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Read the article: “ Thirsty for Growth, Liquor Giant Taps African Market ” and then perform a case analysis that covers the following questions: Why haven’t Diageo’s global branding strategies worked...

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Read the article:Thirsty for Growth, Liquor Giant Taps African Marketand then perform a case analysis that covers the following questions:

  1. Why haven’t Diageo’s global branding strategies worked in Africa?
  2. What has the company done to change its marketing strategies?
  3. Are there risks to the Diageo brands to the new approach?
  4. What are the social implications of Diageo’s actions?

Read theGeneral Guidelines for Case Studiesbefore beginning this assignment.

Submit a 2 page case analysis, (independent of the title page and reference page) double-spaced in Times New Roman font which is no greater than 12-points in size. Paper and all citations should be in APA format.

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Why haven’t Diageo’s global
anding strategies worked in Africa?
Diageo is a premium
and and has entered the African market and popularized their
and as a premium class in the country using their global
anding strategies. It failed because the company did not make a study about the population and their requirement. In other words, every company should adapt to the local requirement so that they will be in a position to reach more people and popularize them in the market (Evans, 2015). More players in the market are selling products at cheaper rate in various part of the country that is affordable by various people in the region.
Pernod Richard is another popular
and that has become more popular in the region as they well selling their products at a cheaper rate than the local sellers in the slum. It made them attract more customer. In Africa, the company has less affordability and therefore, it is not easy to afford any product at a higher price like that of Diageo product when cheaper alternatives are available in the region (Evans, 2015). Similarly, Diageo has reduced their product package, and quality that was distinctive and cheaper and better alternatives were available...

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