methodologies that have been developed. One such methodology defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK). This is the methodology that provides the senior management and leadership with the project management guidelines using the ten knowledge areas and five processes groups. These groups include initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. The ten knowledge areas cover scope, schedule, cost, quality, human resources, risks, communication, stakeholders, integration, and procurement management (Bilkent, 2016).
The methodology will be applied in this project on the basis of these five process groups and ten knowledge areas. The initial project activities, such as feasibility analysis and highlighting will be done in the first...

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