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Recently, the top management team inBupa(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., an international healthcare group, has been worried about the impact of the changes in the modern...

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Recently, the top management team inBupa(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., an international healthcare group, has been worried about the impact of the changes in the modern business world, and wants to tackle many of the issues and challenges as a result of these changes by drafting a talent management plan for the next 10 years. This plan will help Bupa manage its human resources and stay competitive in the healthcare industry.

Imagine that you work for a consulting company which is specialised in human resource management. Bupa has hired your company to draft the talent management plan for them. Your team is assigned to work with Bupa on this task.

Please draft a Talent Management Plan for Bupa, drawing on what you have learned in your lectures by the deadline of the assignment.

In this plan, you need to a) describe what issues and challenges the company might be facing, b) what you think the company should do in relation to talent management in order to address these issues and challenges, and c) why they should take these measures.

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The report analyses the future challenges and issues faced by the Organizations and frames an action plan for Bupa Company to deal with those challenges in the next ten years. The report highlights technology based issues like digitization, emotional management, multi-culturism, diversity and globalization as main challenges in future and recommends proper analytical study to overcome these issues.
    Keywords: Digitization, Globalisation, diversity, Challenges, Action plan.
1. Introduction            4
2. Potential issues faced by the company    6
3. Technology and Digitization            6
4. Diversity and Inclusion            7
5. Globalisation and Multiculturism        8
6. Emotion Management            8
7. Change Management            8
8. Action Plan            9
9. Reasons to take these measures            9
10. Conclusion            10
11. References            11
Talent management refers to identification, development, planning, and hiring of required human capital for a Business (Pa
y and Stefan,2014). The process hires and retains the human resource capital to maintain competitiveness in business. Many challenges in the modern business world like the development of technology, diversity, multiculturalism, globalization, stress, emotional distu
ances and work culture may affect the productivity of employees and organization in business. The talent Management Plan is very important to effectively deal with these changes and stabilize the outcomes.
The assignment drafts a Talent Management Plan for an international Healthcare Company, Bupa to prepare the Company tackles the issues faced for the next 10 years and suggest the measures to be taken by the Company to stay competitive in the healthcare industry (Pa
y and Stefan,2014).
Firstly, the plan analyzes the potential issues and challenges faced by the company in next 10 years. Secondly, it suggests the measures of talent management the Company must adapt to address these challenges. Thirdly it presents the reasons why the Company should take these measures. Lastly, the plan warns the Company of certain specific challenges and recommends what actions the Company should take in terms of talent management to effectively deal with potential challenges.
In the next 10 years the Bupa Healthcare Company might face many challenges in terms of talent management, as follows:
1. To attract and retain productive employees at all the positions to encourage growth.
2. To generate value proposition to satisfy the diverse needs of employees from all the generations (Erickson,2008).
3. To develop and groom a capable and influential leadership.
4. To counte
alance the retirement of productive employees every year.
5. Mass withdrawal of Gen X employees in the mid-age of their career to other organizations for better perks. In these employees, the Company has already invested considerably.
6. Re-developing Talent Management plans for Gen Y people, to attract and retain them.
7. Creating positions for talented experienced employees even at high age.
Technology related issues may be as follows:
A. Technology and Digitalization
Digital technology will change the qualification and talent level of employees.
(a) Workplace automation, big data, and cybersecurity: The new generation will have distinct digital talent, attitude, multitasking capabilities, and knowledge about the network. The Human Resource Management of Bupa must align its strategic planning to attract better digitally qualified people and to integrate them with other generations in the company (Helsper and Eynon, 2010). The digitalization of work content will lead to enhanced automation of...

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