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Project management, i’ll send the attachment through email.

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Project management, i’ll send the attachment through email.
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Ram Mohan answered on May 28 2020
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Running Head: Project Management
Project Management
Project Management
Academic Institution
Author Note
June 1, 2018
Project Management
This project is a fund raising event by a company for a charitable organization. Towards this end, this paper provides the necessary project plan and the project management elements to fulfill the requirements of planning the project. Project management is the art and science of balancing competing interests and agendas, prioritizing the necessary elements of the project, adhering to the work
eakdown structure that is prepared, and sticking to the timelines as well as the cost estimates.
The project in question entails planning for an event to raise funds for a charitable organization and therefore, the corporate social responsibility imperatives have to be taken into account as well. Having said that, the project is run according to the principles underlying astute project management that call for time and budget management as well as creating work units that are then assigned to different members of the project team. In addition, the prioritization of certain elements over others would ensure that the project objectives are fully met (Laing & Frost, 2010).
Project Scope Statement
The project deliverables are the tickets to be printed and the associated publicity, as well as the actual event where the performers give a performance and the tickets of which raise the funds required. In addition, the sponsors and the host organizations have to bear the costs of sponsorship and hosting which is another deliverable (Enz, 2010). Apart from this, the hosting of the event and closing out the same by sending the funds raised to the charity are another set of deliverables. Moreover, the seats and the acoustics that are needed for the event apart from the stage form a third set of deliverables. Lastly, the administrative functions delivering on preparing the financial statements and the closure activities make up the rest of the deliverables (Bowie & Buttle, 2004).
The project would need to be completed in four weeks and hence; there are weekly milestones for each phase of the project. For instance, the first week would consist of planning for the project by contacting the performers and printing the tickets as well as estimating the timelines and finalizing the budget (PMI, 2015). The second week would consist of finalizing the performance and making a
angements for the same by setting up the stage and the acoustics for the event. The third week would consist of dress rehearsal and closing out on the marketing and publicity for the event. The fourth and the final week would then consist of the last milestone of staging the event and closing out of the project by fund transfer and other administrative activities (Perks, 2006).
Technical Requirements
The stage and the acoustics as well as the seating and staging the event need technical support as well as a
anging for the technical aspects of staging the event. Indeed, the project scope in this regard...

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