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Select an organisation that you will research over the semester. This must be an organisation that operates in Sydney ( Australia ) and could be your own workplace. Pick an organisation for which it...

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Select an organisation that you will research over the semester. This must be an organisation that operates in Sydney ( Australia ) and could be your own workplace. Pick an organisation for which it is easy for you to gain access to information about. For example this may be through publicly available secondary sources (such as websites, media articles, reports) and, if possible, primary sources (you may work in the company or be able to talk with someone who works at the company). Once selected answer the following three research questions. Write your answers in report format and use Harvard referencing style for referred materials. Write no more than 1500 words in total.

1.Research Question One: What is the vision/mission/core purpose of the company? Is there evidence of sustainability in this positioning? Provide an example and explain how this relates to sustainability.

What (if any) sustainability compliance frameworks/standards does the company use? Identify the frameworks/standards and make comment on how closely related these are to the core purpose/mission/vision.
If no frameworks/standards are apparent identify and justify which ones may be relevant.

2. Research Question Two: What (if any) form of sustainability reporting does the organisation undertake? Is this best practice? What else could they do?
Is the organisation engaging in any sustainability efficiency practices? If so, describe the initiatives and explain how they enable efficiency. If not, identify initiatives they may undertake and justify their importance.

3.Research Question Three: Using the ‘Indicators of strategic sustainability’ template provided in- class, identify which (if any) of the indicators apply to your organisation. Provide evidence to justify how the organisation is enabling that process, policy or practice in their organisation. If no indicators apply, select at least five indicators (or create your own) and describe how the organisation could enable a policy, process or practice to perform against that indicator.

Assessment will be according to the following criteria:

Application of key theoretical concepts to analyse sustainability practice (45%) Critically evaluate sustainability principles and apply to the business context (35%) Quality of analysis derived from evidence (20%)

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Sustainability P&G
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Part 1    3
Part 2    4
Part 3    7
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Part 1
Vision, mission and core purpose of P&G: P&G is a multi-national organization that provides consumer's goods as well as services to its customers. P&G has established a long-term outlook and have set a low perspective so that P&G can survive this dream journey in a single day. Stability is a key responsibility, and there is a business prospect associated with it. Since 2007, the cost savings of almost $ 2 billion have been reduced by the P & G trash and energy savings which results in the reduction of the negative environmental impact. It is exciting to see the changes P&G make in their operations and the P&G progression against the business benefits and sustainability objectives. P&G and the general public with a link to greenhouse gas discharges and environmental change take it as a worldwide subject. P&G is wo
ied about the negative outcomes of environmental change, and there is a need for prudent and effective action needed to reduce emissions to create an environment with the input from the government, industry, and consumers (Anon, 2004).
Sustainability in P&G this positioning: To modify the strategy of stability, leadership needs to create references or frames that enable them to become vigilant and to become vulnerable to meeting needs. P&G already applied the principles, lasting objectives; the main performance indicators as well as values ​​that support the monitor and implement the process evaluation 4 and its policies. However, leadership and organizational culture is essential for focusing on employees who are not able to understand change, to focus on and focus their attention. For the last 60 years, company has been committed to create an environment which includes social moreover the environmental objectives in their business ethics. In spite of this reliable push to get steadiness in P&G in 2013 and 2014, the media has more than once revealed that P and G and numerous different organizations are obtaining palm oil from the providers connected to substantial scale rain-desolates because of the likelihood of land planning for palm oil development (Waheed, Khan and Veitch, 2009). As indicated by the features, P and G's sourcing a
angement has uncovered its store network to take out backwoods and natural su
oundings. In 2013, the Greenpeace began the examination of P and G's store network and found it for over a year, that Orangutan has been tidied up in the development of P and G's production network. The land utilized for the generation of palm oil possessed by Plantation Group, and an organization associated to the production network of P and G has additionally covered and saved the species of orangutan present in the Tanjung Patting National Park to maintain the sustainability of the area (Chofreh and Goni, 2017).
Sustainability compliance frameworks P&G use
P&G is committed to supporting the sustainable development of the back-to-back supply chain of the company. Consistent with the company's mission, the company's sustainable advancement objective is to make the industry-driving an incentive through shoppers like
ands and items while sparing assets, ensuring the earth and enhancing social conditions for the individuals who require it most. P&G hopes to provide the better quality of life for people now and in the future. The External Business Partner Sustainability Guide explains the global standards that P&G follows in its daily business activities. EBP and its providers are relied upon to share P&G's sense of duty regarding these guidelines. Procter and Gamble maintain whatever authority is needed to direct reviews to guarantee consistency with these rules and claims all power to end any relationship in case of an outside business accomplice's encroachment, inability to remedy or disregard these rules (The Procter & Gamble Company Corporate, 2018).
Part 2
The form of sustainability reporting P&G undertake
The revealing gauges utilized by Procter and Gamble in this report are predictable with practices, for example, the "Ozone harming substance Protocol" (2012) and "Ca
on Disclosure Project (2015)". Procter...

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