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Principles of Supervision – Analytic ProjectScenario – Communication Across DepartmentsThis project continues the scenario of your Individual Case Study Assignment, whereyou are an analyst criticizing...

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Principles of Supervision – Analytic ProjectScenario – Communication Across DepartmentsThis project continues the scenario of your Individual Case Study Assignment, whereyou are an analyst criticizing the organizational setup of media / tech company HiddenPlace. Your team lead, Danny Husk, has identified the most important problem with theorganization’s structure: it’s a flaw that has arisen from a virtue.Hidden Place has a very decentralized organizational structure. Front-line workers aredivided into teams based on their specialties and skills – Graphics & Web Design,Interactive Web, Video Production, CGI Animation, Marketing Strategy, Social Media.Each of these teams may work on a client’s project exclusively (ex. making videoadvertisements, building a marketing campaign, designing a website). More often, aclient’s project will have a team working together. For example, a client might ask for aSocial Media Marketing Strategy that uses CGI-Animation to make Video Productions.Hidden Place also has a Client Sales & Relations department. These salespeople are theonly contacts clients have with Hidden Place, apart from an occasional meeting with itschief executives. There has been a lot of frustration among sales staff and thedepartments that actually produce the services clients buy. Salespeople don’tunderstand what makes a deadline realistic, so will often give a client impossibleexpectations about how long it takes to do quality work. At the same time, technicalstaff believe the salespeople don’t actually do any work in their roles. Salespeople andtechnical staff never actually communicate face to face; the only communication channelis from salespeople to chief executives, who relay it to the teams.Due 7 AugustInstructions•Write a 1000-ish word paper analyzing the case. Identify the most important factor inhow Hidden Place is organized, which creates this problem. Explain how thatorganizational setup creates the problem, and describe how you would change theorganizational system to solve the problem.• Draw two simple organizational charts for the company. One chart should sketch thecurrent, problematic, organization; another chart should sketch a new organization forthe business that solves the problem.•Write your paper according to the following outline.Sections of the Research PaperA) Analysis. Describe the problem in Hidden Place’s organization that creates theinternal conflicts, which the case study describes.B) Solution. Outline your solution to the problem. Include reasons for eachorganizational change: what issue or conflict does the change prevent orovercome.C) At-a-Glance. Design organizational charts that depict (1) the old departmental &communication structure of Hidden Place, and (2) your proposed newdepartmental and communication structure for Hidden Place, which addressesand heads off the conflicts that the old structure caused.D) New Way of Working. Describe the typical workflow of your new organizationalstructure: from finding new clients, then the design and creation of the client’sproduct, to its final delivery to the client.
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Saloni answered on Aug 09 2021
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A decentralized organizational structure is a type in which daily decision making and operation responsibilities are directly delegated to middle and lower level manager and by the top management. These provides top level management more time to focus on major decisions. But this results in lose of control over the day to day activities in the company.
The organizational setup of Hidden place is decentralized. Front line workers are divided into team based on their specialties and skills - Graphic & Web Design, Interactive Web, Video Production, CGI Production, Marketing Strategy and Social Media. Majorly, team work was required for any client project. The only
Point of contact for the client was the Sales & Relation Department. The main drawback of the structure of the organizational was sales team made unrealistic deadline commitment to the clients. According to the technical team , sales people gave client impossible expectation to do quality work. The sales staff and technical team never communicate directly and instead the sales people channelized their communication to the chief executive. The main cause of stumbling block in the organization is that the team who actually work for each other have no direct face to face communication. Face to face communication is very important to achieve better understanding of the targets and the capability of the technical team to meet the target. In the case study, we notice that the lack of communication between the two department is creating complication for both the sales people and the technical team. The sales people are giving unrealistic targets to the client without understanding whether it is possible for the technical team to complete quality work within the deadline.
Hence, the main reason for the internal conflict in the department is “ Task Inter dependencies” and “Lack of Face to Face communication”. The two departments who are working for each other have no direct communication which leads to inaccurate information to technical team and sales people.

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