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Project definition The Australian Commercial Bank (ACB) is planning to upgrade their network and services in 2020 according to the current technology trends. The bank having 525 branches and 2230 ATMs...

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Project definition
The Australian Commercial Bank (ACB) is planning to upgrade their network and services in 2020 according to the cu
ent technology trends.  The bank having 525
anches and 2230 ATMs across the Australia has been identified as a pioneer in the industry. The Vision 2020 plan recently revealed ceremoniously consists of the following advanced technological features.
1.      Cloud app
A sophisticated cloud app for customers to access through all the mobile devices. This app allows money transfer, payments, or ATM withdrawals and integration to social networks. The app also supports transactions using bitcoin.  
2.     Mobile ATMs
Self-driven vehicles embedded with an ATMs. Customers can request the services of these mobile ATMs for and they will a
ive the destination within half an hour as guaranteed by the bank. However, the service might take longer time in some areas. All the mobile ATMs in a state are controlled by one control centre and all the control centres are connected through a high-speed WAN so that in case of a failure in one state all the operations could be transfe
ed to another control centre. A leading ATM manufacturer has agreed to supply these mobile ATMs within 6 months upon the order.
3.     Robot reception officers
There will be robots at
anch entrances helping customers on queue management and solving simple qua
ies. If the robots cannot solve these issues they will be forwarded to human officers. These robots too are managed by the state control centres described above in 2.
4.     Analytics centre
One national centre located in Sydney that analyses all customer data and trends. The centre will produce useful predictions on customer and market behaviour which could be used for business decisions.
5.     Core banking system
The Mainframe-based core banking software that handles all the transactions and banking operations will be upgraded to serve the new requirements.
6.     High-speed WAN
The cu
ent network will be upgraded to a high-speed WAN connecting all the
anches, ATMs, offices and control centres. The WAN should meet availability, reliability and security features acceptable for banking industry and data rate requirements of the features 1-5

Project Management
XXXXXXXXXXAssessment 1 Case Studies & Presentation

1 Project Management



Please complete the template below and submit it to your Lecture
Tutor by 5.00pm on
Monday week 4 for Melbourne, and week 4 for Sydney in hard copy. It is the student’s
esponsibility to ensure that the proposal is submitted properly, and you must keep a copy. Your
Project Proposal should be approximately 400 words and the project title is STRICTLY based on
the IT systems. Finally, your proposal should be focussed, concise and written in clear English
and Project Management language and need prior approval from your Lecture
Tutor before
commencing it.

(Put here a very
ief but exact title on)

(The cu
ent state-of-the-art in the proposed project’s area and how the proposed work will advance it).

(Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-framed and in point form)

(estimations, may vary as you proceed)

(Think widely about various interests, public/private, business/community, lo
y groups, etc.)

(Benefits of running with this project?)

(Skills/knowledge – technical, legal, financial, etc – roles and not names of people)

(Resources, budget, etc)

(Bigger picture outcomes)

$ (detailed estimation needed)

SIGNATURE OF PROJECT MANAGER: (You must sign on behalf of your group)
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Arun answered on Jun 14 2020
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Cloud App Project Proposal
Back ground and cu
ent practices
The organization has certain issues to maintain the backup files for the security and accessibility. The data is now kept in a centralized location but the company considers storing the information to certain other place that is more secure and works as a back-up centre. Therefore the cloud computing option has been chosen. The cloud computing is refe
ed as internet and computer collaboration where company can access the information by paying vendors who secure the company data on internet platform. This assists the company to manage its data sources without wo
ying of storage problems. The company’s offices are at remote places and there is lack of coordination due to this and therefore, company wants to find a suitable option for achieving coordination and collaboration amongst offices. Now the company has a centralised data system working but due to business expansion and complexities involved in data management, it is considering implementing a cloud app.
Project aims and objectives
The project aims to know how the cloud app can improve the business operation and productivity. Its next objective is to know the situation before the use of cloud app and compare with future scenario when cloud app is implemented. It also aims to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud app. The relationship established between security standards and costs factor is also an objective of this project proposal.
Start data & completion data
The project will...

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